Full HTC Presentation Video at MWC 2010!


It would have been nice to be in Barcelona, Spain watching HTC announce the Legend and Desire with a front row seat looking at Peter Chou. But like the Rolling Stones say, “you can’t always get what you want,” but if you try, you can get the video on YouTube:

I was surprised how QUIET the event was. Maybe it was because there were no huge surprises but I thought the unibody discussion on the HTC Legend was pretty interesting, especially seeing the “carving/sculpting” part of the video.

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  1. What in the world, no announcement on the HTC supersonic???

  2. You may even say the event was … ‘quietly brilliant’, eh? ;)

  3. is it me or is he talking like a retard

  4. or maybe english isnt his naturual spoken language….

  5. i really wanted to hear some news about the supersonic.did they cancel it or what?

  6. I don’t know. I was REALLY hoping for a supersonic announcement, the only reason I’m waiting on buying a new phone.

  7. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Can someone load up Hulu behind him on the screen?

  8. Sense Friend stream has ignored Google Buzz. Very odd that on a google android phone all social networking is consolidated to one friend stream except google buzz.

    What parts of 2.1 are missing I wonder? They didnt show voice input or live wallpaper.

  9. cwrig… Google Buzz is built-into Google. Why integrate something that is already integrated?

  10. > cwrig… Google Buzz is built-into Google. Why integrate something that is already integrated?

    Because it is pointless to have an app (friend stream) whos purpose is to consolidate social networking, when it leaves out a big one. Similar to HTC’s Email client and widget. Works great on all email except Gmail. Pretty pointless.

    Though I love my Hero and the HTC Sense interface, I think my next phone will be a google experience phone. I dont want to wait months for every update. And almost all of what HTC Sense did and does, is now part of 2.1 OS. So; the value of Sense has been significantly diminished in my opinion. In fact it appears that running HTC Sense ver actually removes some of the 2.1 features (like live wall paper).

    HTS Sense makes “Sense” on a horrible UI like Windows mobile, but over android 2.x it has little to no advantage.

  11. so is the legend coming to america? or is it gonna be like the hero and be euro. only?

  12. the best part of this video is at 23:50. when they say this….. “The HTC Desire Has Been Selected By Almost Every Single Mobile Operator And Every Key Retail Partner In All Key Countries Accross Our Entire Launch Foot Print” that means at some point in time its coming to some carrer in the states. and hopefully that carrer is T-mobile. but as long as its coming here to the USA thats all i care about.

  13. How about ANDROID for my new TOUCH PRO2

  14. what about suoersonic ?
    is there anybody who konows about it ?
    a friend of mine told me that HTC is gonna make another anoucment in March.hopefully we will see supersonic there..

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