50 Android Games To Catch The Wave


With all the talk and complaints with Android Market games V.S. the iPhone App store, Android HD has put together this video clip showing 50 amazing games that will soon be available on Android devices. Google and The Game Developers Conference are working together to provide game developers with Android phones for further game development.

Game Developers Conference 2010 organizers have announced that Google will be offering free Nexus Ones and Verizon Droids to select attendees in hopes that game Android game development will take off. Looks like one more thing that Droid Does… by the way which of the 50 games did you like best?

[via AndroidHD]

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  1. Well. Looking at the games my rating would be the following:
    1) The Settlers
    2) Toonwarz
    3) Armored Strike

  2. Date due tell…is this going to wait till flash is out?

  3. The Settlers, Armored Strike and Toonwarz all look good. Being that I’m an Air Traffic Controller, Flight Director looks good, and it also looks like it might use Google maps for the airports.

  4. All look pretty sad. Come on EA! Make us some games. Need For Speed would be nice considering its even on the Palm Pre at this point.

  5. Radiant is like the most fun game out there on the Android. im a big fan of 2d games and totally hate the 3d on the handheld devices.
    and Android-phone owners should stop being cheap and start supporting the devs, the games/apps sales on the Android are ridiculous compared to the iphone.
    The sad thing is what i see in the comments for some apps, some people rate a game or an app 1 star just because its a demo or a trial.

  6. booo… if only we had payed apps here (Canada) with out the hack… “The Settlers” lools like alot of fun!

  7. Looks dandy.

  8. Some of the games are a shame .. e.g. assassins creed (or sims3 if shown, did not watch further than to minute 6)

    we got the crappy versions, and the iphone the nice ones with rich real 3d graphics ..

  9. Developers won’t spend time developing until people are willing to pay for apps… People won’t pay for apps until there are quality apps… How do we get there from here?

  10. 256 Mb will be going a whole lot sooner once these drop. We need access to the SD, and soon!

  11. Speedforge 3d looks like my favorite racing game of all time, Wipeout. Going to give that a shot for sure.

  12. @utz

    LOL!! another thing that droid DOES NOT!! oh verizon, didnt you learn from the L.G voyager joke?

  13. Didn’t know that android had such pretty games! I only have played:

    1. Abduction (pretty addictive)
    2. Beautiful Game Widgets (games in the homescreen)

    My Hero couldn’t handle much 3D stuff. I’ll have to wait to my nexus one to arrive :)

  14. Anyone know where I can see a list of these games in the order they were shown?

  15. SpeedForge is a definite must play.. its awesome

  16. wow a lot of those games looked pretty good. If i had an android i’d buy a bunch of those games for sure.

  17. these look like a start to the android game market, if they would just make apps load off the sd card then there could be some real good games being made for android.


  19. Braingoal……………………..!!!!!!!!

    Great concept for a logic game.

  20. ushoot and SpacePhysics are far and away the cleverest games out there currently. Well worth the cost of buying full apps – come on users, buy the decent apps out there to spur on better development! I played Assassins Creed and Nazi Zombies on iPhone today and was sick a little bit at the back of my mouth – if you wanna keep me on android when my G1 contract expires in a month there needs to be some good reasons to stay put! :)

  21. @Anthony PerezDo : do you remember my first video 50 games on my Droid ??
    Now its on my new video it’s :50 NEW android games on Nexus :
    So 100 Android games in 2 video(all QRcode on my blog)
    thx phandroid

  22. I agree with Jeena.
    BrainGoal! is a great thinking game.
    It’s sooooo addictive as well.


    also see:
    They claim it’s only on the Android platform.

  23. Check out XAP!, it’s a funky Zombie shooter game…

  24. Dead End (a zombie shooter) and Zenonia are a couple new ones that are worth checking out.

  25. sorry for the late, but i just dicovered this website for Android games =>

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