Beautiful Widgets Are Back!


Remember we Recently reported HTC sent LevelUp Studio, creator of Beautiful Widgets, Beautiful Silence Widgets, and Beautiful Widgets: Pack 2 a Cease & Desist Order….   Well Beautiful Widgets is now back on the Android market


The Developer has now made some “adjustments” such as new Weather Icons , Forecast etc so It can be sold again. It is now Live in the Android Market for €0.99 (Euro)

For those of you who had Beautiful widgets (Paid) before it should be a simple case of updating to the new one. Be aware though if you update ,  it has changed from the old version before the C & D. So if you want to keep the old design it’s probably best not to update (It’s up to you)  unless you have a back up of the old version. Then you can simply restore it after trying the new one

Enjoy ;)

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  1. YES. I can’t ait to get this on my new DRoid as soon as my t-mobile contract runs out.

  2. Does this work on the DROID? I heard they didn’t…Hope they do…I like the looks of them!

  3. Weather Widgets – Donate I believe is still available in the “copy HTC Sense UI” version. And it is higher resolution, updates smoother and better, and is superior to Beautiful Widgets. I bought both apps, tried and compared.

  4. Beautiful Widgets – donate is also themeable, the weather icons and all, i use it and i like it alot,

    was as thinking about using beautiful widgets but i wasnt sure, are they work the $1.42?

  5. The problem I had with Weather Widgets-Donate is that it doesn’t always update the time. I have had the clock off by over an hour before and the only way to fix it was to delete the widget and start over.

  6. @Jonathan

    I just bought it on my Droid and it seems to be working fine. I also kind of like the new design… Especially with Open Home’s default theme (the app tray is a semi transparent black instead of solid grey)

  7. So HTC owns a patent on a digital representation of a flip clock??? Come on!!! I liked the flip clock look..

  8. I like to see the artist’s work and this is beautiful, So was HTC’s, there is enough things on this planet for people not to bite….. *Droid owners this ones for yalls”

  9. @Rob, it’s not just the flip clock, I think, that had HTC C&D-ing. It was the way the package was put together to look like Sense. It’s the difference between trying to copyright some random words and trying to copyright a story. How you put the pieces together makes all the difference.

  10. My one beef is that the layout of “smaller home” gets a bit screwy when in landscape mode. But then, the new version is temporarily without “smaller home” so maybe when it comes back it’ll be fixed.

  11. Weather Widgets – Donate’s smaller version doesnt look as good as Beautiful Widgets, plus it seemed to make my Droid lag and force close ALOT. I like Beautiful Widgets better, though I will not be updating it to the new look

  12. I just updated to the new version as I figured “I have a Droid not an HTC product”. And I have to say, I like this about the same if not more than the Sense UI look. The one thing is sort of bothering me is when I turn the phone into landscape mode, the side of the clock isn’t long enough so it leaves like this awkward gap that was obviously not meant to be. But in portrait mode it looks great. Good job.

  13. While I like the new look, the lack of a new version of their “home smaller” widget forced me to reinstall my backed up package.

  14. Looks good, better than the older version IMHO.

  15. I hate the new look so I switched to Weather Widgets – Donate. Doesn’t look AS good as the old Beautiful Widgets but looks much better than the new version. I backed up my old Beautiful Widgets, but I like the fact that I can get updates.

    Plus Weather Widgets allows you to download user created skins for it which is pretty cool.

  16. Your use of braces {} is inappropriate.

  17. The font on the new widget looks blurry to me. I wish this was configurable. Other than that, it runs great on my Droid.

  18. I bought this for the old version, updated without reading first and then all of a sudden I have this ugly clock on my homepage….what are my options now?? I have no way of going back to the old version???

  19. hey phandroid check this :
    Once upon a time , a Hero Sense style Clock , an Android widget ..”beautiful widgets”…history of this censorship :

    Htc hero Sense Vs beautiful widgets censored and uncensored

  20. I’d like to get this new version on my Droid, but I can’t find it on the Android Market. Is it gone again?

  21. Yeah, they yanked it after another C&D, you can find the .apk out on pirate bay, its that last version before they were forced to take down, 2.36 i think? plus the animations are there too…

  22. Oh yeah, I have had it up and running on my Droid for about a week with no issues and weather animations are working ;-)

  23. The Beautiful Widget is not back. I just looked for it and it does not appear anywhere. The levelUp Studio says it does not have it anymore. Where did you get this info that it was back?

  24. This is not available like it is posted here. It never was. Was not Reported correctly by the reporter

  25. Thanks Steve-O, I downloaded the file.

    I’m new to the smartphone world and all the manual updates and things that can be done…could someone provide some direction as to how to manually install the .apk to my Droid?


  26. fyi, the .apk with the new look can be found here:

    download that and run it from any file manager.

  27. Where is this on the App Market? How else can I get it?

  28. Its not available on the market anymore. I paid for it but I guess my backup did not work. NOt sure about the weblink above. Does not describe the app with pictures and does not show a guarantee. Plus if you really want it you will have to pay for it. It doesn’t ever seem to have free down loads available. Hmm…someone let me know if they have paid and downloaded it successfully. Thanks

  29. Beautiful Widgets work great on the Droid. I like the choice of all the skins for it.

  30. Has anybody downloaded the beautiful widgets from rapidshare site and installed it? Does it work? I am just a bit sceptical of installing software from outside the android market. Is it safe?

  31. I have installed beautiful widgets on my phone, however when it tells me i need to download the forecast animations the download bar just doesn’t move and nothing happens, can some one help me with this problem?

  32. zzz

  33. I too am having trouble with downloading the forcast animations. It just sits there and nothing moves. I have the samsung epic.

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