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Want to see what Motorola’s Droid is all about? Well the people over at phonewreck.com were nice enough to break down the Motorola Droid and show us what’s under the hood of this beast.

The phone, which has sold over 100,000 units in one week, is the fastest selling android phone in the states.

So lets take a Cliff Notes look at the pictures.


Pictures like this usually start getting people nervous. After all, mobile phones stopped being cheap after HTC and Apple started coming out with touchscreen phones that couldn’t multitask, but could sync your calendar and contacts.


Oh yeah! Gigidi gigidi! This is what the Droid looks like undressed. And what was the hardest part of getting the Droid undressed? “Finding the next set of screws was a challenge,” wrote Dr. Wreck.


Here is the phone in all its pieces and glory. Seems kind of funny to pay $560 for something that looks so simple to assemble. Food for thought, why don’t they do the same thing IKEA does? Sell it to you and you assemble it. It could drive costs down, but then again-some person would probably try to paperclip and duck tape the thing together and then complain that it doesn’t work. “Don’t you know McGyver is the only person to ever use duck tape and paperclips effectively? Noob.”

I kid, I kid.

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  1. First?

    I’m pretty happy with my Droid so far, very sturdy and has all the features I could ask for. Looking forward to a software update to improve the camera and hopefully add pinch-and-zoom functionality to the browser.

  2. Someone should ask this guy about the camera and to see if the clicking is caused by it not being properly mounted.

  3. Only thing that kept me from purchasing this phone is the camera , the HTC has such better camera to bad it is 1.6 and not 2.0 so no HTC .
    FIX THE CAMERA , such a nice phone to have such a bad camera .

  4. @Jedimaster:

    There’s a December OTA planned to fix the issue. Get your Droid now and you’ll be all set when the update arrives.

  5. So what area do the dock magnets affect? I’ve been curious as to how many different magnet combinations could be used to activate programs—could other 3rd party apps make use of other magnet location combinations? I’m not seeing any obvious place where the multimedia dock and car dock magnets work to activate their associated programs.

  6. WTF is duck tape? Don’t you mean duct tape?

  7. I’d say duck tape fits the bill.

  8. @temp – it’s MacGyver… I’m pretty sure he killed a duck and was able to make tape out of it. Duck tape and Duct tape are different… in this case MacGyver used actual Duck Tape.

  9. @temp: It’s the same stuff either way. In the military they used to call it duck tape, then after the major wars it started being used for sealing ducts. Hence, it received it’s second name…duct tape. Either way you say it is correct.

    They called it “hundred mile an hour tape” in the army because each roll ran out so quickly.

  10. helluva thing to do to a nice Android phone … WinMo phone, OK, but a droid? Dude!

  11. I have only one thing to say about duct tape: http://thereifixedit.com/.

  12. Where. Is the Bluetooth. Only receivesI glad. I spent. 120
    00 so the. Phone only CA received. But function. On the phone. To use hands free while. Driving

  13. Jim, I think I speak for all of us when I say…what?

  14. Any info on if the camera can be removed without damaging the phone?

  15. Duck tape is a brand of duct tape sold by Ace Hardware.. (knew my couple of years working at the hardware store would come in handy someday, but I always imagined Jeopardy)

  16. I was wondering if you could tell what is behing the front screen. On the left hand side of the word motorola I know on the right hand side is the proximity sensor and the ambient light. There are 2 spots on the left possibly a cam hopefully would be good for something like skype

  17. @Del, it was called 100 MPH tape because a specific variety was supposed to hold up to 100 MPH winds. It was a joke that it ran out fast, but that’s not where that name came from.

  18. My droid doesn’t feel complete without a duct tape theme and duct tape apps… I’d make a case for it out of duct tape, but I don’t want people confusing it for an iPhone

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