Fandango App Hits Android Market [BETA]


Movies, movies, movies. That is exactly what Fandango hopes to corner on your Android phone and they’ve made a good start with the beta application that they just released to Android Market. The description from the market reads:

The ultimate movie-ticketing destination can now be found (in beta version) on your Android Phone. Watch trailers. View fan ratings. All while Android’s GPS feature finds the closest theaters & the movies playing at them. When you’re ready to buy, our super-quick purchasing secures your tickets fast & drama-free.

fandango1 fandango2

Based on comments/feedback it seems that the Movies/Flixster is pretty compareable and perhaps even better, although Fandango allows you to purchase tickets from a much larger variety of theaters. So if you plan on using an application where you can purchase tickets from your phone, Fandango is likely the app you want to choose. Good thing its free!

Fandango doesn’t currently have more information on their website but on their “Mobile Movie Tickets” page you can see they’ve got Android listed. I’m assuming a “read more” will soon be coming to that area so keep your eyes peeled. But not like they’ll be telling you anything we haven’t already.

Head over to Android Market and search for “Fandango” to get your cinema-filled dosages!

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  1. QR code?

  2. qr code? are people that lazy these days to use the search fuction. i found it in 2 seconds.

  3. Actually, Flixster DOES offer movie ticketing, through I just don’t see any need for Fandango, personally.

  4. It’s not laziness. It’s just a nice courtesy that most android sites are starting to do.

    Saves the typing.

    I tend to do a combination now. I search androlib then use my phone to scan the qrcode there.


    Typing on my desktop is still miles faster than on any phone.

  5. Am I high or did Flixster/Movies used to direct you to the Fandango website to purchase.

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