Google Real Time Search on Android

Yesterday Google announced real time search results, being rolled out to Google accounts in stages – I read.

“Users can now see live results from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and a host of other new sources when performing a search. The feature just went live today and it is still being rolled out to Google accounts. The new search is also reported to be available on iPhone and Android…”

I’m not seeing it on my desktop just yet but I have tested and played with it on my Droid. I just did a regular Google search for Android then went to “+Options” on the right and clicked “Updates.”

Here is what I see:


Every couple seconds a new result rolls in. Pretty nifty, eh?

[ AndroidandMe ]

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  • ruben

    I have the hero doesn’t seem to b working on mine any suggestions

  • SOysen

    Doesn’t work on my European Hero either.

    No Google Goggles, no new Google Maps, no real time search, no Google Navigation..

    Come on HTC, release 2.1 already!

  • Anonymous

    @ruben i guess ull have to wait for 1.6

  • JWise

    Doesn’t work while running 2.0 on the Dream.

  • Talton "Phases" Pettigrew

    Rolling it out, not immediately available for everyone..

  • Diamond

    In case anyone wants to test it out on the desktop, just append &esrch=RTSearch to the URL of a google search to have it show up in the options. Just click latest (from TechCrunch comment).

  • Maj

    works for me, i think its great but is it going to update from twitter and facebook ? what about major news sites such as ? They also need to make the action in a more visible place, i never saw the “update” hyperlink before until now

  • Scott Jahnke

    Works great on my Sprint HTC Hero…not sure how useful but it’s cool.

  • Bill Nye

    This is the only recent Google release that works fine on my Sprint Hero…

  • KaP

    Works fine in HTC Hero with Android 2.1 in new HTC Browser :D

    Google, you’re cool :)

  • Gert.B.Frobe

    A okay on my Eris

  • Aaron

    Or you could just click the upper right hand corner where it says web and select updates. Tada!