Motorola Dev Programs Reveal Its Android Intentions


Motorola’s Android handsets have been in the works for a long time now, but the company has managed to be pretty tight lipped about progress. Since Android handsets are still arriving in the marketplace in reletively small numbers, Motos work in the arena is pretty important. It also goes without saying that for a struggling company such as Moto, Android could easily prove to be its saviour.


While details on its devices are still lacking, the company has recently been very active with Android development programs throughout the US, hoping to bring more serious developers to Android. Encouragement in this field could prove invaluable, since applications have become the value by which many platforms are judged, and could determine consumer interest in new Android handsets. Motorola’s recognition of this is especially hopeful for a company that has seemingly been stuck in the world of RAZR for far too long.

Christy Wyatt, Motorola’s VP of software platforms, has also gone on record stating the company is focusing on mid- to high-end handsets in both the consumer and enterprise marketplace. So far we haven’t seen much in the field of Android that points towards the business side of things, but Motorola could be pivotel in making that happen and perhaps distancing itself from other Android manufacturers.

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