Nexus One Now Available… For Verizon/Vodafone Too (SOON)!


Google just made their new portal for purchasing phones live – check out http://google.com/phone and you’ll see exactly what we mean. You can begin purchasing the phone NOW!


It turns out that the GSM-only rumors were wrong… at some point you’ll be able to buy this bad boy for use on both Verizon Wireless and Vodafone (Sprint 2010)! Not only that… but more DEVICES and CARRIERS are coming so this isn’t the last Nexus or Google Phone you’ll see.

Sounds like there will be a lot more of where these “superphones” came from…

This is awesome on so many levels. Sure… $529 unlocked and $179 on contract but that’s what the G1 cost on launched and I think this phone is a tad better. Don’t you?

Hit up our Nexus One Forum where everyone is talking about the Nexus One!

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  1. Last time I looked, Verizon wasn’t the only CDMA carrier in the US. Why is Sprint being treated like the love child of Tiger Woods and Miss Piggy?

  2. Decisions decisions now….do I replace the Droid when Verizon gets the Nexus One? oooooooooh!!!!! I know!!! My wife wants a phone with a physical keyboard….she is up for renewal this spring….she can have mine and I can get the Nexus One! Excellent **wrings hands**

  3. Google just started an online phone retail store. Move along folks — nothing more to see here.

    Too much hype and completely underwhelming product delivery. It’s not even as big an improvement as when the Moto Droid came out. I’m not a Droid fanboy either.

  4. i dont get it, can i buy this phone right now? i clicked on the googlestore.com/phones link but it says ‘not found on this server’

  5. I really want to buy this phone (today!) but I’m sticking to my guns for the moment and holding out for it to be picked up by Sprint too. Both U.S. GSM carriers are at the low end for network performance, so I want CDMA. Sprint offers a better network, competitive plan pricing and, unlike Verizon, doesn’t have a precedence of crippling handsets from using native apps and functions. So I want Sprint, but I’m only willing to wait for so long for them to get on the bandwagon. Time’s a ticking, Mr. Hesse.

  6. dont you mean spring? not sprint? haha

  7. The correct url is:


    Phone is singular.

  8. Can somebody tell why is this phone not being offered by Sprint

  9. 1st: Verizon’s network is WAY better than Sprint’s

    2nd: How exactly is the Droid crippled by Verizon?

    And more importantly… did anyone hear the question about 2.1 coming the Droid? Did he say it would be coming in a couple of days?

  10. I just bought one :] overnight shipping was free :D

  11. God I can’t wait until we almost unify in 4g.

    Not sure how you can defend Sprint being completely backwards on 3G AND 4G. WiMax? You kidding me? Everyone else is going LTE.

  12. It’s google.com/phone

    –Not /phones.

  13. I am officially DONE with Tmobile. I have been a LOYAL tmo customer for 8 years, and you have no idea ( well, you probaby do), how excited i was about the Nexus One coming out, and on Tmobile no less ( not famous for super cool phones), but low and behold, the $180 price tag is only for new customers, so i left here in the cold, and once again, left dissapointed with tmobile. Ill be cancelling my account and switching to Verizon.. if you guys have any luck upgrading a tmobile account to the nexus one without starting a new line, let me know, itll bring a glimmer of hope to mad current sad life.

  14. So anybody know what you can get away with on pre-paid from T-Mo. As in Data $30 and voice minimum $9.99? If that’s the case then it might be worth jumping ship for some people if T-Mo has decent coverage in your area.

  15. glad too see a phone that is universal to several carriers.
    this should only be good for the consumer.

  16. Can someone clarify the 3G aspect of this phone on the ATT network. Is it 3G in the US or only Edge? Or was he speaking of Europe?

  17. That guy Rob is a freaking moron. Sorry guys, thanks for correcting me!

  18. Am I the only idiot who paid the $175 ETF to get off T-Mobile to get the Droid on VZW? Ug, well that’s the price you pay to be an early adopter. And I have a hardware keyboard so eat that Nexus One :), :(.

  19. You should change sprint 2010 to spring 2010 people are going to get confused

  20. Spring 2010? Bye bye droid I’ve already got cashsaved for this..lmao I’ve been trying to love the droid but what’s the use in pretending.. can’t wait

  21. Well
    “Sorry, the Nexus One phone is not available in your country.”
    Guess we’ll have to wait for release date / prices in europe.

  22. why just to US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong?!
    I just want the unlocked phone!

  23. Just got one shipping to Hong Kong.
    Can’t wait this hot machine :D

  24. Codiac1881 I second that emotion!! Tmobile really royaly fucked up. I just came from the store thinking I can make an order or atleast find out the pricing that mother of djdjdj said I have to pay $529 upfront. Wtf. Damn I’m officially going to verizon. Tmobile are care idiots for playing googles lap monkeys. I’m through with them. I’m fed up with the garbge phones. F u tmobile to the 12th power. The biggest fail of the century. Here I come verizon. I don’t care that I have a etf to pay. Y’all won’t find that shiiiiiii. Who else is pissed like I am?

  25. Dah well… I was excited about it and maybe would have even shelled out full price for one….until my laptop case broke. So now my money is headed towards a Lenovo T500…something I expect to NOT break anytime soon. Then maybe I can have the loot to throw at the Nexus 2 or 3 with built in projector and the like.

  26. I have 1000 minutes plus unlimited data and text with TMo right now. I am eligible for an upgrade as well. Does this mean I have to downgrade my plan to buy the phone at $179? If so, that sucks.

  27. @shaun
    1. My experience has been better with the Sprint network than Verizon.
    2. I don’t know about the Droid specifically, but Verizon has locked down several other handsets and disable features that compete with its own software offerings. Hopefully, they are moving away from that practice.

    Clearwire (WiMAX) is backed by Comcast, Intel, Time Warner Cable, Google and Bright House Networks, which together have invested $3.2 billion in the company. So I’d expect Google to be developing Android handsets specifically for WiMAX 4G. WiMAX is already up in many major markets and has big expansion plans for 2010. LTE has not begun to roll-out yet and looks to be 1-3 years away from upgrading the current CDMA/HSPA networks from my understanding. So WiMAX will have major lead in market penetration although LTE will move quickly with the other 3 big carriers using the technology.

  28. Only Edge on AT&T due to variations in the 3G GSM frequencies.

  29. um it says right under the tmobile option “Existing T-Mobile customers may qualify for upgrade pricing.” if you don’t qualify for an upgrade then it is no different than any other carrier

  30. this is BS how come sprint doesnt get it

  31. By the way I’ve also been with tmobile since march of 2003.I can’t believe in this economy google thinks people have $529 laying around for a efffn phone. Then ontop of that I tried to go online to get the phone its telling me to get a new line and pay $180 or keep the same exsting line and pay $529. Tmobile is so starved costumers that would try anything to get new ones. This was a colousal eff up if I ever saw one. Why would they make me pay $529 for the phone ?m being penalized for buying the g1. If anything peopel that upgraded to the g1 should have gotten the phone fo r$529 since we were the ones that bought and kept the phones until something new came out. Eff you google and tmobile with a sick a aids infested d.I’m sorry I’m just hot that google tried every g1er and anyone looking to upgrade from there current phones on tmobiel. Eff you tmobile for stepping in demanding loyal customers like me and kodiac18881 get a fare share shot at the phone. Absolute fail on both parties.

  32. WiMax is also easily upgradable to LTE.

  33. If you upgrade your T-mobile plan for this phone, even if you are eligible for a phone upgrade, they will charge you $380 for the phone. Complete and utter B.S. and frankly false advertising as I’ve been holding out for this phone and was under the assumption that I would get it at 180 dollars, but NO, that’s for new customers only. F T-mobile and F Google.

  34. Anybody read the Engadget review of the phone itself?

    The bigger news to me is the announcement that Android 2.1 is being pushed out soon. As a dev, that means I’m more likely to feature 2.0+ functionality like officially supported multi-touch, system-wide accounts, the new bluetooth functionality, etc., given that over 80% of current Android devices in use are still running 1.6 or lower.


  35. Clearificuation:
    * N1 will not work on ATT’s 3G network. Different bands.
    * If you are a Tmob customer, you can not upgrade a family plan. Only individual plans.
    * Tmo is upgrading to 3.5G which will be able to get up to download speeds of 21Mbits/s (theoritacally). (http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/Coverage/3G-Expansion-amp-HSPA/m-p/266519)

  36. If you’ll be able to buy an unlocked Nexus One for use with Verizon’s network it should also work on Sprint’s network, no?

  37. i wonder if Google will allow Verizon to change the Nexus One to the Droid Nexus and basically have the 3 best avaiable android phones under Verizon

  38. @Evan M
    no because sprint is dick with accepting other phones besides their own so they wont put your esn into their database..only way would be to change the esn.

  39. @Evan M. – doesn’t look like it based on the Q&A at the event.

    Q: Will the Nexus One be coming to Verizon and Voda? Will they be unlocked?
    Mario Queiroz(Google): Unlocked with CDMA is more complicated. But Nexus One will be on Verizon and Vodafone (which is GSM). CDMA is Verizon-only.

  40. Be sure to e-mail Sprint and tell them to get on board with the Nexus One and future Android offerings if they want to keep your business.

  41. I’m not sure that any Droid user will change over to the Nexus One anytime soon. The Droid (although I’ve not used it) seems to be a slightly more versatile device. The Nexus One is all hype no substance!

    Just my two cents!

  42. i am a sprint customer with a htc hero, i would to love have the nexus 1, but im not willing to switch phone companies to get it. I would pay any amount to get on sprint(ANY AMOUNT). so can some please give some good news

  43. I did a little research on the Nexus One site to confirm the $380 price and found this in the help section.

    Canceling or downgrading your T-Mobile plan
    If you cancel or downgrade your T-Mobile service plan within 120 days of purchase, you will incur an Equipment Recovery Fee equal to the difference between the full price of a phone without service ($529 USD) and the discounted amount you paid for the phone with a T-Mobile service contract.

    Example: You purchased a Nexus One on January 1st for $379; on February 15, you canceled your T-Mobile service contract. Google will charge you a fee of $150.

    An exception to this rule is that, if you return your phone to Google within 14 days of purchase and receive a refund for the returned phone, the cancellation of your T-Mobile service plan will not result in any charge from Google.

    So, there is that price of $379. No where on the site does it talk about that price. I wonder if that is the upgrade price if you are not eligible for an upgrade or the price if you are eligible. Would be kind of crappy to stick it to your long time customers.

    I have VZW and will wait for the phone. Hopefully they do not treat their existing customers the same way.

  44. SAD SAD SAD! so the only way to get this phone is to get an individual plan or upgrade your individual plan with tmobile!WTF!If you have a family plan you wont qualify for the upgrade. Well i guess there loss and i save $179. Cus there is no way i will pay 529.00 for a phone.

  45. @Josh Chandler
    Agreed, it would be insane to switch from Droid to N1. They have very similar hardware, both SoCs are ARM Cortex A8 based. I’m a Droid owner, but I don’t know what you mean by the Droid being more versatile other than having a keyboard. Car kit?

    @bobby Kiaie
    Aside from what Chris wrote, I don’t think you actually have to take the phone into a store or have to deal with any human interaction to switch an ESN see: http://www.sprint.com/activate, and a discussion about it on sprint’s forum: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/25039

  46. well i’ve been with sprint for around 10 years, looks like as usual they won’t open their pockets and get their customers this bad ass phone. Sprint is hemorrhaging customers and is going to go bankrupt. yes they have blackberry’s which are great, but the iphone and now the Nex1 is going to really have them lose customers, esp when the talk is this phone will be available at some point this year on EVERY NETWORK BUT SPRINTS…..oh wait, Sprint has the palm pre ARE YOU KIDDING ME. get with it sprint!!!!

  47. Why T-Mobile? – My size 14 foot is almost bigger than their 3G Footprint around here. If I drive more than 20-30 minutes North, East or South there is no 3G data at all. The only reason West takes longer to drive out of is Philly, which actually has 3G coverage. I’ll hop ship from AT&T in a heart beat for this phone on Sprint or Verizon, but not T-Mobile. (I’d actually rather see it on sprint, they give you more service for less money in the data department).

  48. We have some real geniuses commenting here. So I’ll keep it real simple: Buying the phone unsibsidized for $529 is CHEAPER over the 2-year period than buying the subsidized version for $179. The same rate plan for the unsubsidized is $20/month cheaper which saves you $480 over the 2-years.

  49. and it is even more important to have that 3G coverage for Google Nav.

  50. I might have confused some more people in my last post so let me clarify. The true savings of owning the unsubsidized phone is $130, over the 2-year period with equivalent rate plans, and the fact that you aren’t on a contract.

  51. i dont have a contract with tmo for over a year now. well i called tmobile and spoke with some broad and she told me that i, as an existing customer, would have to downgrade from my existing plan to a shitty 500min/month plan in order to get the N1 for 180. Why the fuck would i ever scrap my unlimited text and unlimited minutes plan for a worthless 500 plan just to get the phone? i mean seriously. why wouldn’t they just let us add the data plan to our existing plan and sign another 2 year contract to get the phone.. why making people lock into a shitty plan on top of that??? corporate greedy scum i swear. i thought this was supposed to be the “liberating” next big thing in the mobile phone industry. eeeeeeeeeh! wrong again.

  52. Ahahhhhhhhh! I’m so happy! My contract is up in Feb with Verizon so I will just hold on 1-2 more months and boom Droid Nexus! Evan M I don’t have Sprint but I wondered the same thing??? Maybe not maybe that’s why VZW didn’t get it first because they would agree to sharing the spotlight with another CDMA carrier.. Guess we will know soon! No more Blackberyy Yay N1

  53. This whole rollout sounds like an illegal restraint on trade. I’m thinking class action lawsuit.

  54. No. It’s not better than the G1.

    It has no keyboard.

    And it offers nothing new that’s compelling.

    They should have included an FM tuner and a front-facing camera.

    Dodging the multitouch question is really beginning to piss me off.

  55. Why can’t Sprint get on the bandwagon? Is it because of the Hero or Palm Pre? I want this phone!

  56. @chewtoy
    oh come on, not these weird requests again. Who uses FM tuner or a fron-facing camera !!! i dont use my cellphone to listen to radio, i have tons of mp3s on it with obviously better than what you hear on the radio. And the front camera is the biggest gimmick in phones ever, no one ever uses that and no one will, its pretty stupid to be talking to someone and staring to each other faces while talking the whole time, not to forget the compatibility issues, would you be able to talk to a nokia phone with a front-facing camera or what !! is there any protocol for video phones !! i dont think so

  57. Google + tmobile sucks the big one. @Mandingo/Codiac I am with you guys. I have been with TMo for a little over 8 years and have 5 lines on my family plan. I was soo siked for this phone until i saw the pricing options. Google must be high if they think this is the best pricing options to get people to buy this phone. How can google expect people to pay $500+ for this phone without ever getting to see it or touch it in person first? And I was told by a TMO customer service tool, that If i wanted to get this with the individual plan, each line on my family plan would have to become an individual plan!!!. How insane is that. How can they do that to loyal customers who have been there for 8 years. Epic fail

  58. With T-Mobile the non-contract plans are significantly cheaper than the subsidized contract ones aren’t they? Can’t you just pony up for the full price of the phone and then take advantage of the cheaper unsubsidized plans?

  59. bought a nexus one!!!! UNLOCKED bitches!! beeng reading this blog for so long, and will finally have an android handset. so excited!!! to all the haters, STFU. nobody cares what you think. you’re using obsolete hardware the minute you buy anything anyways, so seriously, STFU and stick to what you do best…being irrelevant.

  60. @Shane what are they thinking(google,tmobile). have either of these companies seen the success of the droid and the eris for charging less than $350 for either of these phones. This is the biggest fail since mccain chose palin!Well maybe not that bad!! lmao but pretty bad. what is google trying to do? if they were trying to get this phone for everyone,they shouldv’e charge $100 for new customers and $180 for existing customers and whatever for the unlocked or better yet dont mention crap about unlocked. We as g1 users or tmobile customers need to start a petition for tmobile for them understand this was stupid(for ageeing with google on this n1 debacle) and us existing customers feel disrespected. maybe google and tmobiles execs havent watched tv in the last 2 years or so….. ITS A FRICKIN RECESSSION!!!! We dont have $529 to spend on phones!!!! What the F where you guys thinking????????????? Epic Fail x infinity

  61. People have no problems paying $80+ a month for a voice/data plan. But $500 phones? Hell no! That’s only for the super rich!

    The lack of logic people have when it comes to financial matters is fairly astounding.

    Quick tip, if you can’t afford a phone that costs $500 unsubsidized, then you can’t afford the plan the subsidized phone comes with. $80 a month for 2 years is $1920, plus $180 for the phone and you come up $2100 over the course of 2 years. $60 a month for 2 years is $1440 plus $530 for the phone is $1970 over the course of 2 years.

    Yeah, Google and T-Mobile are crazy. Crazy that they thought their customers were capable of basic skills apparently.

  62. I don’t see why everyone’s complaining about the bloody price, just buy it unlocked. 530 is a freakin steal when compared to other snapdragon phones, and please it also has an amoled.

    I’d love to get it, but I live in Canada, where I can’t even get it(affordably and easily)

  63. quick question regarding buying this phone unlocked. If I bought it unlocked, could I dump T-mobile today and use it on Verizon’s network or do I have to wait until it’s released for Verizon/CDMA in the spring in order to use it?

  64. @treefq. ..its simple really Verizons bigger and better…intact its simply the best…that’s all. And its going to only become better.so with that said…it is so cool and dandy to be apart of google powered phones…in 2010….oh so dandy lol

  65. @Tim
    In the end you pay as much or more for a subsidized phone because the carrier adds the cost of the phone (plus a littel profit for themselves) to the contract price. TMobile is at least being somewhat transparent about this fact.

  66. I searched on here and couldn’t find it but does the phone come with an sd card? Or no? Just ordered it and was wondering. Thanks.

  67. @Nick
    They’re still not getting it. You’re saying that if they buy the phone for $529.00, you’ll subscribe to a non-subsidized plan which is much cheaper than getting the phone for $179.00 and subscribing to a subsidized plan. It sounds like buying the phone at full price will pay for itself in less than two years. It sounds like TMo is doing their existing customers a favor. Am I right?

  68. “you’ll be able to buy this bad boy for use on both Verizon Wireless and Vodafone (Sprint 2010)!”

    I believe you meant to say “spring 2010”, not Sprint :p


  70. BIGMIKE,

    How sure are you about Sprint having the Nexus One in September? The reps are notorious liars!!! They all tell stories just to keep people wonderinge!!

  71. BUT Sprints service STINKS!!!! The million dollar question is when is VERIZON getting it????

  72. hhhhhmmmmm…. verizon getting nexus one to be released spring 2010, verizon planning on releasing LTE spring 2010…. i wonder if nexus one will be one the the handsets they were talking about that will do LTE.

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