Xperia X10 On AT&T For $199 Or Less?


xperia-attThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was announced a LONG time ago but still hasn’t been released. At Mobile World Congress the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro were also announced, so now we’ve got THREE unreleased Xperia phones. Not for long, because BGR is saying that the X10 is 100% heading to AT&T in the April to May timeframe.

I’m not down with putting a 100% on anything so I’d pull back slightly on your expectations. But that $199 with a 2-year agreement sounds like a good deal considering some of the numbers we heard when the phone was first rumored.

I’m wondering if the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro might launch alongside the larger Xperia X10 in an AT&T Android “coming out” party launch. It’s unlikely, but possible, and if you ask me I think it’d be a great idea for the carrier to try and make a big splash with their first Android offering(s).

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  1. I see Sony Ericsson is fallowing the same business plan as Garmin-Asus.

  2. My feeling is SE missed the boat on this one. With N1, Bravo, Droid & Milestone out there with superior hardware selling for the same price, the only thing different SE has going for it is an attractive case & interface. Waiting for reviews :-]

  3. NO T-Mobile???????

  4. Too bad it is coming to AT&T. I had wanted this phone for months, but now it is for sure AT&T, I doubt I’ll be getting it. 3G coverage is truly spotty around DC and out West…two places I’d be using it the most. I have no contract, so I could jump ship anytime. Plus April/May…really?!? I love the UI, but I’ve been holding off since November. I think I might just go with the Motorola Motoroi, unless a carrier picks up another phone with a 1GHz processor, camera, bells & whistles. If Windows had the app market and clean UI I’d even go for the HTC HD2. Sad…very sad that it will probably only be on AT&T in the U.S. Was holding out hope the specs were not final for N. America…

  5. Although, a guy from Rogers’ support service spilled the beans confirming Rogers is getting it too, I’m not going to upgrade unless it has Eclair on it. Shame on you SE for how long it took you to launch a phone! Now I’d rather stay on my outdated Dream than upgrade to another outdated phone.

  6. No T mobile? say your joking its going just to ATT, please. been waiting to long and now I can even get it.

  7. No T mobile? say your joking its going just to ATT, please. been waiting to long and now I can’t even get it.
    Sorry for the misspelling. and double post. lol

  8. Tuesday 2/16/2010 On the Sony Ericsson site i found a # 1-877-7XPERIA ( 797-3742 )I called to see if i could get information.When I asked for a launch date.They asked where I lived, I said US they said April.They didn’t give a carrier.By April with tech moving so fast.I may wait to see what else is avail.After all this time I’d hate to be the guy they want to work out any bugs.

  9. “No T-Mobile?”

    Seriously? Like you guys don’t have enough to choose from? Every sweet handset in the last year has gone to Tmo, while AT&T’s been stuck in a nothing-but-iPhone phase for ages now…

    I understand your disappointment, but c’mon… give us a break here ;-)

  10. It’s true AT&T’s been stuck in a nothing-but-iPhone phase for ages like you said,you have a true point there, so i have to give it to you, you guys needed a new good looking fone, so I understand your pain.
    But doesnt mean i cant want it too.. lol
    Looks to good not to want.

  11. About six months ago (?) I really wanted this phone. But it’s been so delayed and so delayed I can only imagine it’s fundamentally broken and patched over.

    It still is one of the nicer looking phones out there, but, I don’t think I’m going to get it from AT&T at $200 and a contract.

  12. Thank God that AT&T is getting this phone man I can not wait. This phone is bad to the bone and now that it is coming to AT&T the fastest 3G network man is it going to be even more awesome this might be the Android phone I end up with. XD

  13. all i wanted was snapdragon, android, 854×480.

    the rest was negotiable. i had my dollars put aside and i was ready to seal the deal

    six months ago :|

    you have any idea what it’s like to be carrying around a G1 waiting for this god damn phone to be released?

    it burns so bad, like when i got the clap from your mother

  14. @ Travis, everyone that wasn’t on AT&T and wanted the iPhone has felt the same way…so all I have to say it has been pretty fair. To be honest T-Mo really hasn’t had the “power” phones…just a few good phones. The MyTouch 3G isn’t bad, the Cliq was developed for tweens and the Nexus One is plain but functional (except for all the 3G issues and such). So I don’t feel bad, it was AT&Ts choice and they have quite a few good phones rumored. Yes I think it will be the Motoroi for me…only thing that comes close (except the processor is not as fast as I hoped…if the processor was Snapdragon I’d without a doubt be on it…no hesitation).

  15. Question….this phone motoroi or the dell mini five? the mini five has snapdragon and it changing android versions cause they said its getting full flash support. so really which one should i get?

  16. I think the Mini version of this phone will do better.

  17. Early adopters beware of Sony. Remember the Xperia X1a didn’t get much love from SE. Only the Chefs at XDA Developers continue to update the Xperia X1a. Be careful what you wish for.

  18. A Rogers service rep didn’t have to “spill the beans” — for months now they have had a form where you can sign up to be notified when they get X10s in.


  19. Whats with the misinformation about X10 being delayed?
    SE has always said that is will be released during Q1 2010 and it will. SE:s only fault is that they tend to give away info about their upcoming phones way too early.

    The reviews will be popping up any day now…just check the esato forum where a bunch of people have received their X10s.

  20. @GZ I’m ok with only getting love from XDA. Those folks are my heroes. They have kept my phone relevant for years. I give them 1,001 internets!

  21. Like other Sony Xperia handsets, won’t this phone have an unlocked international version that will work with T-Mobile USA’s 2100 bandwidth?

  22. YO! Rauk.In the US where sony @ MWC says it wants to get back it’s market share April is Q2 2010.And sony should have learned from it’s mistake with PS3.Xbox 360 got to market first and PS3 is still trying to catch up.
    The cutting edge xperia x10 i saw in Nov 09 i was willing to drop 300 to 400 on. Now i’m thinking if i’ll spend 200 on it.Tech’s like women stare at a pretty girl too long all you see are there flaws.Ask Tiger

  23. WHATEVER!!! By the time the Xperia X10 comes out, the HTC Scorpion with Android 3.0 will be old.

  24. Right now, I’m waiting on this phone to come to AT&T so I can finally make the jump into smartphones. If I don’t like it, I’ll try one the webOS device AT&T will offer. If it’s still not good enough, it looks like I will end up with a new iPhone in June.

  25. this phone is taking too much time. I think se is having a hard time putting this thing together. like a lot of people i know, i can’t wait for this anymore i’m getting a nexus 1 on tmobile tomorrow. this is why se is on a death spiral. they can’t execute.

  26. I’m holding out for the X-10 and it can’t be soon enough. Thank God I finally got a sweet Deepshining ROM on my Tilt that rocks! It will hold me over, but WM sux now that Android is here. I just hope that they get Eclair on it before it drops but I doubt it. Then I will have to flash like 50 ROMS and neglect my wife and kids until I tweak a good one. This is retarded how much better the XDA Developers are at this than the manufacturers, of course I don’t know how many of them are the manufacturers using me as a guinea pig!

  27. I was just told today by our GAE that the phone will not be released until the end of June. I’m on the same bandwagon and am holding out for this phone.. but HURRY UP!

  28. for the t-mobile people i feel for your pain you have the worse coverage, sucky phones, cheap plans but not the cheapest. i mean at&t has the best phones by far, and the fastest and most advanced network, for example verizons new 3G is only as fast as at&ts EDGE service (2.5G) although verizon offers more landmass coverage if you travel around a lot, and sprint has cheap phones. verizon also has some good phones. thank god the xeperia 10x is going to at&t where it can be used to its full potential, it is a multi tasking phone so clearly they’d want to be with the only network that can SUFR the web and TALK at the same time lol

  29. sprint has cheap plans***

  30. I am an iPhone user and have been since the beginnng. Before I was an avid SE user. I recently returned from Japan. I was there for 11 days on business. My good friend/client uses both and iPhone(softbank) & an X10(DoCoMo). I played with the X10 extensively and I will say with out a doubt that it is an amazing handset. I loved the feel and look of the UI and it was faster side by side than the iPhone. The maps app was smoother and rendered on average about 4 seconds quicker than on the 3GS(especially using the GPS). I was literally blown away. If and this is a BIG if, if SE has really come to terms with their past mistakes and they somehow embrace andriod in such a way that they commit to a reasonable upgrade sched. I see no way that this could not be used as a real and usable alternative to the iPhone. I am so stoked that I started a blog just on the Xperia line. Give it a gander @ xperiablu.blogspot.com. It is in it’s infancy but I hope to put the effort over the coming months to really keep it updated and current. I will 100% be purchasing the X10 when it becomes available through AT&T. If it is crippled like they did with the backflip then I will lay out the coin and hopefully get one unlocked from SonyStyle(if they offer it). Either way I would love to see some PS3 integration and PSN cross use down the android path in the future.

  31. Who cares. If your with AT&T or T-Mobile and you have a sim card just get an “unlocked” x10! Forget the name carrier phones!

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