T-Mobile Pulse: First Breathe For Pay-As-You-Go Androids!


Another big day for Android! Earlier today Sprint announced the HTC Hero and now T-Mobile UK has made official the Huawei-manufactured T-Mobile Pulse! The Pulse is a great looking phone, but for once it might be the service plan that everyone gets excited about. That’s because the T-Mobile Pulse is the first ever PAYG (Pay As You Go) Android Phone.

The phone will cost 179 pounds ($294 USD) up front, and then an extra 5 pounds/month for cellular service and 1 pound/day for Internet access. Considering its Android you’ll PROBABLY be wanting to pay the 6 pounds/day to take advantage of all the goodness.

I just want to give a shout out to Nicola Shenton who is Head of Handset Marketing. Ms. Shenton… YOU are one fine woman. That in no way/shape/form refers to her physical composition but rather this hilarious quote she gave to UK journalists:

“There are no plans to sell the iPhone in the UK,” she told journalists. “With Android, we don’t need the iPhone.”

Awesome. Spoken like a true Phandroid! The PAYG thing is cool and all but I’m sure you still want some details on the T-Mobile Pulse hardware, right? No problem:

  • 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • HVGA resolution with auto-rotation
  • Quad-band GSM connectivity
  • HSDPA (7.2Mbps) and HSUPA (2Mbps)
  • 320 x 480 pixels TFT touchscreen display with 16 million colors
  • 3.2MP camera with autofocus
  • GPS
  • 2GB internal memory
  • MicroSD
  • Qualcomm MSM7200A chipset at 528MHz
  • Dimensions: 135 x 62.5 x 13.6 mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Talk time: up to 210 minutes
  • Standby time: up to 300 hours

Now that I’m scrouring the Press Release for location/date information it looks like the Pulse will launch in October but exactly what countries will receive it I’m unsure. Obviously it will land in the UK as the Head of Handset Marketing from the UK weighed in on having the device and I’m pretty darn sure Germany is on the list. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see where and when the Pulse…. pulsates?

Let’s pack in as much corniness as we can in 2 sentences… Hooray for Huawei!

(Via Telekom Press Releaese, Images via ElectricPig)

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  1. 6£/day?!!!! That’s crazy!!! Nice phone.

  2. “and then an extra 5 pounds/day for cellular service and 1 pound/day for Internet access”

    So that’s 6 * 30 = 180 pounds a month? How is that PAYG? Or: how is that not insanely expensive?

  3. I’m really excited to see this phone coming to the light of day, but like I thought tmo uk. I really doubt the u.s. version if we get one, I don’t see t-mo getting this without using the with google branding. Again. I’m dissapointed about no us release date. Mayb I will spring for an unlocked version when its available.

  4. The pay as you go plan seems fairly pricey to me, maybe that is the standard rate for plans but at 180 pounds/month, that’s not cheap.

  5. Brandon, “pay as you go” is not a monthly plan, but literally pay as you go. 180 pounds is for the phone, after that you just pay for minutes, you’re not bound to any contract.

    I’m sure the phone (if it’ll become available) will be free on your average “regular” monthly plan (say 20 pounds or so/month).

  6. Ok, I totally don’t understand this pay-as-you-go thing.

    “5 pounds per day for cellular service”. Does this mean you pay 5 pounds every day that you actually place or receive a call? So if you got 10 calls in a month (on different days), and received email/calendar updates daily… you would pay 80 pounds?
    Sounds crippling.
    Does this even include other options like call display, text messaging etc? Why on earth would anyone take this over a monthly plan?

  7. But that 6pounds/day stuff just doesn’t sound right. Must be some error, that’s waaaay too expensive.

  8. That is one sexy looking phone

  9. Maybe it’s 5 pounds per MONTH and 1 pound per DAY for data?

  10. Wow = 6 pounds equals to $9.80 dollars a day. Multiply by 30 days and that is $294 a month. That could become expensive but on the other hand, if you keep your phone off there is no charge… however, that is an expensive piece of equipment to have just sitting in your pocket…

  11. surely that doesn’t make sense paying £5 cellular per day. pas as you go would mean. it’s a top up but you are not forced to have that. when one buys a pay as you go, one pays for the cost of the phone plus 5 or 10 pounds for the sim a credit on it. atmo internet for pay as you go phones is indeed £1 or more per day. my advice is get the phone payg, then get a so called solo 30days contract, it’s only the sim card contract it’s cheap as hell. if you don’t want that and keep payg, just get a 30days mobile internet contract for £5

  12. Ok, it really just looks lihe the math was done te3rribly wrong. If you read the article and tmo uk’s web site (what is this, slashdot? ;) ) it is going to be their standard PAYG pricing plus 1 pound a day for data service, which comes out to 55 pounds a month (ish) and that comes out to about $80 a month (ish) … which for their normal package at 1000 minutes and unlimited text is not a bad deal, cheaper than a lot of carriers.

    can i get it unlocked for that price and use it on at&t without 3g? ;)

  13. also people that making comments that the phone is expensive are you mad? for a new phone and look at the damn specs, it’s android 3.5 inch screen, 3G etc… basicly a new smart phone for £180 cough the htc hero was £400 when released. even the samsung toco lite was 230pounds when it was released it’s not even a smart phone it’s dumb phone!!! think people think i beg you. for me, am getting it for my lil bro definitely.

  14. Guys, guys. It’s £5/month *or* £1/day for data. Same prices as you get on top of most contracts. Phone calls are charger per-minute, something like 20p/minute. Texts will be around 10p each.

    And anyway, all the other phones could already be bought sim-free and used on PAYG tarrifs.

  15. Relax guys, it’s £5 per month OR £1 per day, not both.


    You can also see that info on techradar: http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/t-mobile-launches-budget-payg-android-the-pulse-631562

    Those charges are for internet usage only, text and call charges are separate (but there are some pretty good deals out there).

  16. Of course, that might just be t-mobile in the UK. Not sure about other countries, so I might be wrong…

  17. I think it’s 6 pounds per month. and 1 pound for each day that you use it. Makes more sense comapred to other PAYG services. I just wished it was available in the U.S. too. Wonder if it even needs to be unlocked to import to the US since it’s without a contract anyway, they shouldn’t have any reason to lock it.

  18. Guys, there is a mistake in this article regarding the data usage.

    “The Pulse will go on sale in October and will cost £179.99. Unlimited internet access will cost an extra £5 per month or £1 per day on top of the standard pay-as-you-go costs.”

    From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/mobile-phones/6132933/T-Mobile-launches-pay-as-you-go-Android-phone.html

  19. Guys stop complaining about the plan. There’ll be some logic behind it or whatever, just wait and see.

    What we should REALLY talk about is this FREAKING HOT PHONE.
    If it’s this cheap aaaand it comes to Germany I’ll have to get it. Maybe I’ll keep it and my G1 or give my G1 to someone if this phone is really good. Aaah I so cannot wait.
    How much RAM? RAM RAM RAM.

    Me want!

  20. “The phone will cost 179 pounds ($294 USD) up front, and then an extra 5 pounds/month for cellular service and 1 pound/day for Internet access.”

    5 pounds [phone service] + 30 days *( 1 pound /day) = 35 pounds per month.

    roughly 35 pounds/month * 12 months = roughly 420 pounds for a year

    420 pounds for a year subscription + 180 pounds for hardware = 600 pounds for an android phone without any bound contracts, but a year of service with internet.



  21. Wow you people!!! READ it says 5 pounds a month not 5 pounds a day… so the deal is prob 5 pounds a month to keep the phone turned on and pound a day for unlimited data and you buy minutes as needed… makes alot more sense doesn’t it? So thats about 35 pounds a month + however many minutes you use… That actually sounds like a pretty awesome deal! Wish T-Mo USA would do something like that… Reading comprehension people come on…

  22. The digital clock shows 13:33, but the analogic points 13:37 maybe 13:38…

  23. I am in love! €250 for this awsome piece of equipement. It has GPS, WiFi, a 3.5″ screen!!, 2GiB ROM, hopefully the RAM is up to par. Though the price difference should be somewhere, so I fear the build qualtity will be … well, not much of quality :). Though I really really really hope not, my Wizard is slowly dieing, I’m gonna miss him, but I need an Android replacement fast!

  24. Fu pulse if it not in us …. don’t care ..

  25. Why is this phone coming out in the UK first? huawei is Hawaiian, right? This had better be the G3, and even if it only has 2GB mem it’s bound to be better than the G1!!

  26. I’m really tired of T-Mobile getting all of the Android phones. =( I wish I wasn’t under VZW contract..

  27. Hi all…
    I am playing games on pc and i like to more about mobile…
    I like this article because it’s about mobile phones…

  28. Nice phone, just needs a keyboard… and, of course, a passport ;)

  29. Tyler, you are right:
    “The phone will cost 179 pounds ($294 USD) up front, and then an extra 5 pounds/month for cellular service and 1 pound/day for Internet access.”

    But you don’t need to have reading comprehension in order to misinterpret things when the next line is this: “Considering its Android you’ll PROBABLY be wanting to pay the 6 pounds/day to take advantage of all the goodness.”
    5 pounds/day + 1 pound/day = 6 pounds/day but
    5 pounds/month + 1 pound/day = (aprox.) 1.17 pounds/day

  30. PAYG works out more expensive than getting the Hero on contract!?
    I got a HTC Hero (T-mobile G2) on contract – £35 per month. For that I got the phone free of charge, 700 incusive minutes, unlimited text messages, and unlimited internet. Bargain!!

  31. Spider, where do you get the hero for free, even under contract? Yes, the minutes plan is comparative, but are you saying for 35 a month you get 700 minutes, text and internet? I find this a little hard to believe for the plan and the phone cost.

  32. T-mobile UK, check out this link has the details: http://is.gd/2TALn

  33. believe me the iphone just got usurped. The htc hero contract by tmobile is for real and you can get it in sleek BLACK too. Android is rising. Apple fanboys are crying.

  34. This looks pretty good. Shame about having to pay £1 daily internet access! I’m guessing this would be unlockable. Also a bit iffy about the UI. Back to the original UI!

  35. It is definitely coming to the U.S. just a matter of time. A very short time. Who wants a F*%king DATA PLAN. F*&k the Data Plan. I and a ground swell of consumers out there want the smart phone touch screen experience with full functionality at 50 bucks a month flat on a phone like the PULSE.



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