Dell Android Phone Picture Leaked?


We’ve chastized Dell quite a bit for their Android phone and overall smartphone attempts after being virtually booed out of North America. But you know what… at least they’re trying. And if this leaked image of the first Dell mobile phone – rumored to be running Android – is real?  The PalmPre will have a pretty direct challenger:


Of course this is probably the same prototype to which  carriers responded negatively so it probably isn’t anything superb – plus it would only launch in Asia if that was the case. The resemblence to the Palm Pre, at least from this initial blurry pic, are undeniable. Is this just further evidence suggesting Dell should buy Palm?

That would be a hefty 2+ billion dollar pricetag and if they DID buy Palm, you can assume their smartphone priorities would be in developing WebOS and not in supporting Android. So perhaps we should take a look at the above picture and have some hope that Dell can actually put together a decent looking phone and we’re just waiting for all the various pieces to properly fit together. C’mon Dell… you can do it!

[Engadget via PDAFans(translated)]

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  1. I guess keyboards will soon be a thing of the past. :-(

  2. WTF is that? Looks like another iphone/magic wannabe. These smartphone manufacturers that think that sofkeys are the way to go are completely missing the boat. Softkeys only work when your a 14 year old girl and you don’t need to see the screen while you are texting. Softkeys will not work when you are trying to use the phone as a remote ssh client or when you are typing any message of substance.

  3. I agree with solid. Android is a distro of Linux – it need BUTTONS! as much input as I can get. I’m sticking with my G1 until something comparable is out, meaning I have my fingers crossed for the next a)T-Mo phone w/ b) a keyboard and c) MORE MEMORY!

  4. IMHO.
    Practice make perfect.
    Just don’t see the point in slide out keyboards.

    If you have capacitative screen soft keyboards work very well.
    I’ve been waiting for Iphone -like phone that would have android OS for very long time already.

    There are couple reasons why i absolutely never gonna buy a phone that has slide out keyboard:

    1. they make phones clunky and thick
    2. They usually just double soft keyboars and obviously you can’t get rid of it if you don’t wanna use it.
    3. more things that can break (i have a buddy that is already going through his 3-rd g1).
    4. to *Solid* – i’d say there are 0.01 % of pipl who know what “ssh client” is not even talking about using it. :)

    i’m a geek and i’m saying: ta hell with slide out keyboards.

  5. I agree with the desire for a HARDware keyboard.

    I can use a VK – BUT, I DON’T like it. VK’s SUCK! and, are only good for short messages.

    I’m impatiently waiting for an Android phone for the ATT network. I love my G1 – but, I’m tired of Edge and long for some 3/4G.

    Just hoping ATT will bring on an Android phone with an auto focus camera (won’t use it if it isn’t auto focus!), a hardware kb, decent screen size, and more system Ram/Rom!

    Looks like the Dell phone won’t have a hardware kb.
    !sigh! I wish T-mobile had good service in my area!

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