Mobile Spy For Android Released


For those of you lookin’ to spy on your Android-totin’ wife, bust your shenanigan-havin’ teen or simply monitor your employees – you’re now in luck! With the install of a silent application you can now monitor their every move (or enough anyway) from the interweb networks!  On the flip side.. those of you up to no good – better keep a firm grip on that phone of yours.


Yesterday Mobile Spy released the Android version of their Mobile Spy application.  It, as you can see above, keeps records of all SMS and calls made on the device. What you say? They are quick to delete everything as soon as it happens? No worries – it uploads the information immediately after the event takes place. Every 30 minutes their GPS location (assuming the devices GPS is enabled) is sent up as well.

On their website and you can see screenshots of what the logs look like in detail:


There is also a live demo available that you can log into.

Just be sure you really want to know the truth before going through with it. As quoted on yesterdays press release:

“Even though I need to keep track of my teenager, I wonder if sometimes I’m better off not knowing what he has to say to his friends, especially about his parents,” says Laurie Finn, a Mobile Spy user. Retina-X Studios CEO James Johns states, “Mobile Spy allows parents and employers to discover the entire truth. However, sometimes the truth hurts.”

..but if you do, the subscription pricing of $99.97 for 12 months, $69.97 for 6 or $49.97 for 3 – is a pretty good deal to know the truth.

[Mobile Spy, Press Release]


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  1. I would be vary cautious of this service, unless you know and trust the developer.

  2. this is wrong on so many levels

  3. I’d be worried about this service, regardless of the developer. Sites that encourage spying on your loved and trusted ones only serves to melt down the bonds people have. Leave the intel gathering to the military and governments.

  4. a few years ago this would have been nice to have. I could see the numbers “she” was texting but couldnt get the actual texts, it was enough to solve the mystery and dump her sorry …, but I was suspicious and was right, this time around I have no hint in my mind I need something like this, although the ideas kinda cool if you really think you need it.

  5. I completely agree with Mike on this one. Luckily, it shouldn’t be difficult to create an application that’d detect this piece of crapware.

  6. As this is an evasive invasion of privacy, these shitty apps should be made highly illegal to use as well as distribute.

  7. I agree with everyone. I maybe understand the parent’s side of it but wow. I know a lot of my friends who are still in college like me and have parents that pay for our bill still so that would be an intrusion of privacy considering we’re over 18 and almost over 21.

  8. Is this legal??

  9. If you’re that insecure and feable then this app is for you.
    If you’re a lover that doesn’t know how to trust. This app’s for you.
    Parent? Can’t train a child into a fine adult. Yep this app’s for you.
    Malicious? Untrustworthy? Just curious? You. You. You
    This app was made by people for people.
    Nobody’s perfect. Especially our Loved ones.

  10. for any company thinking of employing this product call your lawyer first cause durring work hours is semi ok but after work hours is a big invasion of privacy and you could get sued big time. keyloggers on pc’s ok snapshots of peoples work desktop ok. but monitoring their every move not so good.

  11. Android isnt the only phone that has spy phone software available for it. iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, & Symbian all have it as well.

    Although this could be malicious, there are legitimate uses for it such as a parent monitoring their teen (with their teen’s consent) or just having it on their child’s phone in case their child goes missing, with this software they can use the GPS tracking feature to find them, or employers monitoring company provided phones. We all get our PCs monitored at work, so I’m assuming its only time until cell phones are next if they are provided by the employers.

  12. android and me featured something like this. it may have been this. and everyone, like me, said things like “this can be simply uninstalled” and “this is very dangerous” or “this can be killed using Taskiller” or a new one that i just thought of “what would you think when it force closes? you know it will”

  13. This is wrong.

  14. If anyone is in a relationship and feels that they need this sort of software, they should just end it now. If there’s that little trust, then they’re really just wasting each others’ time.

  15. This feature has its own pros & cons…It depends upon you “How you can use it”

  16. There is a funny parody of the ‘Droid Does’ campaign… check out out.. http://www.droiddoesspying.com

  17. If anyone uses this on me I’d be pissed.

    If it was my girlfriend I’d kick her out of the house, and I expect her to do the same if I did this to her. I expect my (future) children to be responsible enough. Sure they’ll do stuff I’d rather not know about… but that is exactly the point.

    If you ‘need’ apps like this you’re not handling things very well.

  18. This company should burn.

  19. Where I live, this application violates at least half a dozen state and federal laws…

  20. Android is not the only platform available for this software:

    I don’t hear the iphone folks up in arms about this, why the focus on Android?

  21. oops, check mobistealth.com. it even provides feature to listen to surroundings of phone and picture logging. mobile-spy seems to be very basic but mobistealth can be very dangerous . There must be some way of controlling these softwares as even criminals can use them to their advantage

  22. This is disgusting, honestly if someone does do this to me, I really hope they do find something because the relationships over right then anyway…

  23. Software such as this can be helpful as a means of accountability for porn addicts who viewed porn on the web. Using such software, as a result of a mutual decision between the recovering addict and his/her accountability partner, can be a deterrent to acting out in early sobriety. Being able to see browser history can also help rebuild trust between the accountability partner and the addict.

    Unfortunately there are not a lot of apps for remotely logging browser history on an android phone, so in order to get that one feature, you end up with a lot of really unnecessary and invasive features that are otherwise unneeded.

  24. I love how everyone is so up in arms about their partners using this software on them lol seems to me that you people have something to hide. My boyfriend has been acting real skitchy lately, one night he left his phone in our livingroom while he was showering and something told me to go through it…I don’t give a rats ass what you people thing of me for doing this, if someone I’m with is putting their penis inside some other girl then coming home and putting it inside me I have every fucken right to know…WELL low and behold I find all kinds of calls from him to his Ex and vice versa (even though I told him she makes me uncomfortable and she’s a hoe and I would like for him to stop contacting her, he promised he would) AND I found text messages where they are still calling each other baby and making arragement to meet up. But what really blew the spot was when I went into his phones emails and he had send himself a video of them fucking time stamped for 3 days prior, recorded with his phone hidden in his spam folder. I broke up with him, unfortunately for leasing issues we still live together and he is begging for us to work it out I told him I would give him a year of us being friends for him to get this girl out of his life and straight his shit out or I’m gone for good….that’s not too much to ask I’m not the one that cheated and risked giving him an STD. Sooooo long story short fuck yes I’m gonna get this software I need to be sure that I’m not making a mistake getting back into a relationship with a cheater.

    so the people who are bitching about how wrong it would be for their Boyfriend or girlfriend using this on them your probably fucken cheaters too and have something to hide. If you have nothing to hide why worry? Huh?

    I know he can spy on my phone whenever the hell he wants I don’t delete my call logs and text till my phone tells me I have no more memory I’m not a cheater I have nothing to hide.

    CHEATERS ACT RIGHT! And recognize a good product even if it’ll get your cheatin ass caught.


  25. i have seen spy software work very best on nokia symbian phones…has anyone tried it on Android phones? whats your experience?

  26. I also have the experience with spy software on Nokia Symbian phones and blackberry but on Android till. Is their anyone have experience with Android?

  27. Yes I have the experience with spy software on Motorola Droid smartphone. I buys its three months icense, it starts at $49.97. Its fully compatible with Motorola Droid.

  28. Well me too have bought a software just for $39.99 and in this amount I got reverse phone lookup, appointment/calender logging, Bookmark logging, Browser History Logging, Call History Logging, Contact Details, SMS logging, GPS tracking. It was really a nice and healthy package.

  29. Hello, very informative and interesting. Looks like you put a lot of effort and research into it. Thanks for all of your hard work!

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