Next Version of Android: F for Froyo

I never expected this but the guys over at Engadget recently interviewed Erick Tseng – Senior Product Manager of Android.. where he dished up some delicious info. The next version of Android will be called Froyo –  short for frozen yogurt!

Froyo-androidVery interesting indeed! Personally I had my bets on the F being Flan considering it would match the cake like code names – Cupcake, Donut & Eclair but I’m sure thousands of others thought so, too! No other info has been given on Froyo (like when we can expect it what version of Android it will be… 2.x maybe even 3.0..) so for now the name will just have to suffice.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match cake type names either – it’s still sweet!

See what I did there….. with the pun…… you know…ok … total fail :D

Now, what might G be for? Let the speculation begin..NOW!

[Via Engadget]

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  • Alan

    Granola… LoL… since we’re having all food names i’ll say it’s a sure bet.

  • scott_ev

    Could G be for gingerbread, gingersnaps, Galaktobourekos (custard tarts), or Garlic flan……..

  • Todd


  • Jordan

    I hope this means I get 2.1 pushed to my Eris soon.

  • BigHeat

    Gelato, of course.

  • Thomas

    I’m hoping for Gelato. I just hope Froyo gives some love the media player. I like the improved gallery in 2.1.

  • Bobatty

    Flan isn’t a cake…its a custard

  • gpk

    Gnew York Cheese Cake. Imo.

  • 2FR35H

    Man this froyo better be delicious

  • 2FR35H

    If its named froyo it better be smooth and tasteful

  • Jonathan

    I’d say Gelato is a good guess. Especially if they’re going with frozen yogurt for the next release. Frozen yogurt and gelato are fairly similar.

  • some1

    i suspect that as the photo gallery has had an update we should expect to see the music player get a beautification in Froyo or Gelato/Gateux/Gingerbread

  • Mensahwatts

    So many updates…what’s taking the Droid so long to get upgraded?

  • Marvin

    definitely gogurt

  • Jon

    Gateaux for G? ;)

    I’m still waiting on an Eclair update for the Hero! I’m definitely getting a normal Android phone after this phone. Can’t be waiting months for an update, only to find it’s still behind everyone!

  • Len

    I say Gumdrop

  • Dennis


  • Jeff

    It’s really sad, how the majority of android phones are still on Cupcake(1.5).

    Google needs to slow down, in 4-5 months we went from C(Cupcake) to F(Froyo). Its no surprise the manufactures/careers haven’t updated their phones, when they work on one OS version, Google releases another.

  • hal

    Gingerbread. definetly. or maybe grahm cracker? gelatin?

  • andrei

    IMHO. they seriously need to slow down.
    It is becoming a huge pain for developers to support their android programs.

  • Q

    I’m guessing “A” is Android and “B” is “Beta”?.. no confectionery there :P

    “G” for Gum… would be cool seeing the Android mascot blowing a bubble.

  • John

    Froyo is not out yet… 4 -5 months they went from cupcake to eclair because technically 2.1 is still eclair.

  • schwiz

    Froyo?!??! What the hell!! It should be Funnel Cake! Everyone knows that is the best F dessert!!!

  • john

    How does Google number these? 1-1.5-1.6-2.0-2.1????? Shouldn’t it be like 1-1.1-1.2-1.3-1.4-1.5-2.0 (2.0 (2.1) being 2.0 not 1.6 because it has some major UI advancements.) or may be it should be 1-2-3-4-5-6.

  • SpruceyB

    I don’t know why it chooses numbers it does but this is how it went

    Platform Version API Level
    Android 2.1 7
    Android 2.0.1 6
    Android 2.0 5
    Android 1.6 4
    Android 1.5 3
    Android 1.1 2
    Android 1.0 1

  • SpruceyB

    Maybe this will look better

    Platform Version API Level
    Android 2.1 7
    Android 2.0.1 6
    Android 2.0 5
    Android 1.6 4
    Android 1.5 3
    Android 1.1 2
    Android 1.0 1

  • phoenix

    is froyo 2.1 or something else?

  • Chris

    Gingerbread in the shape of the Android.

  • onlyever

    The web has a HUGe misconception that 2.1=Flan, when it’s truly a part of Eclair.

    I think 2.0/2.0.1 should have been 1.9 because 2.1 is really a true major change when it comes to UI.

  • onlyever

    So 2.1=Eclair, 2.x=Froyo

  • subz

    Glucose O.o heh..

  • Anton

    Graham Cracker Pie
    Green Tea Ice Cream :-)
    German Chocolate Cake

  • baley

    Gingerbread duh! ?

    …I am waiting for the Tiramisu one in 5 years time :P

  • DgDeBx

    A is probably for alpha, and B for beta

  • G8D


  • Phandroid fan

    Im out of ideas

  • Paul

    Gingerbread sounds good but considering Froyo I’m guessing Gelato. Maybe the theme is desserts grouped in three’s: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair; then Froyo, Gelato, Helato? (traditional Argentinean ice cream)

  • William M. Buttlicker


  • BetterThanEVO

    +1 for Pinkberry!! The BEST Froyo evarr!

  • Aaron

    i unrelated topic. motorola dext would be coming to singapore and so is the lg eve, motorola milestone and nexus one might come with contract on a singapore telco! also xperia x10 is def coming as stated in sony’s enewsletter. so its 5 times the good news for singapore!

  • Hal

    granola? no, i got it… GOOGlEBREAD!

  • Jimbo Jones

    Ganache…this is a no brainer! And I do not work at Google (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)…

  • Abrown

    Very interesting! I like it! I didn’t know that the different versions were going in alphabetical order till now. I kind of figured they were naming it after breads too, but I guess they’re going with desserts. This could be fun…hmm I suppose I should make a list of desserts in alphabetical order and see which ones actually come into fruition.

  • Presto117

    now i want yogurtland….

  • john

    Phandroid, why have you no news?

  • NotRelevent

    I’d vote that “Froyo” will be 2.5, based on how they did the 1.x series.1.0, 1.1 then 1.5

  • chris


    …what? You don’t think so?

  • Andrew Stella

    +1 for gelato.

    Hi google name chooser person! (who is hopefully reading this thread lol)

  • squee147

    gumdrop or gingerbread for sure

  • gus


  • pie-eater

    If the dessert were in Dutch, griesmeelpudding would certainly stand a chance! haven’t checked google translate on this one, so good luck guys.

  • Raul

    They should skip those and go right to h for hype cause that’s what they sold me since they came out on my g1 and on my my touch. Or I can just buy the nexes one, NOT

  • Xthlon

    *sits silently still waiting for a 2.1 upgrade for his hero*

  • Hal

    i dont care. i talked to a tmo guy, and there setting up for the release of a moto device in march. i asked him what it is called, and he said he did not know the name, but it was codenamed Zeppelin!!!

  • Drifter81

    Seriously guys… It’s so obvious!

    G = Gonnorrhea

  • janus

    Hey Guys,

    you’re all wrong…it is

    Googlehupf like Gugelhupf the Cake with a hole in the middel…. :D

  • kevin

    well if they are all dessert based i would say the G would stand for gelato also it makes sense

  • Pedro

    I am excited… I just hope that implement a lot of the enhancements that are requested here.

  • magnum

    No other info has been given on Froyo (like when we can expect it what version of Android it will be… 2.x maybe even 3.0..) so for now the name will just have to suffice. More details: