Feb 3rd, 2010

One of the developers on the Mozilla Firefox team is a guy named Vladimir Vukićević and he has just made a really interesting post on his blog about Firefox and Android. Basically, they’ve got the FULL FIREFOX browser working on Android and although it has some kinks (which he explains) it seems to be working really well.


Why the full Firefox? Because it’s much more complex and complicated to get running on Android… so if they can do THIS version they can do anything. Not a bad approach.

I like some of the things I had to hear about his experience with Android:

  • Porting Firefox/Fennec to Android is progressing at a good clip
  • Android has been pretty great to work with so far;
  • It’s a bit unusual platform for us due to its Java core, but with the NDK we’re able to bridge things together without many problems.

As for the outlook of completion? Nothing to get too excited about but a product is definitely in-the-works and they’re optimistic:

We’re still a ways  to go before any kind of usable alpha release, but we’re certainly one step closer.  We’ll also be able to accelerate our progress now that we have some of the basic scaffolding in place.  I know I’m looking forward to running Fennec on my Droid, and there are tons of Android devices coming out that should be great platforms for Fennec.

Eagerly awaiting!

[Via Giz]

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