Haven’t Got Your Nexus One OTA? Don’t Wait, Get It Now!


updateIf you haven’t gotten your 3G-fixing, Pinch-To-Zoom-enabling, Google-Gogglesing(?) Nexus One OTA update yet, it is very possible that you’ve locked yourself in a small room and have begun crying. Phandroid not only a shoulder you can cry on but also an answer to turn your frown upsi- yeah no I’m not gonna say that.

Here is how you manually update your Nexus One:

  • Download the update file and save it to your SD card
  • Rename to “update.zip” without the quotes
  • To reboot into the bootloader, turn off the phone. Then power on while holding down the trackball.
  • Navigate to the option ‘recovery’
  • When the Android w/ caution logo pops up, hold down the power+volume up
  • Select ‘apply sdcard:update.zip’


[Via AndroidForums, Thanks Shivers and Fabolous!]

Rob Jackson
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  1. Now I just need a Nexus phone?

  2. Very good after the update

  3. Is there an OTA update that adds a physical keyboard to the N1? Cuz that would be cool.

  4. can you find the update for the behold 2? :}

  5. Worked like a charm.

  6. anyone knows what would happen if you were to try that on the Droid?

  7. I had some trouble with the instruction “hold down the power+volume up” I was pressing them at the same time. You need to press power, hold it, and then press volume up.

  8. I wouldn’t try it on the Droid. The pinch-to-zoom is really good, but it is disappointing that they didn’t add it to the gmail app. Also, the 3G coverage is pretty good and fast but it still switches back to Edge a little while I am setting in the same location. It’s a lot better than it was. What do they mean by Goggles can be launch from the All Apps menu? Are they just saying that Google Goggles now comes installed with the newest version of 2.1 instead of requiring you to get it from the Market? I wonder what would happen if I uninstalled the version that I had on there before the update. It still gives me the option to uninstall Goggles.

  9. Nathan, I was just thinking about that… I think the biggest potential problem is 2.0.1 compatibility and Verizon/T-Mobile network compatibility

  10. @HamilSt, I think they mean it comes pre-installed now. It’s hard to tell if your 3G issue is a software issue or a T-Mobile network issue. The only way to know is if you had two T-Mobile phone at the same spot. I’m not impressed by T-Mobile’s coverage, IMO. If the Nexus Two (Verizon/AT&T) is anything like the render, I would be ditching my Nexus One for that. The keyboard still lacks multi-touch.

  11. is this safe to do?

  12. no you can’t just install that on the Droid, but if you rooted your Droid you should be able to install a rom shortly that includes the N1 features as the devs are working on it as always

  13. @Pat. Thanks a lot. Made it easier to try.Was successful.

  14. Does this update wipe all your existing settings and installs?

  15. It is safe and no, it doesn’t wipe your settings and installed programs. Just be sure to follow the instructions exactly. The bootloader does give you the option to wipe the phone (removing all your settings, etc), just DON’T DO THAT and you’re fine. I made a friend do it this morning; he was nervous but it worked great. :)

  16. Firefox is complaining about the https certificate being fraudulent

  17. Installed it now and it works. Thanks

  18. @jack (comment 16) – don’t worry about the cert; I don’t expect Google have bothered buying a cert for that site since I doubt they actually want people getting the OTA from there :-D

    Anyway, regardless, I have downloaded the update from there and it all works fine!! (in fact, you prob shouldn’t ‘click’ the link, just right-mouse click>>save target as>> then save it directly as update.zip to your mounted sd card).

    I’m not that bothered by the pinch-and-zoom though; I’m left a bit underwhelmed by it; thankfully they left the zoom-in/out icons, and you can still double tap to zoom anyway – PnZ is just a gimick imho.

    So what about Goggles… you can get it from Market anyway.

    I just hope it fixes the 3G issues :)

  19. @jack (comment 16), in fact, perhaps they even purposefully haven’t sorted the cert out on that domain just to scare people from downloading the update(s) from there??

  20. Slightly scary, but it worked, no probs. Thanks.

  21. u guys rock. hey anyone figure out why on G1 “contacts” had a text messaging option in each contact, but on the Nexus One it doesn’t? HELP?

  22. I followed the instructions then BAM!!! Multi-touch on my N1 baby! My first time ever to have done like this (system update) on my smart phone or any cell fone for that matter… it’s awesome! Thanks to Google and to Mr Rob Jackson for the tip. ..

  23. Yep. I finally got it!

    But the guide is actually a bit confusing. He should have mentioned that the update goes to the SD folder, not just the SD card.
    And explicitly say that you have to do “Bootloader>Recovery”.
    And that you have to hold the power button and THEN press the volume up.

    Yes, it too me 4 boots before I got them all right. Had to take my battery like 4 times because I wouldn’t know what to do next.

  24. Its koo I like it but, it doesn’t do outfit on page when u soon

    Is still look though wayyyyyyyyyyyy….!!! Better than the old
    Outdated iPhone

  25. Worked like a charm, but please update the instructions!

  26. I have a Droid running 2.1rom and I was wondering if I was to do this update what would happen? Would it be successful or would it be a total failure?

  27. just down this OTA is only 15MB

  28. Does this update fix the 3G problem on ATT network or just the 3G on T-mobile?

  29. So I guess it’s pretty safe to say if you ran this on a G1 or a Mytouch 3G that it wouldn’t work. Anybody have a good explanation of why not? Theoretically, shouldn’t it just update it to 2.1 from whatever version it is?

  30. Since the upgrade using the instructions above I have 2 problems – possibly linked.

    On standby with 3g enabled my phone feels physically warm – much warmer than usual.

    The battery life is significantly reduced – lasted 7 hours with no useage from fully changed to 0% battery life.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

  31. @john It is hardware specific, and would not work with the G1 or MyTouch hardware.

  32. Trying to dl the .zip OTA, but the browser wont save it as it says it does not allow this file type. Also tried to Bluetooth it over.. is there some additional setup I’m missing.
    This is on a Nexus One

  33. Worked a treat! Thanks!

    You miss out 1 step in the process though – you have to select the Boot option with the vol buttons and select with the power button BEFORE you get to the list with Recovery as an option.

  34. The patch worked great.. but I think multi touch is an over rated feature.. Prefer using one hand to operate my phone

  35. @Chrisp download Astro file manager. just having it installed allows you to download many more file types you can by default. You’ll also be able to move and rename the file.

  36. Worked great for me! I got scared when it rebooted twice, but 2nd time was a charm I guess.

  37. Scary sh!t. I’m always so nervous about manually doing stuff like this. But everything seems to be working great!

  38. My phone just reboots with no multitouch. What’s going on?

  39. K applied the update. Multi-touch is nifty. However even though the status bar shows 3g full bars more often, when I do a speed test it’s still slow speeds, same as when the status bar was showing EDGE connection.

  40. YEAH! Worked after 7th attempt!

  41. Works great. 3G speed is now proper 3g speed – around 2Mbits. Before the update i was capping at 200k!

  42. anyone knows if this will work on top of cyanogen mod 5.0 beta 4?

  43. The update worked fine for me, and the multitouch is great. However, the radio update seems to be a mixed bag. When there’s 3G it is definitely faster. However, I seem to get 3G less, and more Edge, and even GPRS pretty frequently since the update. Before the update, I never got GPRS, and usually 3G.

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