Adobe Flash Shown On Nexus.. Mixed Feelings?


So a video has surfaced of Adobe showing off Adobe Flash 10.1 on a Nexus One in need of a charging.  This is something an awful lot of us have been waiting very patiently for, but as Engadget points out, is it really going to increase our experience enough to make up for what we will all inevitably be faced with?

Sure, the games and videos are going to be great but what about – you guessed it – ads?  Given the hope for Fennec and adblock extensions it may be a moot point but in the meantime.. what do you think?

One thing worth noting from the video:

“..so that’s why the partnership that we have with Qualcomm, HTC and Google to deliver a great experience with 10.1 on the Nexus One is so important..”

..and then he goes on to explain you can guy buy the Nexus One and when they are done preparing 10.1 for release they’ll push it out to you. He doesn’t mention any other device.  I’m assuming since the Nexus One is the only phone on 2.1 at the moment – that’s the reason.

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  1. Every now and then you come across a site that uses Flash for essential functionality, so it would be nice to have Flash. It would also be nice to be able to disable it for about 90% of my browsing where it’s just ads and eyecandy that will slow my page loads.

  2. So um, if I was to buy the Google Nexus rite now, out of the box will come with Flash 10 or not. Is this just a preview to whats to come for this phone? I believe the full flash will be avaliable for all Android phones with the new 2.1 firmware, however I think it will only run smoothly on the nexus compare to the unlocked HTC Hero because of the high 1z proccessor it has.

  3. @Anthony: “..and then he goes on to explain you can guy buy the Nexus One and when they are done preparing 10.1 for release they’ll push it out to you.”

  4. It’s really no different than the promotional video about the G1 and flash. How long have android users been waiting? Its starting to feel like DNF :) So until there are concrete release plans and a date.. its vaporware.

    Websites using flash for navigation = broken website …

    I don’t want flash unless I can disable it on a per domain basis << bare minimum. Or they start allowing extensions to the webkit browser so I can use flashblock .. etc.

    Otherwise the user experience is just going to go down the toilet.

  5. @Anthony no it does not come with flash out of the box. Adobe is said to be publishing a full version flash player for almost all smartphones(except iphone) sometime in the first quarter of this year.
    I saw a demo of an android phone running flash last year and from what i saw it ran great. I believe the device it was running on was the droid but i cant say for sure becuase it was all taped up(probably because the droid hadnt been released at that point).

  6. Here’s Adobe demoing Flash on the Android G1 back in late 2008:

    So it will work on other Android systems, it’s just that Nexus One is the latest and greatest which is why Adobe is demoing that phone. As Adobe has been working on making mobile Flash Player 10.1 to take advantage of hardware acceleration, as well as decreasing the size of memory that Flash takes to run at a decent speed on slower mobile devices.

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  8. I need flash support! I can’t look at the 370z website while i am at work!

  9. This may be the killer app for android. Who cares if you have 5 zillion apps when you can’t even browse the full internet? Indeed, the casual users that Apple tries to appeal to are the most interested in flash games and other flash sites

  10. The beauty of Android is that it is an open platform, which allows so much flexibility that you can even make bad choices like putting closed technology like Flash on it. Fortunately, it allows for better choices as well.

  11. The real secret to Flash’s success is wysiwyg editing with Adobe tools. Creative designers won’t use notepad so it doesn’t matter how many HTML5 browsers are out there if there’s no visual editor.

  12. Am tired of waiting for flash,they can keep it.No longer interested.

  13. When will the the droid get flash capabilities???

  14. @Gad Really hate when people say this. Its coming either way so just accept it. Just because it took awhile to make something perfect (Or some what perfect) no one wants it now? Think of how many applications this will open up and you wont even have to download them to your phone. That will free up space for other applications. Its a good thing that this is coming so just accept it.

    Adobe said that it should be pushed out to some phones 1Q 2010. I cant wait! Hulu watching on the go here I come! >=D

  15. Without ads each website you visit would require membership in the 5-10 dollar a month range. How many sites are in your feed reader? Can you imaging forking out $2,000 a month just to read some web sites? Do yourself and site owners/bloggers a favor and start clicking on some ads.

  16. I can’t understand “mixed feelings” ….

    Surely this can only be a good thing, a real good thing actually. This is what could set android apart from the rest for the time being. So what there will be a few more ads……..

  17. Until they implement HTML5 on every single website known to man, Flash support is necessary. So long as they allow you to disable certain aspects for certain sites, it’ll be a winner.

    As for Engadget not liking it, if it were made available to iPhone, Engadget would start finger-f*cking Steve Jobs until he exploded candy gumdrops in grateful approval. The fact that Phandroid piggybacks their articles as lore is shameful.

  18. Flash on a phone – terrible idea. This thing will drain the battery and suck bandwidth like crazy. If you are on a limited data plan you can wake up with an astronomical bill…

  19. yuri: you could say the same thing about youtube. Why is youtube = good and hulu = bad?

  20. Yes, can someone stop quoting Engadget? They are negative about everything regarding Android… even the Nexus.

  21. I really only needed flash so I could watch internet porn – But the websites have overcome that issue.. so never mind..

  22. The only implementation of flash that makes sense on a cell phone browser is one that requires you to specifically enable it on a page. Think something like FlashBlock on firefox.

  23. I’ll say the same thing I said about Flash on the Pre: I don’t really care about in-browser Flash but a standalone, hardware-accelerated Flash player would allow thousands of games and apps to be instantly available on the platform. Flash in-browser I could care less about.

  24. We’ve been hearing the Flash promises since the phone’s release. Yes, Eris/Hero (or any other phone with SenseUI) has limited flash, but nowhere near what Flash 10.1 will allow. I won’t believe Flash is coming to Android USERS until I see it on my phone. (Droid by the way, which handles 2.1 3D graphics just fine thank you!)

  25. some sites such as nvidia.com, seem to be completely designed in Flash

  26. Browsing the web without flash is like ordering a pizza without sauce.

    Or, Browsing the web without flash is like having an Iphone.

  27. What about the bandwidth issues with Flash on many sites. Visit too many of these and 5g gets to be worrisome.

    And what about battery drain? They better have a way to not let it dominate it too much. Or offer an extra battery per phone at a super discount (at least we Do that much).

  28. hahhhhhhhaahaha @guesswho anyways… like everybody else said, if it could be disabled then flash 10.1 will be the best thing by far on any cell phone. i mean really the iphone grenade app is tyte but … lol

  29. Engadget NEEDS to hop off iphone’s nut sack forreal… one of them has gotta has gotta be in a wheelchair from steve jobs rammin them up the ASS, all damn day!!!!

  30. The Flash ads on any given popular web site will commonly expend an entire core of my 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo E7500. In addition, I find the annoyance to be great enough to make me want to leave.

    I’m very curious to see what Adobe does here, as there is simply no way that browser-based Flash ads would work on an Android device. The half-arsed programming by the ad-developers which was tested only on their eleventy-core Mac Pro is simply going to be a non-starter for a 500-MHz mobile phone CPU.

  31. I have ZERO interest in Adobe Flash. I would disable it on my desktop if there weren’t so many frickin’ web sites that are invisible without it. Hate Flash. Not once have I ever seen a good use for it (in a browser).

    Also, Flash has enabled the some of the worst atrocities of online advertising ever committed.

  32. I’m a web developer and my favourite quote about flash on mobile was on OSNews: “Any developer who buys into Flash on mobile is a muppet of the first order.”


    To me its beautiful that mobile browsing is flash free. Flash sites designed for desktop use are badly designed and rape resources. Resources which mobile devices don’t have.

    I love Android, but I hope Apple remain strong on this. If the iPhone supports flash, the mobile internet will die. We have been blessed with modern browsers on these smart phones, a point not emphasized enough.

  33. hmm I never noticed any of these ad atrocities because I use adblock on firefox…and plan on getting pocketfox the second it comes out for android. I must live in a different world than those stuck on IE/Safari.

  34. It really should be up to the users to decide if flash sucks or not. The iPhone is like a nagging nanny: eat your vegetables or no dessert for you! Don’t forget to wear a coat because it’s cold outside! Don’t use Flash because it will kill your battery!

  35. yeeyyy, more porn for you, kids. I feel bad already for your “right hands”.

  36. Accelerated flash on a mobile phone!!! i can’t wait to get all these flashgames on it!

  37. Flash sucks, and the sooner it dies and is replaced by open standards like HTML5, the better.

  38. I’m willing to bet it’s the 1Ghz Snapdragon that 10.1 needs to run Flash 10.1 smoothly and still have some HP to multitask! LOL

  39. I’d take HTML5 support over flash anyday.

  40. Accelerated flash on a mobile device is a great thing. I’m a Flash developer and create Apps faster, cooler and cheaper than any native App can be developed. The App will run on many diffrent devices ( if that works one day ). I coded in Obj. C. for the IPhone and development is slow and expencive in comparison. Sure there ist a lot of Stuff you can’t do with Flash.
    On my Mobile Device Flash in a Browser will be blocked most of the Time.

  41. im pissed i love my droid n i work for verizon wireless i push sales on it daily n absolutely love it but without flash player its handicapped in so many levels i want a guaranteed eta on adobe release 10.1 for android os the nexxus is great but.the sales we give with contract and our network will by far over extended the google sales isnt that why we signed a contract in the first place with google give us a specific date consumers need to know n its so far the only thing i cant do with my phone n i desperately need this functionality please eta

  42. I used to use every website possible on me samsung epix before skyfire got raped in design from other websites that caused flash not to work. Sure it took a littlebit longer to load but the fact that it was Truly mobile web browsing made it worth it. Sadly gone are the days of a phone that is capable of doing such things. I am highly anticipating a phone that will bring back True mobile browsing once again.

  43. I have mixed feeling with flash on mobile devices. Flash in browser should only happen if you can turn it on/off quickly (possibly while the page is loading). Kinda like a kill switch. I do like the approach Apple has done with youtube video. Stand alone app to play content. Adobe Flash should implement this interactivity. With the lack of viewing real-estate on these phones the last thing I want is to be overrun with flash ads and poor flash design. We need to control to turn this off. Keeping it in-app seems to be the best solution to bring flash to mobile devices.

  44. Was that video supposed to make people actually want this? If browser based games (which looked terrible in this video) and advertising (it’s annoying on my computer…why the hell would I want it on my phone???) are the only reason to bring Flash to mobile devices, I can’t imagine why anyone would be in favor of this.

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