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This story begins last Saturday at my local Sprint store.   When I arrived I quickly explained the problem I was having and was told to take a seat.  As I surveyed the scene around me it occurred to me that I had not been in store yet to see the Samsung Moment.  I went to the display and started to play with it for a bit, interested mostly in how the keyboard handled.  After about the sixth text message I sent myself I noticed a young lady behind me looking over my shoulder.  I stepped aside and let her play with the Moment herself instead of hogging all the fun for myself.  As I watched her fumble around with it for a few I decided to step up and take the lead.  I started to lead her thought the UI, show her the messaging capabilities, and the Android Market.  The girl was so impressed in fact that by the time the sales rep got to her I had already closed the sale with a 450 Everything Data Plan.

About 15 minutes later I noticed two women playing with a Hero.  Like the first girl, the two of them were fumbling around with the Hero trying to maneuver around the lock and cord carriers tend to use on their phones in store.  I again nonchalantly sauntered over to the two of them, casually took my phone out of my pocket, and put it on the counter.   They took the bait.  I spent a minute or two with the women explaining the Hero and Android.  I even told them some of the bugs I had with my phone and how to work around them until a fix could be made.  In the end I recommended the Hero for one girl and the other I steered to the Moment (she typed with her nails).   That was three phones sold in about 20 minutes.   Around this time my name was called for my repair.  I handed over my phone and was told to return at 7PM which I did to find a fixed phone although now flashed back to factory defaults.  (Thanks to Astro File Manager all my Apps were up and running in about 20 minutes)

All of that leads me to this afternoon.  While going about my business I found myself at the electronics department in Wal-Mart looking at the Droid.  As I stood there enjoying the satisfying feeling of sliding it open and closed a few times an older gentleman asked me if I knew anything about the Droid.  It seems he is a current T-Mobile customer and was concerned about the price of Verizon plans.   I let him know that T-Mobile had the Motorola Cliq, and he should stop by the T-Mobile store to check it out.

Android Vote for Me

I have no idea if I had any influence on those four people or in the case of the 3 women at Sprint if they will have those phones 30 days from now.   It does get me thinking about how I can’t stop campaigning for Android phones.  Is anyone else doing the same thing?

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  1. I was eyeing up the G1 right as it was coming out but was stuck in a vz plan and also carrying around a razor for work. My boss saw me carrying around two phones all the time and decided to shift to a stipend plan and upgrade to smart phones. I kept talking up the G1 so when we were allowed to choose our phones; I convinced two other guys to get g1’s as well. And then I was showing off my phone to my roomate so much I convinced him to get a my touch. Finally I got the g1 into the work flow so much at work we actually have two spares that are in the office as tools. (Both linked to the same google account. Shared contacts, email and my maps. Very useful. That was a coworkers idea) and I have at least two other people planning on getting android phones when their contracts are up.

    ~Typed from my G1 (off to see if I can get google maps navigator on my G1)

  2. I went to the mall today with my wife, I strolled in to the T-Mobile store to check out the latest I could find. I was playing around with the Motorola Cliq when I noticed a father and son semi-arguing about the two devices the son was interested in. One was the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the other the MyTouch 3G. The father was mad because the TP2 was expensive and the son wanted the MT but with it’s lack of physical board he wanted the TP2. I couldn’t help but excuse myself to their convo. I explained to both of them that the MT3G has one of the best mobile OSs of today and that WinMo seems clunky and outdated, I also did a needs analysis on the son (I think he was 15) and concluded he wanted something for social networking… I introduced them both to the Cliq. It is not my cup of tea, but he fell in love. I had them purchased and out the door before the sales rep came by and also wanted my opinion on a plan that would help with the Android/Blur experience… lol Made me feel good.

    Also later on had spoke to a T-Mobile rep and taught him a thing or two. :)

    DroidHead 4 ambassador!!!

  3. i work for tmobile and android is all i ever push to people!

  4. I was in a Verizon store on Launch Day for the Droid walking about 5 people through the Droid, 2.0, the Eris, Sense UI updates and the differences between the two phones. I out-did a couple of sale reps on Android and confused the hell out of them when I mentioned rumors about the Passion/Dragon.

  5. I found myself teaching the sprint reps about the moment when I went in. They were also very interested in my wife’s shiny new droid. I think they got the idea.

  6. @Droid newby: “I out-did a couple of sale reps on Android and confused the hell out of them when I mentioned rumors about the Passion/Dragon.”

    I experience this same thing at just about every Verizon store, booth, and sales desk I step up to. Not only do they say they have no idea of a phone in the near future, I’ve had some reps assure me that the Droid is it for the remainder of the year (Most likely in a ploy to make the sale). Then there’s my co-workers, they don’t go online for phone research anymore, they just check with me. :-)

  7. meeeeee! man, i was asked to write a report on some CS topic…i chose android OS. My report is looking strong, and i’m pretty sure that anybody who reads it is going to rush to a store and try an android device.
    Android is a great thing, campaigning for it is the least we could do!

  8. I do it all the time. I love Android and i really think its walking along the path of being the next true revolution in wireless communication.

  9. I too showed up Verizon reps and as I took on the last rep who challenged my knowledge of the two new android devices he stepped back and identified himself as the manager and asked if I was game for an interiew later in the week. Said only if I could focus on selling androids and not the other crap.

  10. haha, this is awesome. i haven’t been able to get anyone to get an android phone yet, but i certainly have been trying! i might be close to convincing a few friends

  11. Wow can’t believe this was posted today. Earlier in the day I went on my lunch brake to a Verizon store here in Tampa, Fl. So i walk in and sign in no big deal. Start to walk around and see another customer getting briefed on the Droid from a sales associate. So i just walk up and listen to what the sales associate has to talk about. Next thing you know all he knows is whats on the paper in front of him in other words half of the phones potential. So of course I couldn’t see the Droid be down played because lack of knowledge. So i wipe out my Droid and start running through all the features. Next thing you know 20minutes later I just sold this guy the phone. The customer wanted to get my number if he needed any help. LOL. I gave him some tips and some must have apps. And he was so happy that I showed up when i did. Android is the future jump on the band wagon nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

    1. Where in Tampa are you I’m in that area…

  12. I do the exact same thing. I had the G1 the day it came out. Now I have the cliq. When I asked the t-mobile rep if they were ever getting the hero he had no idea what it was. I kept talking about android this, android that and the guy didn’t know anything. Then I took an employee to get the droid or the eris. 1st time playing with both of them. The guy tried playing with both and I grabbed it from him and showed him what to do. I talked him into the eris because it is in my opinion a better phone. The droid is plain like the G1. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t know how to use. I love android for life.

  13. My girlfriend loves my HTC Magic. She is always wanting to fiddle with it when she’s bored. I think she’ll be getting an Android as her next handset.

  14. Sales rep are always ignorant about the products that they’re trying to sell whether it’s a smartphone or a PC Hardware.
    In my place, i never even argue with them cause it’s pretty hopeless and they are totally clueless about it and repeat what they were taught to say.

  15. I have turned my wife,mother,father,brother and numerous people I work with on to Android. Most of them were bb or winmo users and they love Android

  16. Yeah, I prepped this associate of mine on the droid about a month before release when her verizon phone broke. She got some samsung I think and turned it in after thirty days for a droid. I mostly talked her into it so that I could play with it when she got it… instead she hogs it…

  17. Interesting story. Makes me wonder what the sales dudes did all the time when you could do their job.

    But something else. You wrote that you restored your apps with Astro file manager. I tried that too after rooting my phone but ever since then the Market does not inform me anymore about updated apps. Do you also have this problem? Is there a fix for that?

  18. I got a friend who works for a verizon store, he looks up stuff online, not sure about here but I know he checks out phonearena and a couple others. he usually knows about the new phone rumors, and not just verizon but from the 4 main carriers, every once in a while he’ll miss something and wont quite know everything about a device now and then, but hes usually up on it all. so some verizon stores have knowledgeable people here and there at least. but any industry you wanna talk about, theres always people who have NO idea about the stuff theyre promoting/selling.

  19. Haha im having the same thing here ever since i got my android phone my family and friends want me to explain everything so of course i gladly do it ive already gotten 2 friends to. Switch to android and also my dad, haha is it just me or does anyone else get that satisfaction of people being in awe of your phone, the way i see it us with the android are the biggest promoters without even knowing it

  20. Yes. Whenever i get the chance to do so without being intrusive.

  21. Hi, yes I do it so much that all my friends and there friends ask me about phones before getting them or if there is anything new unless they have th iphone I made 3 of my iphone user friends change to a g1 or a mytouch before hero came out then when hero came to sprint they spected me to have it I have a great friend that owns a cell phone store and he wanted me to work for him since he say’s I have almost everyone we know buying becouse of my input about how the phone preforms and he even was welling to get me the hero for free but I said all thought I dream of the hero.I am tmobile client at heart they really have meet my needs and when I thought of an i phone tmobile answer me with the g1. Love it and I do believe I am an android embassador since I get txt’s from friends dayli about there phone issues updates apps ?’s and so on. I mean even when we got cupcake and donut. They were all like what’s going on and should I dl. Hehe. So I play basketball dayli at my local park and well all of my friends always ask to see what apps I have on my g1 and pretty much copy my apps I do have a few storys about selling phones to custumers while I am there for some kind of issue or 2 but I have already worte a hole lot hehe just wanted to share my speriences as and ANDROID EMBASSADOR. GO ANDROID!!!

  22. I am struggling to get my friends to see the benefits of android and particularly my hero. Any mention of anything other than their iPhones and they just switch off. Makes me feel that they don’t deserve an android..

    1. At this point there is very little that the iPhone can do that Android can’t. App wise we are catching up..

  23. This seems to be pretty common across all carriers. The personal that work at the store only knows how to turn on the phone and make calls on ANY OS platform. I use to teach my local Sprint sale people how much you can customize a WinMo phone. Last month I got a HTC Hero and once again the guy the sold me the device knew nothing whatsoever, I end up teach him how to set it up and use it. The day I returned my Hero (last week), the manager came by telling the sales rep (I GOT THIS)… like “I know what I’m doing”. He ask me why was I returning the device with a smart ass face… OH-OH wrong question my friend. One I started going over the bugs I found he was completely surprise (shock), I end up show him the bugs and the work around. Basically I told him that even that I could deal with any issue… I was not going to paid the full price of the device (a device that have some problems and some are mayor problems). He immediately told me “I completely understand… btw what do you do for living?” and gave me my money back hehehehehe

    I love the HTC Hero and completely promoted to all my friends and family members, but my contract wasn’t up for renewal and I end up paying full price for the device. Once I saw the bugs I didn’t want to paid full price for the device anymore so I returned. But I still pimping the device to my friends… Hero, Moment, Droid, Droid Eris, Passion and the Sony x10. I totally KNOW Android is the future and I’m either getting the Moto Droid next month or the Passion… also once the x10 comes out I’m getting that one too :)

  24. My favorite piece of advice for new Android users: “when in doubt, press menu”.
    I’ve got one friend to join the Android community. I think my dad is close too, he just wants to use WiFi tethering (and he is on Sprint), so I need to see how the progress is going for rooting the Moment or Hero.
    I like taking my phone out and showing people… the street view + compass mode still takes people by surprise after all this time!

  25. At work, everyone except for the people who already have iPhones are saying that their next phone will be Android, after seeing mine, and the ones three other people have now bought after seeing mine. And my wife bought an Android phone too because of me getting mine. Android is taking over the world! At least, my small corner of it.

  26. I owened the G1 since day one. My wife had a blackberry. She was looking for a replacement after she droped the berry in the water. After seeing me play for a year with my phone …she had to get an android. She finally took the plunge. She has the Cliq…I thinks she now loves it more than me!

  27. After I picked up the Droid at the Friday launch I played with it over the weekend to see what it could do since this is my first android phone. By Monday I was showing it to people at the office. I was showing navigation to one co-worker when another walked up and started looking at it also, by the end of the day he had a Droid (and he is very non-tech). Now, at least 2 others are looking to get them in the next week or so. Regardless of the flaws the Droid is impressive on several fronts.

  28. Just mention you develop apps for the platform, and you’re instantly center of attention. Some store reps even recognize you. Lately, when I “on occasion” visit carriers to test my apps, I stop talking completely. Its just getting too popular…

  29. I’ve be campaigning for Android phones ever since I received my Sprint HTC Hero a few weeks ago. Everyone is impressed with the Android app’s being free, and I even push the phone being available on everyone’s carrier, except AT&T. My iphone buddies (I think) are jealous about the Android phones, because now they know they’re getting screwed by AT&T and Apple, having to pay high costs for plans and apps. I’m and android ambassador, and proud of it!!

  30. I started with a G1 and now I own a Droid, if you noticed I fancy the physical keyboard. : ) anywho… in my small town and among my friends they know me as a upsest phone freak, which I don’t think I am, just bcuz I like talking about phones and asking what people currently have. Everywhere I go and everyone I talk to I explain to them about the android os and then I show them what my device is capable of and what others lack. A month ago, my girlfriend joined me and purchased a mytouch : ) and two of my verizon friends are waiting to get their Droids from what I had told them about. My other friend on att is getting an android device when hopefully released early next year—his older brother loves his iphone— so that got me very excited that I could convince him to join the android community. I’m hoping to spread the android fever around my area. : )

  31. I was an early adopter of the G1, but it was a bit laggy sometimes, and I have found the T-Mobile 3G network often to be thin in coverage. So I tried out the droid and sprung for it and busted my T-Mobile contract.

    Droid is stoopid quick, no lag, plus on 3g, I ran speed tests at the exact same spot in my home as I have run numerous speed tests with the G1 — result: droid is a full 50% faster on average than the G1 on 3G!! I don’t know if it is a difference in the 3G networks, or because of the faster droid processor, I suspect a combination of the two. Battery life and Screen Resolution are much better also. I loved the G1, but things have evolved light years in one year.

  32. Maybe you can tell me which phone I should get? – :P

    I can’t decide between the Droid or the Eris.

    1. I think the answer to that comes down to a keyboard.

  33. I still don’t own an Android phone, and I convinced 2 people to get the HTC Hero. I convinced a 3rd friend not to get an iPhone and to wait for a new Android phone. A forth friend already owns an iPhone 3G and I’m getting him interested in Android.

    Last night, I took my friend’s Hero (the first guy I convinced), and in front of all our friends I demoed one of the features. Made a call to the Hero, and without answering the call I flipped the phone over and it went directly into silent. Everyone thought it was cool, and my friend (the owner of the phone) didn’t even know about this feature!

    I need an Android phone!

  34. Feech a true IT geek. You didn’t even book any of the chics with your phone? Should have got them digits buddy. lol. PS: I find myself doing the same thing…when I like a product I’m it’s biggest cheerleader.

    1. My girl would kill me..shhh keep it low brother..

  35. At my work I ‘convinced’ a couple of colleagues to get an Android phone. They just got a Motorola Droid, since most of them were already on the Verizon network (one colleague was eagerly awaiting Sony Ericsson’s offering, but that’s still too far in the future).

    I work for a rather large software company, though, which makes convincing a little easier :-).

    For work I gave a presentation about Android and just walking around with my phone gets some attention. :=)

  36. Ok, so im trying to decide on an upgrade from the G1…any ideas? should i get the cliq, or wait to see what else is coming out this holiday season

    Note: must have a physical keyboard.

    1. Are you staying with T-Mobile? Hold off for a bit maybe. See whats around the corner..

  37. Wow, it’s crazy you brought this up. I work in Chicago and was talking to someone in Ohio about Android. Next time we spoke, she had her a Mytouch. I tell people at work all the time about Android. My wife had a Samsung Behold I at first, saw my G1, and needed it badly. Now she has a Mytouch. My brother is needing Android as well. Let him know any WinMo device is suspect, too expensive, and not up to par. I have two converts now, trying to make it 5-6 before the year is out.

    Now all I need is a bigger screen and faster processor and Android has me for life!

  38. heck ya!
    i work at a call center for Technical support. I have sold 2 other people on my Droid, along with about 4 others for the G1 when it first came out!
    How could I not!!! we are all nerds here so we all know technology and how it works.
    I am very excited to see what comes next

  39. Hahaha this is so funny! I do this all the time. When a really good product comes along ….it sells itself. That is exactly what is going on here. There is no need for sales reps for android. We are doing it all for them. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool! I am always pushing Android to people even just pushing Google itself for that matter. When I was first purchasing my G1 at T-Mobile there was this guy who was looking at it and a blackberry. He had never heard of Android and thus it began. After 30 minutes of explaining all of Google’s excellent apps like gmail, maps, sky, and free calls using fav fives and google voice he was hooked. Sales person didn’t even know about that last one. I actually saw this guy again a couple of months later and he loves it and is now trying to convert his co-workers. Just the other day at my wife’s OB Appointment I had the attention of every woman in the waiting room as I was showing this one girl the Google Voice thing and Fav Fives. Three of the women in there said that they were going to switch. The other was a diehard Iphone fan (urgghhhh) but i did convince her to download google voice app for iphone. Hopefully as she experiences the wonder that is Google she will see the light and abandon the Iphone!

  40. I totally do the same thing. All day. I work at my company’s IS department and people are always asking what phone they should choose from the lineup of company approved devices. I always deliver “balanced” reviews… or so they think. I have, after all, a definite Android balance.

  41. I talk about android and all of its capabilities so much that I have helped persuade a couple of my iphone owning friends to switch to android. The sad part is, I still don’t have my own because I’m waiting for my contract to expire.

    It is fun to sell something that really sells itself. Ask any technical user of the iphone what bugs them and then explain that many of those things are fixed with an android device. It is just too easy.

    I also enjoy teaching the sales reps at the stores about upcoming phones and android capabilities.

  42. @Raymanism: I’m on the same boat convinced three people at my work to go Android and my brother as well with out having an Android phone. I bought the G1 for my wife when it first came out last year and have been pushing Android ever since. It’s amazing how people respond to the platform. Even had some Idrones rethinking thier purchase. I felt like Morphias freeing peoples mind lol…

  43. I have A lot because people see me playing around with it at the local bar/pizza place down the road. they come up to me and i answer there questions.

    The Hero gets better and better everyday there is something new to find on the android market.

  44. Like a couple of others have mentioned here, I too work for T-Mobile and I always steer people away from Blackberrys and Windows Mobile things towards Android devices. I get a lot of customers wanting to get an iPhone or something similar. I simply let them know that basically anything Android beats the pants off anything iPhone can do, and they’re golden.

  45. I work at an internet firm in Spain. before I start I need to point out the iPhone in Spain isn´t THAT popular, mainly due to the ridiculous pricing; they are used to get their phones cheap with a cheap contract o via a bonus program.
    About 6 month ago there were 3 people out of 130 working at the office with an iPhone, there were 12 black berries and a wagon load of Nokias S60 devices (most just being used as basic phone). Today I counted 1 iPhone (1 iPhone owner left the company the othe bought a HTC Hero. The only iPhone owner left is a real mac fanboy), 11 black berries, still a lot´s of Nokia´s and 12 Androids.
    I hope Android will gain momentum globally like it´s already doing in our office.

    I´m still using my old Nokia s60 as my new android will be delivered somewhere in december ($400,- without any contract/obligations and with root access enabled by default)

  46. My wife and I just got new droids. Around the same time, my mother in law ordered a new blackberry online. We had dinner together last Monday, and my MIL saw my wife peddling with her Droid, and then they started showing off. Moral of the story: her new blackberry arrived yesterday…and she turned around and sent it back to VZW so she could get herself a Droid.

    Android: the assimilation continues….. ^_^

  47. I actually got invited to dinner next Wednesday by two people who want me to do a demo of my HTC Hero and talk about Android phones. They’ve seen my Facebook updates raving about the Hero and Android, and they are both disheartened with their Palm Pre phones. (Did you know that the Palm Pre can’t even forward text messages?) I think they’re on the verge of upgrading before they’re eligilble because they hate their phones so much.

    1. Please make sure they feed you well!!!

  48. Does anyone think it’s time to roll out metro market user/dev. Groups ?

  49. I have been on the TEAM ANDROID campaign since day1 . I have helped numerous people come over to GREENER pastures so, to speak . Any chance I get to share some droid love, I do it with pride, knowledge, and satisfaction.It’s nice to know that others are doing the same not as a job but, out of pure loyalty to the Android Movement.

  50. this happens to me a lot all my friends have either windows mobile phones or iphones or something. i have a G1 an they all wonder why my phone can do things there phone cant well all i can say is that its because i have android an that its open source. google doesnt hold me down like apple or windows an now i have a couple of my friends considering a droid or a droid eris. (android is tha best!!!!) :)

  51. Achievement Unlocked: Get your apple-fanboy friend – who is already convinced of getting an iphone after using one for one week – to get a HTC Hero.

    He has been using it for months now and is VERY satisfied, he is also happy to not have gone with the iphone.

  52. Funny story:

    I got my mom an iphone for her birthday because that’s what she had been wanting for months.

    From time to time I show her stuff I do on my ADP1, and she’s usually like: whoa! i want that too! But the answer is usually: sorry, you can’t.

    Whenever I show her something she usually asks now: Cool. But bet I can’t do that on my iphone?
    Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it is no =D

  53. I think I’ve sold about 8 people on the Droid here at work. Google, Motorola and Verizon should be paying me a comission. :)

  54. I have influenced at least 4 direct purchases (they actually have these devices now) of the Motorola droid and made another 20 or so really think hard about whether to get a Droid or iphone or even ditch the iphone as they come out of contract through 3 10 – 15 minute presentations where I go through, the nav feature, show an app like shop savvy, the corp calendar and several voice search functions. Questions I get most are data plan costs, device cost and how hard to learn, I am not super technical but picked most of this up in 24 hours of having the device.

    I always summarise the “presentation” with an iphone is pick it up, use it now, one gove fits all sizes approach. Android devices (in particular the Droid) is pick it up, learn it, put the glove on and make some tweaks loseing here and tightening there till it fits you perfectly.

    I should be on commission, but I just can’t help myself from selling the benefits of this device

  55. I took my buddy into a Tmobile store to get a G1 a year ago (I already had one). Because of me he got two G1 ‘s for himself and wife.

    We then went to another store to get one for another friend and as I stood there explaining the phone to my friend the Tmobile rep. was listening to our conversation. She got up off of her stool and asked me some questions about the G1. Then she commented that we should switch places as I obviously knew much more about the phone than she did.

    My G1 still feels new with regular CyanogenMod updates and I am not inclined to buy any other Android phone that is currently available because they are not significantly superior to my awesome G1. The G1’s keyboard is still superior to all other Android keyboards.

  56. My sisters 2 year verizon contract ended and she wanted to get a new phone. She ordered an iphone but something went wrong with her credit card. She was going to order it again but I interviened and showed her tmobiles android phones and the new verizon droids. In the end she decided to renew her verizon contract and get the eris. She got it for 50 bucks ! So I kind of caused her to not buy an iphone.

  57. The funny part: You probably knew more about the Moment than the dumb asses at the Sprint store. Too bad you were’nt there last weeks when I was taking to a rep about one and she looked like a deer in headlights. Then without a flinch, without checking the facts on the Moment, she provided me with a load of misinformation.

    1. I did know more. My girl says that should be my part time job.

  58. “Is anyone else doing the same thing?”

    Yep. The problem is there’s only 1 freaking phone available in Belgium and we probably have to wait ages until we get our droid. :(

  59. OH YES. Everytime I pull out my phone, someone throws a random noun at me (e.g. Envy, Touch, Smooth, etc.) and I shake my head and say, “No, this is the HTC Dream.” (I was an early adopter)

    I show them a few tricks it can do within a few seconds (the keyboard, the touch display, the maps, the apps… GameBoid impresses the kids) they usually start with the questions.

    I have become very familiar with the concept of, “Frequently Asked Questions”. I have a dozen or so that I get asked *every* single time I pull out my phone.

    When I bring the phone to friends’ houses, there’s always a moment where someone walks up and asks to play with my phone. Most of them get stuck on the Market, downloading app after app before finally asking, “Uhhh… how do you clear space on this thing? I just filled up your memory.”

    Android is always a hit, and I love spreading the word about it. You’d be surprised how many people roll their eyes when they see someone playing with my phone and ask, “Is that another iPhone?”

    I answer with one, swift motion popping the keyboard out. Then come the questions ;)

  60. I went to purchase a hero for my wife and found myself in the store for an hour telling the sales people how great this thing is I was a huge fan of the i phone and own a touch but the closed attitude that apple has take by getting in bed with at&t has turned me into a a huge Evangelist for anythging with the Android OS Get out of the dark ages Steve!
    We are a two Droid family and loving it, anyone interested in a slightly used I touch?

  61. This is all well and good – but what the hell should I buy? Hero…Eris…Droid or wait a month for newer goodness? My contract is up and I am a free agent now with some flexibility…but of course DO NOT want to be ripped off $$

    1. This is just my opinion of course but I would say hold off for a bit if you can. The next generation phones will be very powerful I imagine.

  62. Mr Feech – you must appreciate the feeling of being at the end of a two year carrier commitment cycle and smelling the tasty android cookies a cooking….how long must I hold on for before I can eat? Its seems silly to me that Verizon would open the doors on yet another possibly better phone (Passion) only weeks after the “D” was released unless of course it hits a different level and or market (features, CO$T, nose trimmer, stretch mark remover).

    I do want to hold off, but I’d hate to have to wait ’til January or February or March. . .

  63. im in highschool and just got myself the htc tattoo, and im sick of the hiptop/webslider craze and so far ive convinced probably half of my grade to get the motorola cliq (or dext as its called here in aussie), those of whom are now telling all of their links about the dext/cliq. So im pretty happy about that (:

  64. Yeah, I can’t stop pushing people to Android either! Apple sucks! Android is rad. I also played with the Droid (I am a Hero owner) and it rocks. I stumped the hell out of the Verizon reps also when they were trying to show me things on the phone….I showed them features they never new existed. Pretty soon, I had a crowd around me as well, and I am pretty sure 80% of that crowd bought the Droid. It is a very nice phone (but super heavy, IMO)

  65. Yesterday I am in the Verizon Store. I go to the back display where I see a couple playing with the Moto Droid. Their sales gal had gone to ask a question about PDF files which I had answered for them before she even came back. She didn’t look too pleased about that. Prior to her return, I had walked them through both the Moto and the HTC. The wife ended up getting the HTC Eris and the husband will probably stay with a Blackberry as it better serves his business needs since his company has him on BB service with their exchange server. He didn’t look all too happy as I could see him drooling all over the Moto Droid with my demo. I did do my disclaimer “That I am just a phone geek and NOT a VZW employee”. They loved it.

  66. I work for Orange UK and all i can say is HTC HERO all the way, best phone ever.

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