Dell’s Mini 3ix hits the States


Dell-Mini-3iEarlier today the FCC approved Dell’s first Android phone, the Mini 3ix. AT&T is expected to carry Dell’s Mini 3iX in Q1 2010.

Initially Dell reps said the phone would just be available in China. However, with AT&T falling behind the android market share it would make sense to have a proven product.

Unlike the Chinese version the AT&T version will have Wi-Fi and 3G. The phone also comes with 850 and 1900 MHz bands, a 3.5-inch 640×360 touch screen display, A-GPS, built-in support for Microsoft Exchange, 3 MP camera with autofocus and flash, microSD card slot, and a virtual keyboard. Unfortunately, there are no specs as to the horsepower, ROM, RAM and screen type.

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Picture below was taken from BGR.

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  1. I thought AT&T was suppose to get the new HTC Hero?

  2. So ATT decides to get an already obsolete Android device. Brilliant!

  3. goes with their crappy network.

  4. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I might just have to change to VZW or Sprint.

  5. no, thank you.
    I’ll stick with another android device and use nothing but 2g coverage.

    (btw, that doesn’t look like android in the pic)

  6. @Saeed
    Thats the chinese makeover of the android..

  7. @Metacafehacker
    All I can say about that video.. is the colors !, the colors !.. wow, I just couldn’t hang with it longer than the video which I fast forwarded through.

  8. @Terry
    I have been following Android rumors for a few months now, and haven’t seen any rumor that AT&T is getting the Hero. The only Android phone I’ve heard of potentially coming to AT&T any time soon is this Dell phone. Of course, you can import a European Hero and use it on AT&T, but it won’t be 3G-capable.

    But man, who in this country would be stupid enough to buy this phone? Hardware specs aside, the interface is beyond horrible. Maybe the Chinese people love odd-shaped blobs of gaudy colors as icons, but I don’t think many Americans will. I would plain vanilla Android over this thing any day, and I’m not even going to try comparing it to HTC Sense, because it’s not even in the same league.

  9. @Brad…I think Rogers is getting the Hero in Canada. If true they share the same bands as AT&T and could be done.

  10. Telus in Canada now has the HTC Hero. This should work on AT&T (gsm and 3g). I would think it unlikely that Rogers will be getting the Hero as well.

  11. @Brad – I need to find the article where I read that, might have been this blog or another.

    If AT&T does get this phone, I might have to switch to Sprint or VZW.

  12. 9.brad
    This phone is from dell.
    The phone is basic of the system designed by China Mobile
    (Open mobile system)
    It is a new thing.Do not be too strict with it.
    It will be much better before long time.

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