New Nexus One Videos Pop Up, Almost Pointless


These guys are milking the fact they have a Nexus One for all they can. Forget about posting anything meaningful. Forget about giving us something informative or worthwhile. Instead… how about just leaving you with tiny little tidbits so we can keep you on a leash and still eating up our bait?

That’s what the latest 3 YouTube videos seem to prove. First… an incoming call:

And two more videos which pretty much serve no purpose in the grand scheme of things:

We do get a brief look at the animated wallpaper/background but seriously. How about a little substance?

[Thanks Kidphat]

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  1. This is now becoming intentional. They WANT us to get hyped up, but I’m almost positive that we won’t be hyped up for a reason.

    I <3 Android.

  2. The only people that want you to get worked up are the websites such as this that keep posting pointless info on the nonexistent Google phone.

  3. lol. i dont care how much they hype this phone and even if they put android 2.1 on it and do what they did with the droid, not let anybody have it except that phone. i dont care! if it doesnt have good hardware or specs, and i mean good, better than any phone ever made, they will not get a cent from me. its that simple, give me what i want or i wont give you what you want.

  4. the owner of the site is trying to sell the website, so it’s trying to get ppl to visit the site. Also he or she is in the business of selling websites so she might not even own the phone and just using somebody else’s phone.

  5. I’m no longer looking at their worthless videos, etc. The information will come out in the next week or so, and I’ll give my ad revenue generating traffic to a better website.

  6. Are you kidding? I’ve been looking for a phone that boots up to “Hey There, Delilah” for forever, this is great news.

    It’s pretty cool that the trackball lights up when getting a call, I guess.

  7. I have the Nexus one, as I work in marketing for Google. I can assure you that it is very real, and will be released in Q2 2010, as of this point in time. I have been following this website closely for many months now, most of what you have said has been accurate, although you have not said much other than speculation. I’ll tell you as much as my boss will let me. I have the phone, running Android 2.1, but our software team is working on some modifications to make it more unique. These modifications include work on widgets, synchronization, personalization, user interface, and all around layout. This device is very powerful, and it shows. It is extremely responsive, more so than than my sons iPod touch, which I assume is the same as the iPhones. The camera loads instantaneously, and it feels the most like a phone you can pick up and accomplish a task on than any of the other Androids so far. Details will come officially soon from Google.

  8. yeah, some cold hard specs would be nice, until then, it’s just eye candy that i’m getting tired of.

  9. So far these animated wallpaper videdos are not helping sell me on this product. They look almost 1980s. Google is certainly not known for their design ability, but for the technical know how. They should let someone else do the design elements; this animated wall paper looks pretty lame to me.

  10. Looks like someone is milking this for traffic. They are in the top 50 most visited pages in youtube today and their site is probably pulling in mad hits (when it’s not down). Looks like someone is making up for getting a phone instead of the usual $1000 bonus this year :)

  11. @cwrig: No doubt this is the basic default wallpaper. Support for animated wallpaper shows the capability of the processor (that it can spare the cycles) and will probably mean better wallpapers later.

    I agree that it’s kind of overkill though. I remember running drempels as my desktop back in the day but eventually I figured I would rather have the extra spare cpu cycles. This is a dev phone at the moment so you expect to see basic implementations of lots of random features like this.

    I’m more interested in seeing the cool 3d scroll effect on the app tray. That’s more the kind of graphical polish that improves the overall experience.

  12. We’ve been staring at desktop computer screens for 20 years. Who has animated desktop backgrounds? Its a flashy idea I believe everyone will soon be annoyed by and turn off.

    Id much rather see a consistent implementation of zoom across all base apps, voice control for all apps, more ram/rom so more advanced apps can be written, a better thought-out marketplace.

    It baffles me why Google doesnt have a web version of Marketplace that mirrors the phone marketplace. On the web version could be more detailed explanations, video demos, forums, filters, searches, detailed reviews, etc… Its such an obvious thing; it baffles me why neither Apple or Gooogle have done this.

    Instead: badly animated wallpaper that everyone will soon hate.

  13. this person is SHIT! i have had it with them! The google phone or nexus one is just a phone that google got HTC to make for them to test out new apps and software!!! thats it!!! it won’t go on the market, and it was FCC approved for press. this will just be a google employees top of the line phone so the can develop labs and new software updates!

  14. @lacasa
    it was only make unlocked to accommodate the different carriers that google employees have.

  15. Pointless? Whatever. Three days ago you would have been selling your grandmother’s soul to see these videos.

  16. I’ve stopped going to their website, and unfollowed them on twitter. They are just generating hits for their site. They went from 75 twitter followers, to over 600 in a day or so, and it’s nonsense. They aren’t interested in showing us anything meaningful, rather they just want revenue. I hope somebody out there with a nexus one will just post a video reviewing it, and thus stop the nonsense with thenexusone.com

  17. They arent pointless videos. They are desperate. Someone is trying to generate traffic without breaking their NDA and loosing their job.

  18. @lacasa

  19. @Anonymous (The Guy works at Google)
    Should go buy the Droid now or wait for a CDMA Nexus One? Will Droid ever get the full functionality of the Android 2.1 that is on the Nexus One?

  20. @Anonymous
    you are posting anonymously on a website, post the specs you know are stfu. no one knows who you are, put up or shut up.

    i doubt the concurrent release of cdma and gsm, but i could be wrong. i speculate that gsm will have a decent jump start on cdma. in that case get the droid to have the best android phone until the nexus

  21. Anonymous #7: you work for Google marketing and you don’t know first-hand everything there is to know about the user experience of the iPhone? Never picked one up and played with it? Don’t know how it feels? Marketing? You don’t know how it feels?

    The iPhone.


    That amazes me.

  22. I can’t even get thenexusone.com to load. So much for the ploy.

  23. This is dumb. Stop pointing this dumb crap.

  24. @peter crowell
    lol!!! hahahahhahahahah!!!!!!! i agree

  25. @Anonymous

    Assuming you are who you say you are -> Q2 2010? fuuuuuuuu-

  26. @Anonymous (“guy that works for google” yeah right)
    This guy is a FAKE, give it a rest. you are clueless and don’t know anything!

  27. @Anonymous #7:
    Q2 2010? so all that jan 5th rumor is BS? you just spoiled my day…

  28. This is the dev phone for the upcoming generation. It is built to run on those bands just like the last 2 dev phones. Once they finish testing they will be selling variations of this spec in the coming year through vaious carriers and in slightly varying forms. Just look at the G1 and the first dev phone, or how the second dev phone was followed by Magic, Hero, and all its variants. This will likely be followed by the Passion, Bravo and other similarly specced phones.

    If I’m wrong then awesome but so far I’ve seen little that is different from past gens of test hardware/reference designs. Regardless I am glad to see Android improving and showing up on nice hardware. I will most definitely be getting something like this in the coming year.

  29. Thenexusone.com’s videos are slowly killing my jizz-my-pants excitement for the Nexus One. At this rate, if I don’t hate the phone by Jan. 5, I’ll be very pleased.

  30. @9ooyan…i wouldnt worry about that. Peter made a great point, ‘anonymous’ says he works in marketing for google but doesnt know anything about the iphone. Early January still stands as the most credible time frame.

  31. @davis
    i love you man! i know i shouldn’t be swayed so easily by a single post…just can’t help it…been off contract from ATT for like 6 months waiting for something 2nd-gen to come around on tmobile.

  32. Why do people keep saying that it has a trackball? It hasn’t looked like a trackball to me since I saw the first picture and now with this video showing what appears to be an optical mouse/LED.

    Am I missing something?

  33. I want this phone bad, it, or the X10.
    More video’s the merry’r i say, taking time to click on a video that my RSS feeder gives me takes about what, 30second of my day.
    Calm down ladies, and just wait and watch the story unfold.

  34. I do work for Google, choose to believe me or not. I do not have any experience with the iPhone because I have used Androids as long as they have been out, and I had a Blackberry before the start. Q2 is when the software team will be finished. No one here is sure yet what were going to do, put it out early and release an OTA update shortly thereafter, or hold back on the release. I think, and so do lots of me co-workers, that they will hold back on the release so it will come out of the box with the new software already implemented to make a bigger opening impact. I am not at liberty to release any of the specs, but I promise you will like what you hear when Google releases the info.

  35. @Furyu

    you seem to be missing alot of things. that is BLATANTLY the same trackball as the mytouch. optical mouse? i dont get what you are saying? the picture of it with the g1 show a profile of it and it buldges out just like a trackball on the mytouch and it lights up the same……..so you can see why i draw my conclusions

  36. I just find it hard to imagine that anyone who works in the consumer tech industry, let alone for Google and presumably in Mountain View, could possibly go this long without ever testing out an iPhone even for a few minutes in the at&t store.

    If, as you imply, you were at Google before Android came out, you’d have been regarding Apple as your direct competition during the run up to G1. All the more cause to scrutinize the iPhone for standard professional reasons.

    I’m not saying I don’t believe you. I just think it’s amazing.

  37. @ damndirtytape
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    @ Anonymous (Guy who Works for Google)
    Can you at least tell us if the stock music player has had a major upgrade? Pleeeeeaase.

  38. So if these are supposedly Google employees posting videos of the so called Nexus One, why does the guy in the third video have Internet Explorer up on his computer and not Chrome?

  39. dont believe the shit! he is a fake! dont feed in!!

  40. If Anonymous is correct with his Q2 prediction for the Google phone, then it runs with my theory that all major carriers are going to offer a snapdragon, 1ghz, 3.7″ or better screened phone for next year. T-mobile may get this device, but Verizon, At&t and Sprint will all offer something similiar to go along with their upgrade to HSPA or LTE. I am not a tech person, this is just what I believe.

  41. They keep that up and I won’t buy there stupid phone!

  42. Of course I’ve played with the iPhone before. Who hasn’t? I didn’t mean I had never touched one before, I’m only saying when I made the comparison of the screen response I used my son’s iPod touch.

  43. so this is a real phone, Google trademarked its name as ‘Nexus One’ but it is just a dev phone that happens to use t-mobile?

    All of that stuff about Google selling it as a subsidized unlocked phone directly, voip, etc…we still have NO proof for any of that. If that was the case then it would be able to run on all 4 carriers, not just t-mobile, because Google is independent and would want the entire country to use it. Google isn’t going to take a big risk and bet everything on t-mobile. It just doesn’t make sense.

    john: don’t waste your time with anonymous.

  44. Okay, okay. You work for Google. I just think that as a marketing person of the caliber you’d expect to find working for Google you would have led with our thorough knowledge of a competitive product instead of referencing a similar product in a derivative way just because you happened to have one handy. Marketing is largely about perception, right? I guess I don’t think you marketed your original argument very well.

    That doesn’t mean I think you’re lying.

    So, okay you do work for Google, and that’s fantastic because it means you’re very good at what you do.

    Thank you for seeing the conversation through.

  45. @anonymous

    “….which i assume is the same as the iphones”

    this implies lack on knowledge/use of an iphone. The way I see it is you could post specs and prove yourself, or you could keep saying basically nothing, that we all have to just take as some dude speculating? are you asking for some sort of blind faith that you are a google employee? we dont want proof of your employment we want info, simple as that. if you cant give any due to paranoia of losing your job or something ridiculous like that then its seems you have little more to contribute

  46. I’m just amazed at all the kids in a candy store being denied candy attitudes. It seems very logical that these pics and video releases are meant to be a tease just to get attention until the actual press release is out. Regardless of whether or not it’s the “Google Phone” rumored, well, likely not, but it’s obviously Android and impressive. I for one am excited for when there are more details, especially specs as it only means many others will be following or coming out at the same time. If this is Google’s way of holding bait and keeping a tight lip on it then bravo to them. It can be very difficult to keep such things in the dark.

  47. @ ari-free
    Don’t worry I realized that after the second comment.

  48. @anonymous
    If the specs aren’t better than the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 which the screen size already indicates then I’ll be disappointed. It has to at least match the internal 1GB storage with 256MB RAM. Especially if this device isn’t going to be released until the 2Q of 2010. I don’t know why they just didn’t make an updated version of the HTC HD2 and put 2.1 on that.

  49. Hai guyz I work for Google tew!@#!@

  50. they should totally release it early and do an OTA…if it’s released early it will have a larger time-frame where it’s THE bad-ass android phone. release it later and you’ve got less time to rule the pond.

  51. Gentlemen, If “anonymous” is legit, he cant tell you anything. If he isn’t legit, he cant tell you anything either. So ignore him, and these silly videos that show terrible screen animations.

  52. @SanzaBlancoAkA2C
    agreed. i would deeeeeeeeffffinately rock the HD2 if it was not with laghappy windows crap mobile

  53. google is going to release the phone in 2010 without a front cam !
    such a bad thing if it does not have a front cam.
    google should work on it so that it will overtake iphone 3gs which too has no front cam yet.

  54. who cares about a front camera, seriously? i mean, would you honestly ever use it?

  55. I would use it all the time for making video calls. but everyone else I know would have to have one…

  56. Ok guys, I personally work for AT&T in the Wi-Fi division and I don’t have an iPhone. Shocked? I have had one, I’ve tested them but honestly I just don’t care because I think android is getting and I’m happy with my G1 (sort of G1, AT&T 3G because I can). So why doubt the googler? I’m sure he’s referencing his personal experience which doesn’t have to be fully ingrained in the cell phone culture … just like you don’t want to believe he works for Google, what reason do you have to not believe him? Seriously, chill out.

  57. Front cameras are so early 90s fantasies of being able to make video calls, i find it stupid, i don’t want to hold my phone and stare at each other and talk to them through the speaker. People still prefer conventional phone calls and time has proved that.

  58. @Anonymous
    OK I still remain skeptical but…
    1. Do OTA – rather have phone early and get a nice update
    2. If you’re in marketing you can probably answer this – will the phone get an international release or a USA-only release?

  59. my thoughts exactly, maj. and besides, i’d rather the price be kept lower by omitting the camera than have to pay for something i’d never use or never be ABLE to use, since hardly any one has front cameras on their phone anyway.

  60. Thanx phnadroid.
    Android Fans also Test Drive Android OS 2.0 on Windows.

  61. I work for Google too (I am in top management). The Nexus One will be released in first half 2010. We are working on redesigning the whole interface, it feels much better then iPhone (I don’t have one, but I watched videos of iPhone on Youtube). The specs won’t be quite standard but when we put Google logo on the phone it will sell like crazy. I can’t say more due to NDA.

  62. Correction – “The specs won’t be quite standard” should be “The specs will be quite standard”

  63. @Larry.P

    I believe everything you say. And I’m shitting bricks.

  64. @Larry P.
    hahaha you’re one hell of a scammer, the only employee in google with the name (Larray P.) is (Larry Page):

    Larry Page is one of google founders for those who don’t know.

    you post the same link over and over again on Engadget and now you’re bringing it here !!! Please leave us alone and stop advertising your website this way

  65. I’m a bricklayer. We should partner up :))

  66. i think q2 is almost too late to release this phone…the one thing it does have going for it despite the emerging spec war that seems to be looming in 2010…is that it will always have the latest pastry of android something you can’t guarantee will happen with other manufactures…but to sit on this too long seems to be detrimental

  67. @Larry.P “The specs won’t be quite standard but when we put Google logo on the phone it will sell like crazy”

    Don’t be so sure bro ! Google is not known for its hardware or fancy UI. It will be marginally better than Motorola and that too when phone proves its worth in the eyes of a layman.

  68. I don’t much care about cameras and processors. That’s all just going to get better and to me it’s just more of the same. What interests me is the possibility of a data only phone with voip. I want all my google products in my hand and on my desktop. That includes Voice. I’d like Voice to be my cell-phone-central and I don’t think it quite works that way if you’re tied to a voice plan. Even if it does work, it makes a voice plan unnecessary so why pay for it? If a voip phone is a real possibility then I consider it worth waiting for. If it’s just a myth or still years away, oh well, might as well get a Droid because I could wait around forever for the next great phone.

    As for all the Google employee remarks in this thread: I’m glad to see people from the company chiming in. I reserve the right to test authenticity in respectful ways for my own satisfaction. And to David, the at&t person of post #56, it was never about owning an iPhone. It was about grasping it’s appeal and reflecting that in a post which otherwise claimed insider authority. If you reread Anonymous #7’s second post he flat out states he has no experience with the iPhone. In fact, I quote: “I do not have any experience with the iPhone… (post #33).” That struck me as odd coming from not just an industry insider, but from a marketer whose job it is to differentiate his company from the competition. And I wouldn’t call exposure to the iPhone being “fully engrained in the cell phone culture.” I’d call it basic. My mother-in-law has one. And she doesn’t even work for Google.

    No matter what I hope I’ve presented myself with, at best, complete respect, at worst, with tongue in cheek.

    In the end, we watch and wait.

    May everyone’s handset dreams come true.

  69. So my question is how can I work for google so I can test out their new phones? :)

  70. this NexusOne thing is impressing me as trying to build hype and delay purchases of other’s phones. It’s what you’d do if you were coming late to the party. How many people will pay the cost to get out of a phone they just bought a few months before? Much better to try and keep them from getting that other phone in the first place.

    But I rather doubt you can keep everyone interested in hype for half a year too. Some folks sure, but not the majority.
    If they can’t get it out in a month or so, I suspect they can’t catch the numbers they dream of for some time.

  71. @Comedie
    I second that. It would be nice though to get some kind of idea of what the pricing model is going to be. If it is what some people speculate, that it will subsidized by google, I would still wait because I would hate to bind myself to a contract right now. But if not, then I could as well get any type of nice phone if I have to sign my life away for two years.

  72. Well well, what a thread we have here. First off, I am really hyped up about the Nexus One. But launching with a Q2/June release date? Man I hope that is not true. They need to launch it ASAP, not only because people want it bad, but to stem the tide of fragmentation. This is THE GooglePhone, the way it should be. With it being a Google branded phone sold by Google, OTA updates are practically guaranteed. An early January release is great timing, as it’s right after $HOLIDAY and people may have gotten cash/equivalent for said holiday.

    Thenexusone.com is definitely stringing us along, but for the amount of hype generated, I really can’t blame them. Wouldn’t you do the same if you found out what “Step 2” was?

    For me personally though, if it doesn’t launch in January, I’ll be getting a Huawei U8230/U8220/Pulse.
    Regarding processor speed, Snapdragon is great yeah, but the real speedup will be when they finally get their JIT compiler running instead of that interpreted bytecode.

  73. To be in 1st place in a market it should have all necessary feature’s like –
    1) 3G or may be 4G !
    2) More mega pixel’s
    3) Xenon flash (a must)
    4) Nice UI
    5) Atleast 3.4 inch touch screen
    6) Main + front cam (very much useful for video calls
    7) Should release their SDK soon so that more app’s will be available in market
    8) Should be slim like an i-phone
    +++++++++ go on adding more feature’s all the best :-)

  74. Make it work with Verizon LTE 4G/3G CDMA, then I’m willing to wait 6 more months for Nexus One. I returned Motorola Droid weeks ago.

  75. as far as I am concerned, Droid is the ‘google’ phone. It runs the latest OS, no custom UI, it doesn’t pretend to look like an iPhone, it shares its name with Android…and it is backed by a massive ad campaign. Verizon also has many sales reps in stores across the US to educate people about Android/Droid.

    This doesn’t mean that everyone will like the Droid or that it has the perfect specs. But it is the well-known Android standard that everyone else will refer to and try to beat.

  76. @ari-free
    this guy hit it spot on! the droid the “google” phone

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