Motorola CEO Confirms Google Phone: Nexus 2?


TheStreet.com reports that recently, Sanjay Jha outlined Motorola’s plans to introduce 20 smartphones this year including “one direct to consumer device with Google.” This would be similar to the Google Nexus One made by HTC.

thumb_450_Shadow render

Jha seems optimistic of the road ahead. “We are just at the beginning of our transition to a smartphone company, and we have a lot of work ahead of us,” he said. Looks like the rumored Nexus Two/Shadow could be another major player in the Android phone market. Seems as though it is a upgrade from the Droid as the Nexus One is an upgraded Hero. Looks like this 2010 will be the year of Android!

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  1. Physical keyboard, eww.
    No hardware buttons (in this render), eww.

  2. Just Gimme!! I can hardly wait until Verizon gets the N1.

  3. would like to see the specs on this one. I like the physical keyboard. Would like to see this one on T-mobile. T-mobile needs a phone that has a physical keyboard and some good specs.

  4. That’s a beautiful Physical Keyboard = YES! I opted for the DROID instead of Nexus One when I had a choice because of the physical keyboard. But now that I have a Droid, i’ll have to pass on this one when it comes out. Doh!

  5. A physical keyboard is a requirement for me.

    I think this looks ‘sexy’ but I agree, it needs physical keys on the screen too…

  6. sounds good…hope we see it soon b4 i get my tax refund…lol….dont know if i should buy nexus one or wait??? right now i got a g1 phone???


  8. If this phone (as is) get released, I’ll be ditching my Nexus One for this (primarily due to T-Mobile) coverage. It would be even better if it gets released on AT&T.

  9. Where did that render come from?

  10. ewwww, that phone looks like some hot garbage.

  11. that extra plasticy thing to the right is a big turn-off, hopefully the design will get updated

  12. Moto need to concentrate on their support. Milestone owners are still waiting for the 2.0.1 fixes and having to live with a camera that doesn’t focus properly every 24.5 days.

    If they continue like this, all those new customers they’ve spent time winning will end up going elsewhere next time.

  13. It looks ok… I would definitely pick the Droid over that. T-Mobile does need something like this though. I love my G1 but i think thats only because it’s rooted to its max to keep up. That wont last much longer i’m afraid.

  14. Can’t wait for a better Droid – :)

  15. I personally think a wrist strap is a good idea for when your using the phone with one hand, its kind of like a failsafe

  16. Swell…. Another phone I won’t be able to buy because of the “T-Mobile’s servers are busy or unavailable” message.

  17. Hopefully, the Shadow will be based on OMAP4 (since the Droid is an OMAP3 platform), which is supposed to beat the Snapdragon with its pants down.

  18. I liked the idea of the Droid physical keyboard as well but after I got it I really never use it.

  19. Where is it said that this would be a T-Mobile only device? The N1 is coming to Verizon. I don’t see why this one couldn’t also. It could even start out on Verizon, who knows.

  20. YAY KEYBORD! Why not buttons on front and G1 style keys?

  21. I think I need to buy my wife this Nexus when it is released so she stops stealing my N1.

  22. if this keyboard is like the Droid, then no thanks. The Droid keyboard is terrible, the G1 was much better. Also lack of physical keys on the screen and no trackball on the screen make these much less desirable

  23. AMAZINGLY bad kb design. PUT THE FRIGGIN DPAD ON THE LEFT, and don’t put buttons around it. Good night. :)

  24. Apple Iphone is better…see here


  25. whats the deal with that red thing on the right?

  26. I am amazed that poor old motorola is still alive

  27. Droid 2: freaking awesome!
    Physical keyboard: awesome, but could be better. D-pad on right would be best.
    Style: Needs a LOT of work, I was ok with the Droid’s weird angular styling, but they would be better off making a more symmetrical design.

  28. Better call this Nexus Pro, the Nexus Two name should be used for the next generation of multicore-powered super phones.

  29. I don’t give a sh** for another Motorola. I own a Milestone and those guys signed our Bootloader, there won’t be Custom roms on Motorola phones in europe. I bet that the Nexus2/Pro or Droid2 will have the same issue. Craptory installed…
    The Milestone was my first and last Motorola!!!

  30. By god, that is quite possibly the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen (barring the original droid. That “Incredible” is utter sex). Google’s Nexus 1 is already Deus Ex Machina, and blows away any semblance of (iPhone) competition… I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to take a step backwards with something looking like that.

    I hope the aforesaid rendering dies a slow and painful death on page 28 of Google’s Image Search.

  31. omg seriously this phone looks like shit, please no physical qwerty keyboard, the software qwerty is already more than enough.. in fact, physical keyboard makes the phone looks thick and too big..

    google nexus one have a really sweet nice looking model, so dont ruin the next generation of nexus one with this ugly squared iphone look alike plus the physical keybord, disgusting!

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