Third Verizon Android Phone has Video Calling?


With all the talk about DROID and ERIS many people may have forgotten about the rumors that stated that Verizon was actually set to receive THREE Android powered devices…

We may have found the phone that completes the trinity of Verizon Android devices.

Meet VPhone

Saygus VPhone V1 appears to be the third device destined for the Verizon network – early 2010 appears to be the release date. So what do we know about the VPhone? Well you can get the specs here. Or you can scroll further down.

The most exciting thing for me is the description of “2-Way Video Calling” – how this will work exactly, and just what charges may be included are not yet known but the potential sure is amazing. According to Saygus, the phone will come pre-loaded with: “Saygus Propietary Real-Time, Two-Way Mobile Video Calling Software – 24 to 30 Frames Per Second.” On top of live messaging, Saygus will be allowing for Short Video Messages (SVM’s perhaps?) for the price of $2.99 per month.

The hardware looks promising as well, you can see more pictures here.


  • Smartphone/PDA/Handset PIMS (Personal Information Management System) i.e. Day Timer, Calendar, Address Book, Remote Save, etc.
  • MP3
  • Media Player
  • USB Sync Compatibility to PC
  • Voice Recorder
  • External Speaker
  • GPS
  • Full Color LCD WVGA Touch Screen

Saygus V Phone – V1™ Hardware/Software Features In Addition to Those Listed Above

  • 2 way video calling
  • Android OS (Operating System) Offering Scores of New Applications
  • Saygus Propietary Real-Time, Two-Way Mobile Video Calling Software – 24 to 30 Frames Per Second (Movies Standards are 24 FPS)
  • 512 MB Flash
  • 256 MB SDRAM
  • 624 MHz Processor
  • CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. A
  • USB Host Port (Others have Client Port Only)
  • MicroSD Storage up to 16 GB SDHC
  • Modem Port (USB Modem Capable)
  • WiFi 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR
  • Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP)
  • Multi Media Player
  • GPS – Global Position Satellite System Capable

Services Available

  • Three-Year Extended Warranty – One Year Manufacturer’s and Two Years Extended Available For One-Time Fee
  • Remote Save Capability – Save ANY Information AND Live Video Calls Entered to Remote Servers and Protect Against Data Loss For Monthly Fee
  • Insurance – Protect Against Loss, Theft, or Out of Warrantee User Damage For Monthly Fee
  • VMS – Video Messaging Service Offering Video Messages Like Text Messaging for $2.99/Mo. Unlimited

Verizon Gives HTC Droid Eris A Video Demo

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  1. I thought the third phone was the Calgary? Followed by a fourth being the Passion.

  2. Whoa, did NOT see this one coming. Last night I became very suspicious about the release of another HTC Android device, because I was hunting for certification info on the FCC website, and came up with nothing. If it wasn’t certified already, I would be surprised to see it released anytime soon. With all the HTC Android codenames floating around, I don’t think anybody really thought it might be something completely different. This new device sounds interesting, but it’s a brand I’ve NEVER heard of before, a processor line I’ve never heard of, and so on. I don’t think anything it offers would sway me from the Eris at this point. It also bugs me that they don’t say what version of Android it will come with, although being next year, it will almost certainly be 2.0.

  3. It looks like Motorola might have also had a hand in this, or that Bronze/Gold centered navigation pad is becoming a trend.

  4. whew for those who thought the motodroid looked ugly, this thing takes the cake. yuck

  5. Just when I thought Verizon was heading in the right direction they pull this shit. This unknown fugly phone will flop BIG TIME!

    The only device they need is the HD2 w/ android 2.0.

  6. I LOVE the keyboard on this one. It’s actually spaced out. I wanted the Droid until I saw the keyboard- no space in between keys? really? I miss the trackball. They should keep this keyboard, get rid of the ugly gold navigation thingie and put a trackball on it.

  7. It’s cool to see lots of different names in the bylines today! Interesting story, Verizon’s heating up. With the Droid, Eris(Desire?), Passion/Dragon, Calgary, and this, that makes five phones!

    (Wow, I just noticed that Desire spelled backwards is ‘ERISed’)

  8. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Passion/Dragon. It’s a shame it may not be out this year.

    The really disappointing thing is the plan pricing for me. Verizon told me that for my wife and I it’ll cost us around $200 per month (with the taxes and everything) two have a couple of Android phones. I’m in sticker shock.

  9. Oh, screen size isn’t listed either. Looks to me like the standard 3.2″ screen. And did I mention that the phone looks absolutely nasty? I don’t give a rip about video calling. I want a phone that I can bear to look at every day.

  10. Where did this come from?! I’ve been seeing some beautiful Eris pics, and I thought more sexy Droids were on the way (I hate look of moto droid)… Then this shows up? Where’s htc passion?

    And have you seen the other pics? It looked like it had been used for over a year.

  11. No camera?!?

    How are you going to do 2-way video if this thing doesn’t have a camera?

    Or did they just forget to list the camera specs?

  12. Camera
    5 MP main camera with auto focus and flash
    VGA forward facing camera

    source: http://saygus.com/v1.php

  13. There’s more specs on this page: http://saygus.com/v1.php
    There’s a 5MP main camera and VGA forward-facing camera. Screen is 3.5″ 480×800 WVGA. That’s the same size as the iPhone screen, but twice the resolution. I must say the keyboard is MUCH nicer than the Droid’s, but I don’t like hardware keyboards in general, and this phone is still nasty looking. I would take the Droid, iPhone, TP2, pretty much anything over this in a heartbeat.

  14. “It will now be possible to see the world as if it were present before your very eyes from thousands of miles away. It isn’t difficult to imagine a soldier at a base being able to make a mobile video call to his or her family and even watch a live performance of their child in a play, recital or sporting event.”

    ok ok I’m listening… :)
    Who cares how ugly it is if it allows you to see your beautiful family?

  15. Display
    3.5-inch capacitive touch-sensitive screen
    800 x 480 (WVGA) resolution

  16. this has got to be a joke. that thing looks 5 years old. and what happened to the report that the passion was coming out on black friday or mid december?

  17. Well, this one is comming out in 2010 so maybe it is the 4th phone.

  18. If this will work with some of the video phones that deaf people use to communicate (e.g. Sorenson), this would be fantastic, I could call my wife (deaf) and sign directly to her!! WOW!! I was chomping at the bit for Droid… now I’ll wait a little more… Hmmmmm…..

  19. @ everyone who thinks this is ugly I am not a fan, but it looks like a thick iPhone with extra buttons and a physical keyboard. It looks really thick though.

  20. nighthawk, that’s a good point.
    You can’t really compare it to other phones. Video calling changes everything. You can show what you are talking about. You have a sense of body language…there’s so much lost in communication when it’s just voice and text.

    And the keyboard looks like something I can use, unlike the Droid.

    I just hope this thing actually works well.

  21. I heard that someone went into a store in NYC the other day and the saleswoman they talked to hinted of another HTC phone due out as part of the holiday flurry of smartphones. She said she was torn between the Droid and this phone as far as best Android device. She confirmed it was NOT the Eris she was talking about. The sales reps have seen the list of phones due out between now and Christmas. Someone leak it already!!!!

  22. the passion is coming still– totally unsubstantiated gut call based on anecdotal evidence such as #21…. and its coming in 09.

  23. Eek. That better be just a trial set that’s gone through lots of wear and tear tests!

  24. I wouldn’t take the vphone as gosple for coming out for vzw/this could be is misinfo.

  25. OK, not pretty but photo may still be of pre market phone. But … look at the keyboard! If the MotoDroid had even slightly rounded keys on the keyboard people would be thrilled, this keyboard looks pretty well thought out.

  26. Why won’t they come out with an android world phone that is Verizon and Europe compatible?

  27. Who cares if its ugly, Video calling will be fantastic for my business and 2 talk 2 family miles away! way to go Verizon.

  28. can’t wait for the video calling phone! So excited!

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