Jan 17th, 2010

I never expected this but the guys over at Engadget recently interviewed Erick Tseng – Senior Product Manager of Android.. where he dished up some delicious info. The next version of Android will be called Froyo –  short for frozen yogurt!

Froyo-androidVery interesting indeed! Personally I had my bets on the F being Flan considering it would match the cake like code names – Cupcake, Donut & Eclair but I’m sure thousands of others thought so, too! No other info has been given on Froyo (like when we can expect it what version of Android it will be… 2.x maybe even 3.0..) so for now the name will just have to suffice.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match cake type names either – it’s still sweet!

See what I did there….. with the pun…… you know…ok … total fail :D

Now, what might G be for? Let the speculation begin..NOW!

[Via Engadget]