GeeksPhone One Found In France

GeeksPhone One was announced this past summer and now, according to Android France, is finally available to those in Europe. Android France got their hands on one and posted some pics. Although a long time has passed since the initial announcement, no  upgrades have been made to make the GeeksPhone One more competitive, given the slew of Android phones since summer of 2009.


Android France will be doing a full review shortly and we will keep you up to date, but for now check out their Flickr page for tons of photos. After a long long wait, are any of you still waiting for the GeeksPhone One?

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  • Athir

    There is nothing exciting about this phone, and the side-by-side shots of it next to the competition confirms that. The other phones either have a larger screen or 5-row keyboard.

    Of all the phones shown, the GeeksPhone is the one I’d be least interested in.

  • swehes

    The only thing that goes for this phone is that it comes rooted.

  • fupadroid


  • Burn2


    You just forget a lot of thinks. This phone come with a lot of open mind. It want to be totaly free… (openSource)…

    Second, it goes with a real qwerty keyboard.

    His hardware is not enormous, but enouth to be really fast!

    And the more is his price! 285€ sim unlocked…. (311€ with UPS transport). If you just want the faster phone, it is not this one. But if you put all the point and look all it is a good phone…

  • umair

    not very nice

  • Delphi

    i think its damn sexy if only i could fit the nexus internals in there :)

  • Mensahwatts

    It does seem to dandy of a phone to me