Nexus One: $530 Unlocked, $180 On T-Mobile


Google is holding an event on January 5th and its hardly a secret that they’ll be unveiling the Nexus One. The things that ARE a secret? We told you they would be coming shortly… and some of them have just arrived: the Nexus One will be $530 unlocked through Google or $180 on contract through T-Mobile.



The above screenshots come from a Gizmodo tipster who also hooked up the T-Mobile rate plan that you have to use: $39.99 Even More + Text + Web for $79.99 total

Apparently there is a limit of 5 Nexus One Phones per Google Account – time to start creating Google Accounts in massive amounts and getting your EBay seller profiles ready! I kid, I kid… also interesting that in the “terms” Google makes you acknowledge that the manufacturer of the phone is HTC and NOT Google. Maybe they’re leaving that “Google Phone” door open since this will be called the Nexus One on launch.

Rob Jackson
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  1. So do you think were going to be able to add it to our bill some way or do we have to pay the $180 outright? damn now i have to change my plan man there asking to much

  2. Wait, so it isn’t the rumored $200 or $300? At $530, it isn’t really going to do much, but be “just another Android Phone”… So much for my hopes, I guess as it says – the higher your hopes, the more you’ll be disappointed.

    I hope the phone does well, but I highly doubt so.

    1) People who buys it, will likely be Geeks.
    2) Most Geeks already have a smartphone
    3) A Smartphone that only works on T-Mobile’s 3G and not AT&T’s 3G is another issue…
    4) Those who decides to stay on T-Mobile will have no choice on what plan – if the phone is subsidized at $180 – a lack of freedom in plans
    5) To choose the plan, they’ll really have to spend $530 phone, which – I really dislike the idea of.

    Well, I hope it does well, but I think I’m out. As much of a “Google Phone” it is, it doesn’t mean I’ll blindly buy it like those small percentage of Mac Fanboys (Not saying all of them are, because there are clearly things the iPhone does better than Android – undeniably. And I’m talking serious things here, and not Fart Apps, in case anyone is thinking of snarky replies). I hope Google throws out another one later on, with a better price or freedom of carrier / plan. In addition, I hope the inclusion of Snapdragon increases the amount of High-End smart phones using Snapdragon. Whether it’s on Android, the iPhone, WiMo or WebOS – any one of them.

  3. The rate plan requirement kinda sucks, since im on a family plan but im still in for 2.

  4. Can’t really say I’m disappointed with the price cause its about on par with every other high end smart phone. But with all this game changing talk I was really hoping it would be some where in the $400 range. Still $530 isn’t too bad considering some of the unlocked Nokia and Sony phones go for close to $1000. However I don’t get this $180 option with a mandatory rate plan. Doesn’t really make sense. Its the plan I use but it forces anybody who wants more mins to pay $530.

  5. Nooooo. I’m on a family plan and this phone only works with single lines! Oh the horror! Now I’m destined to “settle” for the droid (sigh). Just kidding droid owners! … Anyways, yea.. This sux. I’m tryin to work the numbers to see if I can buy it unlocked, then just get a data only plan and use voip.. Hmmmmmm..

  6. what the hell? so disappointing

  7. it went from costing $150 and being voip to $580 and coming with a mandatory $80 contract… might as well get an iphone. I was so pumped for this phone. Maybe this report is fake. Hope so

  8. so iv been searching around and info on this phone. i have a g1. is this a phone that people are looking forward to getting. its fairly priced. im thinking i might get it, despite the lack of keyboard it looks very promising.
    i was recently looking at the cliq too, what would you guys prefer nexus or cliq?

  9. I’ve got a G1 but I’m up for a free upgrade, think I could use it on this?
    Bah, I should probably just ask them myself

  10. at Semianonymous i dont think tmobile will have any hand in selling these phones and thats sad. most like we wont be able to add it to our bill. you have to come out of pocket with either the $180 or 530 outright. making people have to change plans is a really really bad move. i still have my g1 and i guess i have to spend that xmas money on this phone. bah hum bug google and tmobile. the brighter side of this phone is that its going to be on a rate plan and service thats about $30 to $40 cheaper than other companies and their flagship android or iphone. trust me i checked. tmobile is still the best value around as far as cost per month.

  11. @obeyryan

    get the cliq if you want a bunch of twitter, facebook, myspace popping onto your tiny screen

    get the nexus if you want a big screen, fast processor, android 2.1, 5mp camera with flash, and a sexy phone

  12. @bobby

    im not to worried about that stuff the apps i have work fine for that stuff. so it seems that the nexus is going to be a better phone all around? way faster than the g1

  13. so what makes this a google phone if its all made by HTC? then you could say the motorola droid was a google phone since they carried 2.0… The only thing google is the software! its just a software upgrade to 2.1
    it seems these new devices were just google inspired because they (MOT & HTC)both clearly worked with google. Htc is now catching up past 1.5 or 1.6 to something current…

  14. @obeyryan
    as long as you don’t get a droid you should be safe (just kidding droid owners!)

    I don’t know if voip is a viable option on the nexus but here goes:
    standard option: $180(phone) + $80/mo. (2 years) = $2,100

    Voip option: $530(unlocked phone) + $40/mo (data only plan for 2 yrs) = $1,490

    telling droid owners that I have a ‘slightly’ better phone than them: PRICELESS

    (just kidding droid owners!)

  15. @jo well i already pay 91 a month for my tmobile g1 bill
    so it appears that the monthly bill will not be any different
    and im not sure exactly what voip is? sorry to sound newb
    could you explain briefly

  16. I don’t know if voip is a viable option on the nexus but here goes:
    standard option: $180(phone) + $80/mo. (2 years) = $2,100
    Voip option: $530(unlocked phone) + $40/mo (data only plan for 2 yrs) = $1,490

  17. I don’t know if voip is a viable option on the nexus but here goes:
    standard option: $180(phone) + $80/mo. (2 years) = $2,100
    Voip option: $530(unlocked phone) + $40/mo (data only plan for 2 yrs) = $1,490

  18. I don’t know if voip is a viable option on the nexus but here goes:

    standard option: $180(phone) + $80/mo.(2 years) = $2,100

    Voip option: $530(unlocked phone) + $40/mo. (data only plan for 2 yrs.) = $1,490

  19. @obeyryan

    VOIP is the ability to make phones calls over the internet. It’s like talking to someone using your computer and a microphone. It’s much cheaper than a regular phone call (usually free).

  20. FYI, if you guys are eligible for corporate discounts, or in my case student discounts, then the EM plan blows the EM+ plans out of the water. I crunched the numbers and if I kept my current grandfathered plan and bought the phone unsubsidized, it would cost $2059 over 24 months. Assuming T-mo lets us get a more expensive Even More plan ($49.99 for 1000 mins) with unlimited text and web, it would run me $2016 over 24 months. The EM+ plan with same features and minutes would run $2209 over the same 24 months.

    I’ve been with T-mo for 8 years and off contract since last January. I’m hoping I can wrangle a retention discount out of them as well. ;)

  21. Just in time.. My G1 in peices on my desk..

  22. coool. im not to worried about that. im just worried about the phone being a piece o crap. im over the g1 i want to move on to bigger and better things. and im thinking the nexus us going to be that move

  23. For all you guys whining about the $530 price, you should have figured out by now that this phone is really geared toward T-mobile service! They’re the only carrier that provides a plan specifically for unlocked, unsubsidized phones. For example, you would save $130 over 2 years by buying the phone unsub’d and paying for an EM+ plan on T-mo, over a comparable plan on contract with T-mo. If you’re not on T-mo, you don’t want this phone anyway… Edge only would blow.

  24. Is it coming to T-Mobile UK?

  25. 5 limit per google account, too bad i was about to pick up 10 of them. Not really. I just dont see how Google expects to make this a success. At $530 its not bad for an unlocked phone, but the 500 min of talk time sounds ridiculous.

  26. I’ll have to wait and see if the price comes down in the next few months.

  27. Nice for T-mobile users to get a good phone (in 3 weeks the price will probably be half), but this phone is nothing special compared to other phones like the Droid especially with Edge only speed. In 6 months there will be something much better. If Google wanted to make a statement, they failed.

  28. wait a second, if you buy it unlocked, you still have to pay monthly fees for tmobile ? i like many others here are not us-citizens and was considering seriously of purchasing one for myself

  29. No, you don’t pay a monthly fee for T-mo if you buy it unlocked and unsubsidized.

  30. Im already off contract so this means i have to give up my current plan? (1000 minutes 39.99 + 34.99 G1 service)for the Nexus plan if i want to get it for 180? i rather get it unlocked and at $530 is not really a bad price since i was considering getting an unlocked Milestone (GSM Droid)for more or even a Nokia N900!

  31. Question: I don’t live in the USA, but I think the GSM frequencies used by the Nexus One should be compatible with my country’s. I’m currently using an Android phone and already have a phone+data plan. I might be able to lay my hands on a Nexus 1 issued for the USA after the Jan 5 announcement. When I slot in my own SIM card and enter in my gmail account details, would the Android Market (albeit for my country) on the N1 show up at all?

  32. I don’t know what the fuss is about really. The price is quite reasonable to me unlocked. Although in my country the whole phone subsidation thing is quite new and people still prefer to buy their handsets unlocked. Now I just have to hope that the US dollar keeps going down and I can buy it really cheap :)

  33. @asqwerth
    Since its GSM-based, it’s going to work on all GSM networks in the world. Now the problem is with the 3g, it might not work in your country, you have to check the 3g bands of your current network.
    As for the market, you will have access only to free apps and you wont be able to see/buy paid apps

  34. yeah it would be a much better phone for the rest of the world except that google hasn’t figured that one out yet. And I’m not just talking about the market but also marketing. Verizon is doing a great job; I see droid ads every day. But nobody is trumpeting android in europe.

  35. Again Verizon comes up short! The Droid suxs for users that want a thin phone with NO hard keyboard that can fit in your pocket and now they can’t get the Nexus One/Dragon/Passion/etc. either! The only thing worse than Verizon is Google not offering their “google” phone to all carriers! I guess I will stick with my “dumb phone” and forget about all this BS Android crap since I REFUSE to switch to ATT or endorse the iPhone!
    For those reading… iPhone = a girly chick band wagon phone! ‘F’ that!

    The “dumb phone” is where its at! BTW, its a cheaper monthly bill too! ha ha ha!

  36. So this is it… the “Googlephone” turns out to be about as revolutionary as an episode of Friends?

    It’s just another Android handset, albeit the first running 2.1 but it isn’t heavily discounted, isn’t running VoIP and cutting out the voice networks. It’s nice, but it’s no “game changer”.

    Who knows why they are limiting this to 5 per Google account? A last attempt at generating more Hype?

  37. and only comes with 5 gigs of memory

  38. If you buy the phone out right for 530.00 and get on the no contract even more plus plan w unlimited talk, text, and web your plan is 79.99 a month. Over the course of 2 years you save 480.00 which means you have payed only 50.00 for the phone. Also the no contract even more plus plan gives you the option to split the phone up over 20 payments so it’s not 530.00 up front it’s 26.50 a month. Not a bad deal at all for an amazing phone! If 530.00 is to much for a phone in your eyes then go get a used razr.

  39. I hope tmobile doesn’t try to pull this same shiii with the se xperia x10 which in my eyes is a far superior phone. What happened to get disocounts on phones because ur with a company for so long. Now you have to change your plan and pay more per month. I have the g1 and I’m paying $39.00 for 1000 minutes and $35 for unl data and mess. I don’t want to change my plan. If I wanted or needed more minutes I would ask for it. On numberous calls to tmobile they’ve asked if I wanted the unl calling blah blah for $49 a. Month I’m like hell naw!! I tell them all the time I barely go over 700 minutes why should I pay and addtl per month . I don’t have an exta $10 laying around for something I don’t use. So once again I hope this gimmick or ploy by tmobile and htc or is it google is just rumors. Because they this price isn’t anything game chaging about it . Point blank. They should have let this phone for $150 and $300 unlocked. That would have been a better deal insted of the trash their trying to offer

  40. I have been following every single piece of news about N1 since it surfaced. I don’t live in the US and my country’s 3G bands are same as of UK’s. So, I am all for it baby. If google can break their norm and advertise it on google.com, google.fr,google.co.uk etc. with google logo designed to market Nexus one, I am sure it would grab the attention of millions if not billions of people and would certainly generate lot of sales both from US and Non-US customers.

  41. jesus, has anyone else thought that hey, this really is a fake?….i find it hard to believe google and tmobile would irk their current customers just to try to get new ones with these price figures and rules…lets just wait until 1/5

  42. -This is not the droid you are looking for-

  43. The other blog mentions that any existing TMO customer who buys Nexus One unsubsidized has to switch to Nexus One plan. I’m an existing customer on a three line family plan. Does that mean tha if I plunk the $530 and stick the sim card from my G1 into Nexus One, TMO will brutally unjoin my line from my family plan and start sending me a separate bill for two line family plan and single line Nexus One plan. If this is the case, then in effect I have no option to buy this phone – it become insanely expensive if I have to start paying for two separate plans. Great. Thanks for nothing Google.

  44. @conor i second that.
    Does anyone figure this is fake? Just some people trying to kill the excitement. Anyone can make a webpage that looks like google’s and this came after they showed google and htc would support it on tmobile.

  45. @conor It does seem unbelievable that all this N1 stuff could leak so thoroughly. I think there’s something not right about this whole situation. And the phone just seems so… average.

  46. @conor: It’s amazing to me how many people take what is supposed documentation and immediately take it for truth. Do you all not think twice before forwarding some forwarded email about Microsoft paying you for each email you send as well?

    Nothing is official, folks. However, who’s to say if the bullet points are true that it only means you need to switch to an Even More plan if you’re not on one already? The $39.99 plan listed is the lowest plan which leads me to think that it’s simply stating you need to sign-up on ANY Even More plan of which there are a number to choose from including family plans. Now THAT I could see making sense even though you would hope they simply want you to extend whatever plan you have for 2 years.

  47. Ah, the sound of disappointment. The hype on this product has been hilarious. My favorite rumor was the idea that Google was going to subsidize the price of the phone.

  48. The only ones of you that should feel disappointed are those who expected it to do something no one ever said it would. There’s not too much else you can stick in a phone to revolutionize it. The iPhone was revolutionary because it was the first to put technologies in a cell phone that were already out there. Multi-touch was not new.

    The phone itself is a great device. Android is a great OS behind a great device. Everything else is up to the applications developers create for it. I think that price is ridiculous personally. If it doesn’t drop I’ll settle for a rooted cliq and customize myself a ROM. I want 1ghz but I dont wanna spend $530 on it.

  49. Assuming they’ll let you get a family plan…

    (EM) $180×2 plus $140/m for 2yrs = $3720
    (EM+) $530×2 plus $110/m for 2yrs = $3700

    basically no difference. Of course as time goes on from there, EM+ pulls further and further ahead assuming nothing changes and you don’t lust after a new phone.

    The unlocked price is a little over what I pledged to myself that I’d be willing to pay, but I expect I’ll be down for a pair anyway.

  50. @Jer

    1. Agreed. I don’t see Google limiting our choice as far as plans. I think there WILL be a family plan choice.
    2. I think Voip WILL be a viable capability of the phone and therefore Tmobile will offer data only plans. This will make buying an unlocked version an enticing option for many because of (1) significant cost advantage for the consumer (2) freedom of an unlocked phone … hence the “gamechanger” aspect of it all (or “gamechanger-ish”)
    3. I will take it one step further and say that the nexus picture we’ve all been seeing is not the phone being revealed on Jan. 5th, at least the look of it. I say the internals are the same as the phone google employees have been carrying/testing but the outside shell will look different. This would make sense as I don’t see how Google could expect to have THAT many google employees test it out and yet still keep the appearance a secret, hence the “switcharoo” on Jan. 5th.
    4. Here’s going out on a real limb: The phone will include a pico projector like the new nikon cameras. It will also allow one to teleport from country to country.

  51. again i say what makes this a google phone??? Its all made by HTC!!! am i alone on this…

  52. I thought google was going to sell it for cost. Now it looks just like any other phone out there. I’m actually looking for something that will work with gizmo5 and google voice later on. That will be THE google phone.

  53. I have a feeling this will be a classic case of where early adopters pay more.

    I’ve been with T-Mobile since they were Voicestream. I have a $49.99/month 600 minute plan with 4 lines, myFaves on all 4 lines, unlimited texts on all lines for an extra $9.99, and free UMA calling. Beween Google Voice, myFaves, and Mobile-to-Mobile, 600 minutes is virtually “unlimited.” I have a G1 and pay $24.99 for data but the rest of the lines are dumbphones. All of this comes out to $102.00/month after taxes. I would never want to lose this plan for “Even More” anything…this is a plan that’ss actually competitive on price with Cricket, MetroPCS, etc.

    I’ll bet by April that Nexus One will be $98 at Costco and WalMart, available to grandfathered and/or family customers. The G1 and myTouch were both heavily discounted shortly after launch…what makes this any different?

    T-Mobile has expressly told me several times that new Android phones will continue to work on existing rate plans as long as the data plan of $24.99 or more is in place.

    I’m getting the Nexus, but I’m not going to be an early-adopter and pay “Even More”.

  54. The only thing that made this phone a ‘game changer’ was the endless unsupported speculation from the blogosphere. I don’t see why people are mad at google as they have made nary a promise as to what they were going to offer. It’s a phone- a nice one. End of story. Blame yourself for thinking blog speculation was the same as actual information.

  55. VOIP only is a great idea, but with T-Mobile there are far too many areas of the country that are not on 3G, including many areas that don’t even have EDGE and are GPRS only. In an emergency, would you want to be stuck hoping your VOIP cell would work?

    I certainly like the idea of a VOIP, but I don’t think it’s feasable given the current state of T-Mobile’s network.

    The same statements above would also apply to AT&T.

  56. I’m with those above that get the feeling that this is a fake. This as it is is far from stellar. I mean the phone looks great and from the leaked reviews seems to operate great and Android is moving forward. But I don’t think thats enough to change the game. Yea it answers the call for those complaining about unsexy phones and wanting something really thin with a big gorgeous screen. But with the plans and unlocked price and no VOIP….well….I was excited about getting this phone but that excitement has faded now.

    I’m really hoping this deal is fake and they really announce something on the 5th. If not I think I may pass for the next development.

  57. The only revolutionary thing I can see about this phone is that it’s an HTC phone that doesn’t have the Sense UI. :(

  58. so does this mean that they ARE selling this to normal customers starting jan 5th? or is it still by invite only?

  59. My ATT contract is up in Feb and I’m thinking of switching…running the numbers getting 2 of the off-contract($529) N1 phones with the EvenMorePlus Family plan for $109 would be equal to getting them subsidized($179) with the individual plans in just 14 months and at the end of 2yrs the Family plan would save me $500.

    Hopefully by mid-Feb they’ll be cheaper anyway

  60. Jonathan says:

    so what makes this a google phone if its all made by HTC? then you could say the motorola droid was a google phone since they carried 2.0… The only thing google is the software! its just a software upgrade to 2.1

    Its like saying: what makes the Sony Ericsson X1 a Sony Ericsson phone if it was made by HTC?

    Or what makes the Iphone an Apple phone if it was manufactured or made by a Taiwanese company?

    Most phones by the major phone companies are outsourced to other company to be made.

    Google designed not only the software but also the hardware. HTC just produced it to Google’s specifications,thats all they had no other input.

    So it’s still a Google phone

  61. @jo you’re a funny dude for #4!! LMAO . I hope #3 is foreal and that phone isn’t priced so damn high. $530??? The iphone 3gs isn’t even $400 , or is it. You get my point. Damn I guess we all have to wait until 1.5.10.

  62. Jonathan says:

    “so what makes this a google phone if its all made by HTC? then you could say the motorola droid was a google phone since they carried 2.0… The only thing google is the software! its just a software upgrade to 2.1”

    Its like saying: what makes the Sony Ericsson X1 a Sony Ericsson phone if it was made by HTC?

    Or what makes the Iphone an Apple phone if it was manufactured or made by a Taiwanese company?

    Most phones by the major phone companies are outsourced to other company to be made.

    Google designed not only the software but also the hardware. HTC just produced it to Google’s specifications,thats all they had no other input.

    So it’s still a Google phone

  63. So about £405 in the UK after Customs Duty and VAT.
    Seems pretty reasonably priced. Was hoping for it to be a lot cheaper though.

    Think I’ll just wait for a price drop on the Milestone if it is this expensive.

  64. $80 a month for 500 mins of Talk time…are they SERIOUS??? Epic Tmo fail… so what else is new?

  65. Funny how someone said t-mobile has the best rate plans for android phones. When in actuality Sprint does, I pay 69 bux for unlimited absolutely everything. Ten bux cheaper tba- this sad tmobile nexus plan, for a better bigger and faster 3g network. This news about the cost of this phone is mulling all the hype

  66. Wow, all of you complaining about $530 for an unlocked phone are really retarded. Do you not realize all smart phones are around that price?? The MyTouch is $400 brand new LOCKED to T-Mobile. Also realize that they’re saying It’s unlocked but it STILL doesn’t have access to any other 3G band but T-Mobile (according to the FCC documentation)

  67. @NowVoyager
    you sir, are an idiot

  68. @paris. Better, Bigger, Faster network than t-mobile? Are you joking me? Your garbage ev-do network is not better than T-Mobile’s HSPA nor is it faster. You can’t even talk and browse at the same time. Verizon’s network may be bigger, but that’s because They only have 3G. They are running on old technology because they’re saving for an LTE network. And about your pricing. I pay $25/mo for my data, $9.99/mo for unlimited family messaging. You can’t beat that…sorry.

  69. Is is just me or does this phone look exactly like a larger DROID ERIS?

  70. paris: the everything package from sprint is NOT $69. i have sprint and the unlimited everything package is $99.

  71. Ok, wait folks, DO THE MATH.

    You already have an existing T-Mobile line. (Family plan, whatever). You buy the N-1 for $180 (a new line). $80/mo for the new line of service. When you get it, put your existing sim in the N-1. 121 days, 4 months, $320/mo later you CANCEL the new line, and get T-Mobile to unlock the phone. (they will unlock any phone you get from them after 90 days). What did you pay for the new phone? $180 + $320 (4x $80) = $500. You (effectively) get the N-1, Unlocked for $500, and have spread the cost out with $180 down and ‘4 Easy Payments’ (Ron Popeil would be proud).

  72. Here’s my question (based on all the rumors and speculation), which obviously may be answered with the press conference:

    What good is an unlocked phone that only works on one carrier in the marketplace??

    I am thrilled with the announcement of the Nexus One and I have clamored after the HTC Dragon/Passion/Bravo for awhile. However, I’m concerned that I’ll have the same issue as I do with the iPhone. I won’t buy a device tied to a significantly inferior carrier. I would buy up the Nexus One (even with a contract) at launch if I could get the device on Sprint.

  73. @polo79 You should contact Sprint and check your plan because the Everything Plan is $70 (450 minutes) or $90 (900 minutes).

    From the Sprint site: Everything Data plans give you unlimited data, messages and calls to any mobile, anytime while on the Sprint Network.

  74. how much is it to break a contract with T-mobile?

  75. Good job everyone! Let’s push this article to 100 comments before the end of the day. It would really show Apple and Microsoft that us educated Androidians will never respond to speculation designed to strategically over-inflate Google’s brand!

    By the way, has anyone else heard that the nexus phone will come attached with a bottle opener! OMG!!! I can’t wait till “1.5.10” ! The 2nd most important day in our nation’s history since “9.11.01”

  76. So let me see, I currently have the 1000 Individual Plus plan on T-mobile for $49.00 (I actually never use anything close to 1000 min), so I can downgrade to and Even More 500 min plan for $39.99 and still get the Nexus? Anyone see a problem with that – I do have another 11 months left on my 2yr contract from when I picked up my G1, but it does say that a new contract would be required with the new rate plan, or am I gonna get screwed into paying $500+ for it????

  77. I think this is fake.. Went to see if [email protected] was a real account by seeing if reset password exsisted.. and got:
    There are no Google Accounts currently registered to the username [email protected]. If you spelled the address incorrectly or entered the wrong address, please try again.

    Although I would still pay 530 for this phone.. I WANT IT I WILL HAVE IT

  78. @Andy
    I don’t “see a problem with that.” In fact, I don’t see a problem with ANY speculative information you throw up! This is good stuff! Keep it going guys! We can push this article to 100 comments in NO TIME and still have a chance at not knowing a damn thing! YEAA! Whippeee! This speculation drug is getting me tipsy maaaayn!

  79. I don’t know about you guys, and this is probably more wistful thinking than deductive reasoning, but this picture is quite fishy. It doesn’t FEEL like a Google ad at all. Call me nit picky, but Google never puts their logo in the bottom of the page.

    Aside from that, the page does claim that, and I quote, “Existing users may qualify for upgrade pricing.” If you cannot see that, go to the Gizmodo article and enlarge the picture.

    If this IS true however, this is not the phone for me, because part of the hype about it was the small price. I mean sure, its a cool phone, nice hardware specs, insanely cool OS, but there will be twenty more phones that have similar specs before the end of next year is up, and I’m willing to bet the price will only get better.

  80. @Jo
    Maybe you should post the next 21 posts yourself?

  81. 79 the year i was born!! woohooo anyway i really hope tmobile doesnt blow this or im moving isreal to get the “First Else” phone. look it up its a real phone. but yeah 500 minuts with the unl web and text for $79 is a jip. 500 minutes!!!!!!

  82. actually SWEHES its 20 more to go and with all my might i hope everything ive read isnt true about haveing to change plans and paying more for the phones.

  83. @ Coolmandingo

    Just for the record, Sprint’s Any Mobile Any Where plan for $69.99/month kills any new plan that T-Mobile offers at this time. I just switched over a month ago from Tmo and I am enjoying my Moment and the lower monthly rate! I see a lot of misguided Tmo customers still referring to Tmo as the cheapest option for a smartphone. If that were really true, I would have stayed with them…

  84. So combination (if VoIP works nicely)

    $180 – Buy phone with contract
    $200 – Break contract
    $39.99*24 = 959.76 – Data Plan only with VoIP combo (US only)
    Google should just save us all the time to sell the phone for $380 instead of $580

  85. @Lowendall1880
    I thought’s Sprints “Unlimited” Plan is only for unlimited Mobile to Mobile, and 400 minutes to Landlines?

  86. @Lowendall1880
    I correct myself. It is 450 minutes. If you want to have a truly unlimited plan with Sprint, you have to pay out $99.99 as the same you have to do with T-mobile.

  87. @Coolmandingo
    My post is number 79. (or at least on my computer) which makes it 21 more posts before hitting 100 posts.

  88. To All my Android friends,
    Please send an email to [email protected] and express your anger towards the price of Nexus One!

    Let this phone be $199 UNLOCKED to get everyone’s attention.

    This email is from the invite to the press. So with a collective voice of the fans, they just might change their minds.


  89. dang it, I guess I’ll have to sell my iPhone 3G. lol $530 is a bit steep, I hope I can get at least $400 for my iPhone, then I won’t feel so bad.

  90. Way too expensive.
    I’d much rather pay $100 extra for the X10 with proper camera and CPU.

  91. @swehes. Lol you posted right before I did! Lol
    @Lowendall1880 . Isn’t that 69.99 with only 450 minutes and no data? Trust me I want go to whichever company has the best or most cost effective plans with a android phone.I still got my g1 and I’m tired of it already. How’s the moment? Does the moment have the sense ui? And what do you think about the $79.99 plan that may come with the n1? Unl data,text and web with 500 minutes? This plan foreal is some crap foreal. Damn why can’t we go back just having the snake game and no camera!!! Life and plans for mobile so was so much less complicated!!! U guys and gals agree??

  92. @ swehes

    True. Except that I would bet about 5% of mobile phone users would need more than 450 mins for landlines. The majority of phone time used, for family and friends, is from cell phone to cell phone. So assuming that is your situation, you do basically have unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data for $70. Now if you just want unlimited minutes and don’t want unlimited anything else, then Tmo has some good options. But for a virtually complete unlimited package, Sprint is the best deal. Unlimited everything on Tmo, without contract (meaning you pay full price for phone) is $80. It’s $95 with a 2 year contract.

  93. “So combination (if VoIP works nicely)$180 – Buy phone with contract
    $200 – Break contract
    $39.99*24 = 959.76 – Data Plan only with VoIP combo (US only)
    Google should just save us all the time to sell the phone for $380 instead of $58”
    Doesn’t work that way, they already said if you break the contract in the first 4 months, you have to pay 350 to pay for the difference in subsidized price and unlocked price.

  94. @ coolmandingo and everyone who may be confused…

    Sprint’s Any Mobile Anytime Plan allows you to call any mobile phone in the US for free, anytime. With this plan, you get 450 minutes for landlines (non cell phones), unlimited text messages and unlimited data. All of this is for only $69.99 ($70). I was with Tmo for 3 years and was on the Unlimited Loyalty Plan and everything. I did the math and spoke with several reps and tried to see if I could find a way to stay with Tmo but have it match or get closer to the Sprint plan. There new plans didn’t come close, in my opinion.

    The Moment is great, but if you already had a G1, it’s probably not gonna be much different. A little faster, way nicer screen/colors are amazing compared to G1/Mytouch/Cliq! The keyboard is diff from G1 but I really like it a lot! There are some software issues, like every other Android phone, but you can get around them. If you want to know more, just let me know.

  95. Crap. Correction on post #89. I would bet that 5% of mobile phone users would NOT need more than 450 minutes. Sorry for the confusion…

  96. Okay. I just can’t read today, I guess. #89 is correct. Not sure what my problem is. Forget the correction… sorry for cluttering this post!

  97. To All my Android friends,
    Please send an email to [email protected] and express your anger towards the price of Nexus One!
    Let this phone be $199 UNLOCKED to get everyone’s attention.
    This email is from the invite to the press. So with a collective voice of the fans, they just might change their minds.

  98. no “even more plus” at 60 dollars a month??? buying the phone outright and going with the lower monthly payments is waaaay cheaper and easier than getting it subsidized and paying 80 dollars a month for 2 years.


    dear phone industry:
    for the past three years you have pedaled out below average phones that are overhyped to be the next big thing. when they finally hit they are crippled, overpriced, and dont even come close to surpassing the iphone in computing power or hardware(which is all that matters, i dont care about some flashy little feature, if the hardware sucks and has no power, that equals a usless device). this is why i have never purchased a smartphone. now your finally getting the picture. BUT, just because your offering a really good product, doesnt mean i will pay a rip off price for it. I can wait, phone industry. i will not fall for your trickery or fancy advertising teasers. if you offer a fair deal, i will buy, but until then have fun not getting any of my money!!

  99. HuH? I don’t get it. So if i’m on a family plan I can’t just buy the phone unlocked then keep my family plan and just get the extra data for the phone. Like i am doing with the sidekick?

  100. @fupadroid, this is the phone industry speaking..

    We are actively looking for you and your money and we will find you sooner or later. You’ve been put on notice. It’s time to pay the piper.

  101. paris said she had unlimited EVERYTHING for $69. totally untrue. the unlimited everything with Sprint is $99. same as tmobile i believe……

  102. Kind of funny really. I got sick of all those pesky online rumors that Google is going into hardware, they’re selling short the competition, blah blah blah, etc. I kind of figured that they might sell it unlocked(as only makes sense, and everything else pointed to a T-Mobile carrier. Though I am disappointed that it’s not ending up on Verizon since I am a Verizon customer. Google obviously doesn’t want to hurt it’s prospects with the Droid line it just released by rumors of a “Google Phone,” hence the acknowledgement that the Nexus One is made by HTC. Finally all the silly rumor mongers might be be silenced by this news. Not that anyone here is a rumor monger, I’ve just been reading a lot of junk lately on other seemingly respectable sites.

  103. I guess I’ll wait till my 1 yr droid contract expires. probably nexus 2 will be out by then.

  104. @the woefully inadequate user who goes by the name “me”
    In response to your inane comment to me (though the sheer stupidity of it doesn’t warrant my time, I’ll give you the attention you crave so badly):

    Come back when you have gotten a brain from the Wizard. Until then, if you are quiet, no one will know how dumb you actually are. Thank you for playing.


    Btw “me”, I am still unimpressed. I have unlimited everything on my droid and I pay less than the ridiculous $80 for 500 minutes. So you go be “smart” and pay $80 for 500 mins so you can brag about a phone that will be replaced by a faster, shinier model in four months, Einstein.

  105. nowvoyager: i’m sorry but the droid is the ugliest thing i have ever seen (gold trim??? wtf?). the droid shares no comparison to this sexy beast.

  106. Polo, I have an Android phone…not The Droid. “droid” in the sense that I used it was as a nickname for my Android phone. And seriously Polo, your “sexy beast” is very similar in form factor to the HTC Hero, albeit blander. Shall we say…it’s been done.

    We all know that The Google goodies are inside. It’s the PLAN that I am not happy with. I’m just not convinced that I need to throw away my great unlimited plan and Android phone for this puppy. And I suspect that a later iteration of Android OS

    Can’t drink the kool-aid just yet, guys.


  107. Sorry, I hit enter and away it went! LOL

    As I was saying, I suspect that a later iteration of Android OS will make my current Android phone a lovely thing. So, unless they pump up the volume on this sorry plan of theirs, I have no interest in jumping ship just yet.


  108. Does “Existing Users may qualify for upgrade pricing” not mean anything to you people? I’m sure, at least I’m hoping, that T-mobile will let us keep our plans if we’re pre-existing customers. Dontcha think?

  109. Hmmm. Right now my T-Mobile bill is $60 a month. If I got the T-Mobile plan offered for 2 years that would be $20 more a month for two years, or $480 more dollars over two years. Add $480 plus $180 for the phone and that’s $660 more I’d be paying if I got the plan T-Mo is offering. If I got the unlocked phone I’d be paying more up front, but could save $180 in the long run plus have an unlocked phone. I think I’m going for the unlocked phone because in the end it’ll probably be more economical, assuming I keep it for 2 years.

  110. Ehhh, i hope this is fake….everyone is saying something different:S

    So is this gonna be more expensive than just the normal upgrading your phone and adding data?

  111. @Justin Buying the phone unlocked is definitely the right way to go UNLESS you are eligible for corporate or student discounts. There are no discounts on EM+ plans, but EM plans are eligible for discounts. With my 15% discount on EM plans, it will be almost $200 less over the contract term than EM+.

    I’m just saying… make sure you consider everything.

  112. I was wondering will the Nexus one work with my current Tmobile plan? I got the even more plus plan with 500 minutes+unlimited text+unlimited data. Please reply.

  113. Has anyone ever bought an unsubsidized Android phone from T-mobile before and tried to use it with and existing “T-Mobile web” plan (costs something like $10/month)?

    My friends bought unlocked Nokia N900’s and have been using them on T-mobile with $10/month internet at 3G speeds with no problem. I currently have T-mobile web for my SE feature phone and am hoping to get the Nexus One unsubsidized and keep the same plan.

  114. @Ihateverizon…you hate the Big V but the big V works more places in the US then all cellphone comps….that being said ummm maybe u don’t like the big V cause its pricy? Well that is true but paying for the best…can not be avoided. Sure hope this phone foss to verizon if its any good then it should….but then droid 2 will kill it likely

  115. so what if your ona family plan. im on my dads family plan whwere we have 1800 minutes unlimted text and web on 5 lines. does that mean if your required to get that othe plan that people on family plans cant get it

  116. I think the 530 price for the unlocked phone will make it so no one does what they do with iPhones and sell them for $800+. Because everyone will be able to go online and order the phone for a max price of $530. No more ebaying for double the price of the phone lol

  117. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ** rolls over ** zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  118. Just got off the phone with Tmobile. My God, their plans must have a million and one variations.. it’s so confusing. A little less here and a little more there.. you’re essentially paying the same amount in the end.

    One thing I realized is that their plans are cheaper for unlocked phones than those under contract.

  119. am i the only one who thinks 530 is a good price to pay for something thats going to be THIS awesome?

  120. T-Mobile sucks…guess Ill just wait for the next ‘game changing’ phone. Because its coming trust!

  121. @alex kleven
    i agree..most smart phones unlocked go for $600 + (the milestone, touch hd2 etc)…and does anybody think that the nexus 1 looks like the Sprint Hero and Verizon Eris had a tall slimmer child and adopted the Hero’s skin color and the Eris’ button layout?
    To me it doesnt matter because im on a cdma network but if it has the Snapdragon Processor then its definatly worth the price

  122. @ jo

    Unlocked and Off Contract are not the same thing… You mean to say that Tmo’s plans are cheaper for Off Contract phones as opposed to On Contract.

  123. @Lowendall1880 T-mobile’s Even More Plus plan is geared more for off contract phones… That is, for people that want to buy their own GSM phone (locked to T-mobile’s network or unlocked) at an unsubsidized price, and get T-mobile service. Typically these plans run $20 less per month as compared to on contract plans with the same minutes and features. That’s what Jo was getting at.

  124. @ Usman,

    I realize what Tmo is doing with their plans, but I just wanted to clarify that the $20 diff in price has nothing to do with unlocked phones. It is simply the diff between on contract and off contract. An unlocked phone is not part of the EMP plan and a customer who wants unlocked will have to do get that done separately. Now I do not know the whole story with the N1. Perhaps this is the first phone that is offered unlocked. If so, this still has nothing to do with Tmo’s new plans…

  125. all will be revealed in 3 days

  126. I wonder if it will be a broadcasted event

  127. $530 is normal for a smartphone. And as usual the street price will probably be lower. Also prices will go down a few weeks after the lunch.

  128. “. Maybe they’re leaving that “Google Phone” door open since this will be called the Nexus One on launch.”

    Maybe when it gives you brain cancer they don’t want you coming to them with your hand out. Seriously, sounds more like lawyer speak to me.

  129. If the Nexus One works with Tmobiles “Total Internet” data only plan for $40/mo, then it’s a game changer. Because then people can just get the data plan and through google voice and VoIP apps, do everything through data services.

  130. Stop da dam complaining. When the Iphone was introduced, no one complained about the price. So what if da Nexus1 cost $530 unlocked, that’s the price you have to pay if you do not have a plan with either Tmobile or AT&T. You either pay da price or change your cell carrier. Surely you have to know, this is Google’s 1st smartphone and there will be other versions coming out later on. Wait and see…………….

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