Xperia X10 User Manual Meets FCC


The government isn’t very good at helping our favorite tech companies keep secrets. We already know a whole lot about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 – pretty much everything there is to know – but if you needed ALL the information where would you look? Probably the User Manual which has just found its way to the FCC:


The layout of the user guide on the FCC site is pretty funky so you can’t exactly print it out and use it for bathroom material, but nonetheless if you’re interested, the info is there for the taking.

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  1. I have to say that Phandroid is one of the main apps I use on my Droids…I love it its dandy…u guys have not posted anything in awhile. ..I am sure its a holiday thing though…OK a well keep us Phandroid lovers posted…as much as you can. Thanks much much

  2. welcome back phandroid :)

  3. Hello again phandroid long time no heir from

  4. phandroid didnt post any news lately :( Rob, get your white lazy ass and give us the hungry android mobs some news or at least an app or a game review (i recommend hexage’s latest game, Radiant, it’s very fun game and im absolutely loving it)

  5. Don’t they typically take the weekend off? (No press releases or announcements on the weekend . . .)

  6. Any idea on a UK network yet??? I am getting SOOOOOO excited!

  7. @Jontyg You can buy it sim-free in the UK from Play.com and I noticed it has appeared in Phones4U coming soon section so keep an eye out ;)

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