Evernote For Android Launching Tomorrow


evernoteandroidThe premise of Evernote is a simple one: “Welcome to your notable world. Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer or device you use. For free.”

Making that idea come to life? Easier said than done (as usual) although the folks at Evernote have done a fantastic job. They aren’t the only ones who noticed as they recently raised $10 million dollars for the pursuit of saving your ideas.

Om Malik from GigaOM called Evernote “quite satisfactory, especially on a Droid,” though he noted its not as good as the iPhone version but better than both the WebOS and BlackBerry version. The beta version of Evernote came out earlier this year so today or tomorrow we should be seeing a new and improved, stable/final release of Evernote 1.0 for Android.

For a bunch of video tips and tricks like how you can save tweets to evernote, clip things from the web, work within PDFs and all sorts of mind blowing stuff you didn’t know could make your life easier but certainly can…. visit the Evernote Video page. They also show the below “trailer” for Evernote which I find very awkward to say the least.

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  1. The beta really sucked. I hope this is better. Big fan of evernote.

  2. It’s already out. Get it now while it’s HOT! :)

  3. Glad to see if coming to Android. I am a big fan and missed it since getting rid of my iPhone.

  4. Got it. Checking it out now! woohoo!

  5. Based on the screenshot it looks it doesn’t have drawing type of note? Get Note Everywhere – that’s a great app.

  6. Played with it for about 5 minutes. Awful.

  7. Heaven.

  8. is it stored on a remote server? is that what they mean by elephants in the sky?? thats sooo lame. why cant you just store it on your sd card or phone. promote independance for damn sakes!

  9. Fupadroid, that’s the whole point. To be on the cloud and independent of a device. If you want on your SD card, you can download another app.

  10. I thought I was going to be disappointed when viewing notes, but I was surprised to see they have improved this dramatically since I tried Evernote on my WM5 PDA a year or two ago; back then, you had to login to the website in a mobile web browser to view your notes.

    This looks good.

  11. Tags are integral to organizing notes in regular Evernote, but were non-existent in the beta Android version. I just downloaded the latest Android version, and still cannot look up notes by tags. Why have tags at all if you can’t use them?

    Pure waste of time.

    Perhaps they thought the Android app would just be a quick way to get information into Evernote. Maybe it is. This app is not good for getting information out of Evernote. It makes me want to throw my poor Droid, which means I’ll probably uninstall it shortly.

  12. @ Avon

    “To be on the cloud and independent of a device.”

    lol, you mean be on a cloud and be DEPENDANT of another device that is also out of your control becuase its a REMOTE SERVER.

    i would like to have a program like this but where i can store the files on my phone(local device) so i have total control over them and be INDEPENDANT…

  13. All I got from that was Jill could get it.

  14. KENTA WILSON, what the f0ck are you trying to say?

  15. i would bone jill, all day long

  16. how about this idea: cloud AND local storage. The cloud is a tool, not an ideology.

  17. @fupadroid You can have an app like that; well several apps actually. It seems you have missed the key concept with this app; storing stuff on a single device is not a viable solution to holding lots of things and syncing them. Have you seen dropbox by any chance? I doubt it. Look beyond the obvious for a change and you will realise that it’s much better to store things on the cloud (lots of servers) than on your phone. I give you an example. Jack stores everyting on his phone’s SD card. fupadroid loses his phone. fupadroid is sad/angry/at a loss. Avon stores his data on the cloud. Avon loses his phone; but has it backed up on the cloud and can retrieve it on a different device. Avon laughs at fupadroid. The end.

  18. by jack in the above comment, I meant fupadroid.

  19. I have been running Evernote beta on my Droid for over a month, and fairly pleased. I love syncing across devices/platforms/web. My only frustration is the delay in accessing the data/information on my Droid, this because it is tapping into the cloud.

    And interesting alternative app is 3banana, which stores note information/data locally on my Droid, and syncs up to the web, sign-in with Google account, supports photo attachments and tags.

    I am running similar data sets over both apps, the net of which:
    -Evernote is more robust
    -3Banana is quicker and bit more straight forward
    Both are very good

  20. The beta was heaven compared to the release version. They stripped out Share functionality and left out features other apps have (like 3Banana. and the iPhone Evernote app), and…it won’t install on the Hero or Eris.


  21. You can’t edit notes in Evernote for Android. They say it’s not possible or too hard. Uh, you can edit notes in 3Banana. And uNote.

  22. FisherP: the thing is, sometimes you lose signal. And the Evernote iPhone app has a Favorites function for notes you want to keep on your phone. Like other Android apps…but not Evernote.

  23. @Robert
    That is exactly my problem. Don’t get me wrong, evernote is indeed a great program, but when you lose signal or you’re abroad and internet is expensive this becomes useless.

    Switched to 3Banana, which syncs with snaptic

  24. Since this is on the cloud, it means I will have no access to any of my notes if i dont have internet or network access!!

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