Samsung Galaxy Officially Hits O2 UK


Maybe mobile carriers should just start linking to Phandroid instead of posting their own press releases. On August 27th we told you O2 UK customers were already upgrading to the Galaxy, on the 30th we told you it had gone live on the O2 UK site, and now on September 3rd the company has finally gotten around to announcing the Galaxy via Press Release.

My personal favorite part of the Press Release is where they describe 3 popular apps but the 2nd is what I find most hilarious:

  • Lightsaber – a fun application that means you can play lightsabers with friends
  • Paceman – anyone can play this traditional arcade which is making a cult comeback

With ALL the awesome apps on the Android Market they highlight the fun application that means you can play lightsabers with friends?


Wow they are REALLY buying into this “Android is for nerds” school of thought! But all joking the side, I’ve always enjoyed the looks and specs of the gallery and had hoped it would come to various locations sooner than it has. I’m happy for all the folks in the UK who have access to this Android Phone and hopefully you folks will report back in the Samsung Galaxy Forum about your experience using it.

Here is a quick look at the specs from the Press Release:


I’m still diggin’ the 8GB internal memory, 5MP cam with flash and AMOLED screen… anyone holding out on the Hero in hopes that this hits the states? Until it does – if it does – have fun playing “light sabers” with paper mache swords in your mom’s living room!

Rob Jackson
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  1. Rob, slow down the typing and focus on those typo’s! Seems you need a proofreader over there! :)

  2. I believe you meant Pacman… ;)
    “Are” and “Belong” don’t really go together, I’d say drop “Are” all together.

    As for the phone I wish it was available in the US. although considering i got my G1 before the release date, I still have some time to go before I can upgrade… :(

  3. CanDMan & KaiTech… look at the original press release. They actually say PACEman in the Press Release. I was going to make a comment about it but then realized how many people point out my typos and I’m just like “Awwww eff it you know what I meant!” LOL

  4. @KaiTech – as for the “ARE & BELONG” please read this:

  5. ha ha …ok Rob, I’m surely missing a little of the geek speak …all your galaxy are belong to us huh? …jeez …ok, removing that and the highlighted quotes you’re down to 1 typo …Much better and not worthy of commenting on …lol …keep up the good work, but maybe a warning about a possible impending headache when reading what amounts to horribly translated psuedo-english ramblings. :D

  6. maybe they were referring to you calling it a ‘gallery’ instead of a ‘galaxy’?

  7. Wow I cant believe Rob got dawged for the All your bases are belonging to us reference. *shakes head* Dont worry Rob, I was right there with ya.

  8. Just don’t ask o2 for a Samung Galaxy, the poor old sales advisor will not have a clue what ur talking about.

  9. LOL @ those who’ve never experienced all your base are belong to us.

  10. Well I won’t comment on the typos, but this is definitely the phone I’ve been waiting for this or Sony Erricson … won’t actually go Droid till one of these are released. Personally I think a lot of people are waiting for a spec worthy device.

  11. It’s ok Rob, I had a good chuckle at the Jedi image. Ahh the memories of all your base.

  12. So, I am fairly new to the Android world and longing to replace my iPhone with a well made Android device. This may sound like a noob thing to ask, but is it possible given the “open” nature of the Android OS and with the Open Handset Alliance, is it possible to take any unlocked android device and use it on the AT&T network?

    The reason why I ask is obviously because :

    1.I already have a plan with AT&T and will never go back to verizon, (because of a recent problems with them).

    2.AT&T seems to be the best alternative to Verizon as far as their network is concerned.

    So basically, back to my original question, can i use any Android device on any carrier?

  13. Somebody set up us the bomb.

  14. I’ve been really looking forward to the Galaxy, but I’ve been reading a lot of news that it would go to T-Mobile. Any idea if it will be heading to Sprint?

  15. Are there any news about when is going to be available in the U.S. I would like to have this phone even if I have to pay a bit more instead of the lite version.

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