Cellular South HTC Hero to get Android 2.1 first half of 2010

Some great news for Cellular South customers. Cellular South has just recently tweeted that Android 2.1 is coming to their HTC Hero! Check it out…..

Twitter - Cellular South- We’re excited to announce ..._1262090768822

See I told you it was great news. ;)”Look out for it in the first half of 2010″ so that could be anytime really up to June next year but aren’t you glad you know it is coming? If you haven’t noticed, this is also roughly the same time that Sprint’s Hero & Samsung Moment should be getting their 2.1. Seems about right considering Cellular South’s Hero is basically the same as Sprint’s Hero though.

Now let’s hope to see more network operators announce updates for their phones shortly

(Via CSandroid’s Official Twitter)

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  • phonixor

    yes caps-lock was mandatory

  • Jonathan

    Does anyone have any indication whatsoever how 2.1 will run on the Hero? The Sprint Hero is currently a little laggy.

    I’m hoping that Google optimized the code for 2.1 and that HTC did the same for the Sense UI. If it runs any slower/laggier than it currently does, that’ll be a huge hindrance to upgrading.

  • Ian

    Does anyone know when the 2.1 update is being released for HTC Heros that were purchased sim-free (white Heros)?

  • ch1d3th

    This isn’t great news. We’ve known all along HTC would be releasing a 2.1 update. In fact, this is really terrible news because it may take 5 months to receive the update. The rest of the (android) world may be on the next iteration of the OS by then.

  • Mr.Man

    2.1 is coming to the normal hero in rumored to be released february 15-17.

  • todd

    Still waiting………..

  • carl

    still waiting….guess they are gonna wait til the last day of the month, something tells me there network my crack under all the strain, as it is i lose data access at least once a day, around the sametime each day…

  • matt

    yea..its the 5th of june and no update…the saleman told me last night when i bought my phone that the update was late june. He also told me that it would enable picture messaging for us…which turned out to be BS from what i am hearing. Saleman will tell you anything to make a sale

  • carl

    july 14th and still no update….

  • Jereme

    What a crock of $#!+!!!!