Nov 12th, 2009

Do you really like the concept of the Multimedia Dock for the Motorola Droid but refuse to buy it because – heck – you’ve already got an alarm clock and can’t justify the $30 purchase? What if I told you that you could have the Multimedia Dock for FREE… just… not the hardware? DockRunner is an application on Android Market that, when entered, makes your Droid think it is in the Multimedia Dock and gives you all the goodies like live location-based weather, media player, alarm clock, image slideshow and a nice big digital clock.

Your Droid will remain in Multimedia Dock mode until you try to re-enter the application through the application launch icon. Personally I already purchased the Multimedia Dock and I rather like it, but this is a nice alternative. Unfortunately, without the dock, the MicroUSB  plug gets in the way if you’re trying to finagle it onto your nightstand, dresser or whatever else to sit upright like the actual dock allows. A quick fix – if the developer is listening – would be to spoof the orientation of the phone and display the application upside down so that you can safely put your Droid on a flat surface, lean it against something and have the plug protrude out the top.

At the end of the video I mention how I just saved you $30 and you should PayPal me. I was joking, of course, but your gratitude should go towards the folks at who developed Dock Runner and provided it free to all of us. Plus some props to David who sent in this tip – great find! So yeah… you can PayPal them instead. Or me. Either way.