Oppo Tries Its Hand At Android

Chinese phone manufacturer Oppo has announced its intention to launch an Android smartphone sometime in Q1 2010. Not to much is known right now but we do know it will have a 3.5 inch capacitive screen (WVGA 800 x 480), multi-touch support and W-Fi. Also – bulkier than we are used to seeing these days.  Nonetheless it’s an interesting and slick lookin’ device.





Note the side indicators/buttons that seem to show temperature, humidity and the date.  I wonder if these can be customized to display a range of different things?

[ akihabaranews Via CNMO.com ]

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  • swehes

    I like it. Will be fun to see what other specs it has. And a 4″ would have been nicer though.

  • TNF

    Droid-like keyboard and design. Pretty cool, especially how the keypad lights up.

  • gwlaw99

    Is this the same Oppo that is the maker of some of the best DVD players in the last 10 years?

  • gwlaw99

    Phone looks really thick especially with such a shallow keyboard

  • JiMMaR

    looks awesome ..
    but I’m not sure about chinese stuff’s quality … >_>

  • Brian Fitzgerald

    That’s the WebOS (Palm) UI being shown.

  • Alex

    Anybody else notice the date says Jan 5, 2009?

  • http://twitter.com/appstache Sketh

    I wouldn’t trust it, at all. It’s a mock up of a phone that is mocked up to be running Web OS.

    If they can’t get the mock up right, how can they get the actual product right?

  • Hett

    The UI shown in the pics is that of WebOS. Stay classy, China.

  • saneok

    so im not crazy and the dialer does look like a webOS dialer… what’s up with that?

  • http://twitter.com/amaroth Bret

    that looks amazing. but it will probably never be released in usa :(

  • will

    looks like a really nice phone, but sceen looks to thin. Oppo probably has some of the best phones on sale. I took a look at its functions and it looks really nice. Too bad it isn’t in the US :(

  • Jack

    I have an Oppo DVD player and I can say without qualification that it is one of the best home theater components I have ever bought. They have excellent customer service and the quality is remarkable. I can’t see myself ever getting a new DVD player after buying this one.

    That said, this mockup is obviously WebOS and looks horribly designed in the first place. Given my experience, I doubt this is actually coming from Oppo. Hopefully they do come out with something though, I’d be very interested!

  • johnkzin

    Looks nice. If only it had a 5 row keyboard (separate number row), tilt screen, and 4.1″ or 4.3″ screen. Then it might jsut be perfect :-)

    Any word yet on:
    CDMA vs GSM?
    if GSM, AT&T vs T-Mobile 3G?

  • The Black Guy

    Very nice Although it looks kinda thick and the circles on the side who is really going to turn their phone sideways to see all of that when PandaHome app for android gives you up to I believe 10 screens of which you could just put those widgets on? get rid of the side buttons to make it one of the thinnest android phones on th market :) I do love the light effect but what happens when it goes out

  • Mike

    Wtf ? haha this thing looks hideous ! Does everyone honestly like this device ? :o

  • PurplePenguin04

    It looks nice to me and I like my phones to be thicker. I had to get an extended battery for my G1 to make it thicker. I have big hands and holding onto the thinner devices while typing tends to cause finger and hand cramps.

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