Homerun Battle 3D Brings Cross-Platform Multiplayer Compatability


Recently, we have seen a lot of bickering and griping about games in the Android Market as compared to the iPhone’s App Store. Well patience my friends, patience! Homerun Battle 3D was released for Android devices early last month and it features cross-platform multiplayer mode. This allows existing iPhone players to face off against Android users via the online rivals match ups.

As we see more iPhone games making their way to the Android Market, developers should follow Homerun Battle 3D and utilize cross platform multiplayer modes. So, once again Android takes on the iPhone but not with specs, but with baseball. Let the Homerun Battle begin!

[via TouchArcade]

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  1. I’ve had this game for a few months..it is insanely addicting

    .my iPhone buddies and I battle all day at work…looks really good on my Droid

  2. I fkn love this game! Been playing it at every opportunity this well…

  3. Er I meant week but swype reckoned well :o)

  4. i can’t find this game in market, is it available?

  5. is this another app that doesnt work on 1.5

  6. If only they would allow ps3 and xbox 360 people to play against each other…

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