Pink HTC Hero Pictured Outside Of Packaging

You didn’t forget about that humbly toned down Pink HTC Hero that went on sale exclusively at did you? It appears they might be plopping on porches rather soon as at least one has been pictured along with its box:



I like how the pink is more of a laid back, chilled out pink rather than an in your face hey look at me pink. Classy… classy. If you ordered one, have you gotten yours?

[Via Modaco]

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  • joey

    its official : the htc hero will be on the sprint network!! i spoke with an inside man (who works for sprint), he said the hero will be one of many new phones to come out in october

  • Ted417

    Only real men buy Pink HTC Hero’s :D

  • FisherP

    That looks more Salmon than pink :)

  • Naz

    I bought my white one unlocked and I luff it lots!! Can’t wait for the update coming soon!

  • *d.*

    yeah, ‘salmon,’ or ‘vagina.’ how odd. it looks like it’s lacking a finishing touch of hello kitty stickers!

  • G

    haha Hello Kitty…

  • Jim Nantz

    HTC Pink Taco excellent!

  • flow

    i have a white one and love it! pink is not my color ;)

  • Javid

    i would like to see more accessories for the HTC Hero being available sooner…… and a wider variety too…. that would be nice.

  • Dani

    I actually really like the pink, its not the in-you-face hot pink of the M RAZR, which is refreshing. If if was coming to T-Mobile, i’d get it.

  • Summer

    Omg i have that pink htc hero from iwireless (t-mobile affiliate) and wierd i do have hello kitty stickers on it and one justin bieber sticker… I think i wanna peel it off now.

  • Summer

    Umm… Wow these other comments are from a year ago