WATCH LIVE: Nexus One Event!


videoWant to watch the Nexus One event live? It’s still happening and Carl just found a link to LIVE VIDEO. Enjoy watching and hopefully you were able to find this before the event ended!

Short and sweet! GET AT IT!

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Nexus One Official!

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  1. yay google earth for android

  2. I should have emailed my link to you lol.

    The voice to text definitely pushes it back up on my “want” list. I seriously need that ability across the phone.


  4. available on verizon q2

  5. So in Spring I will get my Nexus One on Verizon!!!! Eris until then

  6. Nexus One to Verizon for you happy Verizon users. :)

  7. note the droid does on the buying page. :) It seems this will be a store for many android phones, not just Nexus One.

  8. Damn, the event was lamer than I expected. That’s what happens when all the info gets leaked prior to your event.

  9. When they say Verizon in the spring, does that mean that I have to wait until then to buy one from them? Or can I buy an unlocked one today and change to Verizon when they are ready for them? i.e. Is it truly a multi-band phone that will be able to be configured to work on any system?

  10. STFU about multi touch lmao. I RARELY need to zoom in or out of anything that much and I don’t want to reposition my hand to use to fingers. I’m often just using my thumb. Multi-touch is NOT amazing or a necessity.

  11. anyone able to buy the phone at i think the server is down. click on the Continue button after you select either the phone or the phone + Tmobile plan and you will know what i mean.

  12. Arrg it is not available for Germany …. :((

    does someone know if & when its available for Germany ?

  13. I am just happy Verizon is getting in the game and realizing the consumers want options, I can hardly wait for my Nexus One in the spring!

  14. not available for Australia either :(

  15. I said days before this phone came out that if it is not on the big V then it ain’t going to do as well. T mobile…may have been able to make big sells with it but Verizon well surely put this phone in alot of hands

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