T-Mobile USA Confirms Android Announcement Next Week


Android rumors have been flying at a fast pace lately. In addition to a HUGE global announcement from HTC next week on June 24th, we just heard that T-Mobile UK officially announced the T-Mobile G1 Touch and T-Mobile USA is rumored to have a big announcement next week too. Scratch the rumored part.


Responding to recent speculation by the entire universe in addition to the Wall Street Journal, a T-Mobile spokesperson had the following to say according to EngadgetMobile:

“Next week, T-Mobile will share more details about its next Android-powered phone, the follow-on device to the T-Mobile G1 with Google.”

Surely it will be the MyTouch 3G, right? But what is this G1 Touch in the UK? Could it be the Huawei phone? An announcement to an announcement… I love it… Too many Android rumors might cause my brain to implode!!!

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T-Mobile UK Announces G1 Touch!

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  1. awesome.
    i’ll be in line at my local t-mobile from today ;-)


  2. I’ve been waiting to upgrade from ppc6700 (i know) to an android phone for a while. Don’t really like the WinMo and not an apple fan with all their restrictions. How much do you guys think this phone will go for with a two year contract?

  3. I have heard $179 with a 2-year T-Mo contract.

  4. Dave, my guess is $200 without mail-in rebate.

  5. you think it would be possible for t-mobile to release more than one phone at a time? it would be smart of them since the pre and iphone 3gs have alittle time ahead of them. it would also be a smart move to show the world what android is about: options.

  6. I’d say that TMo is announcing TWO Android phones next week. So Options it is.

  7. You think the next Android phone is going to be the Samsung Galaxy, rather then the Mytouch 3g? That would be interesting, or is the Galaxy releasing in the next two weeks, and the Mytouch 3g, in August? I will say when I talked to a rep over the phone last Sunday, she told me the next android phone would be from HTC, but also hinted there could be 2 android phones released this summer. I don’t know, but the Galaxy is very thin, which I love, so I’d choose it over the Mytouch 3g, what do you guys think? Does t-mobile have 2 android phones up their sleeves? Next week we will know

  8. these announcements are coming too late… really bad marketing via t-mo and the handset manufacturer (HTC?)… With the iPhone 3GS and the N97 available today everyone is jumping on 18m/24m contracts! I should receive my N97 any day now, I’d love a new android phone if the hardware is decent but if i dont hear what is coming before my phone arrives I’m afraid I’ll be sticking with my n97 for 18months.

  9. I cant wait to find out what the new phone is cause since the 1.5 cupcake upgrade my g1 has been acting stupid so its time to get something new and a new android phone would be just right

  10. I hope tmo USA gets the hauwei phone (8230 or whatever its called),looks alot sexier than the magic.

  11. Well if they can come close to the new iPhone I will jump on this. My contract with T-Mo has been up for sometime and I’m getting real anxious to jump on a new phone. A good camera, stereo bluetooth and decent memory are critical.

  12. Rumor has it, from a T-mobile rep who sold my wife a phone last week, hold off till after the 25th of June when reps. go in for training on the new google phone (ie the G2)

  13. the new so called Huawei phone is comming out in the u.k on july 15 its is called the htc hero but the u.k just gave the name g1 touch this phone hero has flash a 5 megapixel camera and more features just look it up

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