Nov 7th, 2009

For those of you lookin’ to spy on your Android-totin’ wife, bust your shenanigan-havin’ teen or simply monitor your employees – you’re now in luck! With the install of a silent application you can now monitor their every move (or enough anyway) from the interweb networks!  On the flip side.. those of you up to no good – better keep a firm grip on that phone of yours.


Yesterday Mobile Spy released the Android version of their Mobile Spy application.  It, as you can see above, keeps records of all SMS and calls made on the device. What you say? They are quick to delete everything as soon as it happens? No worries – it uploads the information immediately after the event takes place. Every 30 minutes their GPS location (assuming the devices GPS is enabled) is sent up as well.

On their website and you can see screenshots of what the logs look like in detail:


There is also a live demo available that you can log into.

Just be sure you really want to know the truth before going through with it. As quoted on yesterdays press release:

“Even though I need to keep track of my teenager, I wonder if sometimes I’m better off not knowing what he has to say to his friends, especially about his parents,” says Laurie Finn, a Mobile Spy user. Retina-X Studios CEO James Johns states, “Mobile Spy allows parents and employers to discover the entire truth. However, sometimes the truth hurts.”

..but if you do, the subscription pricing of $99.97 for 12 months, $69.97 for 6 or $49.97 for 3 – is a pretty good deal to know the truth.

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