Sprint CEO Confirms 2009 Android, Ready For Primetime


hesseA few months ago everyone was talking about how Palm and Sprint both had all of their eggs in the Pre basket. While the American powerhouse carriers Verizon and AT&T played wait and see and T-Mobile carried the Android torch, Sprint seemed stuck in between. At first the reasons seemed harsh – CEO Dan Hesse was heard saying Android isn’t good enough yet. Well… its good enough now.

The company waited patiently for a polished version of the Android OS before committing and at Fortune’s Brainstorm: Tech on Friday, Dan Hesse admitted that day has arrived:

“The reviews say now it’s ready for prime time,” Hesse said. “It wasn’t when it first came out.”

The admission coincides with the UK launch of the HTC Hero which Sprint has long been rumored to eventually carry. But don’t count out the possibility of a Samsung Android Phone on Sprint either – at the end of 2008 sources said a Samsung Android Phone would land on Sprint in June 2009. In April 2009 those rumors were still alive and kicking, Forbes.com’s Elizabeth Woyke reported that a June 2009 Samsung Android on Sprint was coming.

Obviously that didn’t happen, but persistent rumors of a Samsung Android Phone on Sprint should at least make it a possibility worth mentioning. And who knows, perhaps we’ll get both! One thing is for sure: we’ll have at least one Sprint Android phone by the end of 2009 – Dan Hesse said so himself.

[Via CNET]

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  1. Holy crap… took them long enough. I’m hoping for the Samsung ‘Galaxy’. I’m not sold on the Hero just yet.

  2. I seriously can’t believe this! I have been patiently waiting for an android phone for sprint, for what seems like forever!

  3. I guess the only question is, when in 2009?

  4. Great news. Btw the i7500 galaxy does not work with sprint. Rumor is the sph-m900 instinctq at the moment. I’m not a fan of htc hopefully the sammy is nice and first.

  5. Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! I’m going to wait till these Androids come out before upgrading my beloved Instinct.

  6. Samsung Galaxy please ASAP!

  7. Hero for sure with some upgraded innards. HTC I think has done that for Sprint before with the original Touch. I pray its the Hero and I can finally stop obsessing about having a Android phone..Oh and Dan..make sure I can use it with Sero

  8. I’d love to have either device on Sprint! I have an upgrade coming in November, so here’s hoping!!

  9. I hope this helps Sprint add to it’s user numbers and shuts those yolks at Verizon & AT&T up about how many user’s they have. Reminds me of a Gorilla pounding it’s chest with nothing really to brag about. I can call anyone I want with Sprint and it never mattered how many people were on my network. Do the MATH Verizon & AT&T… 80,000,000 idiots X 2…

  10. Oh Yeah…Also. I’m stoked for an Android Phone. I hope Samsung comes out with a cool one cause I love my Instinct and would love to upgrade to another Samsung.

  11. Will Sero plan work with it?

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