Rogers Confirms Magic To Get 2.1, Dream Users Are To Dream On


Mjschmidt from our forums and BGR both are reporting that Rogers has confirmed a 2.1 update coming to the HTC Magic. This is a slight u-turn considering not too long ago Rogers had said it was to stay at 1.5.


Apparently in the next few weeks the Dream and Magic are both going to see a “minor” update to 1.5 – bringing the Sense UI to the Magic – and then sometime mid-2010 it will be updated to 2.1 along with an updated Sense UI.

Dream will not be updated past 1.5 due to “limitations on the HTC Dream.”

[Via BGR | AndroidForums ]


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  1. If it can be done in other countries, will i see an update on my Magic from Vodaphone UK?

  2. Limitations of the HTC Dream? Bollocks. It runs 1.6 just fine.

  3. It can run 1.6 fine but not 2.1. 2.1 uses 3D, um, stuff in the animated wallpapers that the Dream, sadly, can’t handle.

    There may also be issues with the size of the ROM with Dream’s crappy storage.

  4. The Dream (without the Danger SPL that all rooted users love) doesn’t have enough storage space. As far as the SenseUI, the Rogers Magic is a 288MB RAM sapphire not a 192MB RAM sapphire like the T-Mobile MyTouch3G. SenseUI needs that extra RAM.

  5. Does this mean Google Navigation will finally work in Canada?

  6. @FoleyIsGood if you don’t know don’t say… over at xda they have had 2.1 running on the dream for a bit now. It all has to do with drivers and apps2sd. The Goog does not want to do Apps2sd without protection for the paid apps. The drivers for the hardware (camera and whatnot) are yet to be available for Dream\Magic. Once they are available for the Magic they can be backported to the Dream and no matter the country or carrier dreams\magics will have 2.1 and we then can hope for 3.0.1 or whatever is next.


  7. Wtf is Rogers talking about. All of T-Mo’s Dreams are at 1.6 now. Come again?

  8. 1.6 was a minor update to cupcake and it was only officially avialable to GOOGLE branded phones IE the Mytouch and the G1

  9. YAY YAY I have a magic, I hope there rooted dream build gets stable aswell so they both can have 2.1. Now that I will have 2.1 i may just wate for an X10 /w keybord LOL…

  10. I have a feeling the MT3G and G1 will not see any more OS updates. :(

  11. Dream has TONS of space.
    No need for weird death SPL.
    Dream ALREADY DOES run 2.0.
    Dream *does* have 3d hardware…. in fact, the EXACT SAME hardware as MAGIC has.

    Robbers are just a bunch of douchebags.

  12. UK calling Phandroid – I’m not so bothered about 2.1, 2.0 will do lovely on my T-Mobile G1. Can you let T-Mobile UK know please? I’m sure they’ll listen to you more than me…..

  13. I got word today from a rogers employee that a 2.1 update is in the works for both the Dream and Magic. Apparently rogers hasn’t given up on the Dream yet.

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