New Samsung Phone In 2 Hours – Fingers Crossed For Android


In case you forgot, a new Samsung Phone is being unveiled unpacked in two hours over at SamsungUnpacked.com. It will most likely be the Samsung Omnia Pro or some other non-android phone we already know a bunch about. That being said, keep your fingers crossed that it is the Samsung Bigfoot or the North American Samsung Galaxy I7500 .


If it isn’t an Android phone you’ll see no follow-up… we’ll be busy crying in the corner. If it is, however, expect full coverage! (I would expect the former, but a man can dream, can’t he?)

Rob Jackson
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  1. its 1:42 now
    ive had it on ever since it was 5 hours
    i hope its bigfoot

  2. I’ve been waiting with this site open for a day and a half,I really hope it’s android, i want android and im hoping for a H/W keyboard too, for me the i7500 plus H/W keyboard will be my perfect phone

  3. @freebirds87 – if Samsung issued a press release announcing the phone right before their big marketing unveil that would be absolute fail. I hope it isn’t but you never know haha

  4. OH YEAH – remember how the Samsung Android Phone was first rumored as the “Samsung Houdini”? That would go alone with the “unpacked” theme… kinda… i guess… maybe… not… haha i’m reaching

  5. Well the site says something about great web experience. This rules out WinMo so what else could it be. ;-)

    It would be nice if there was an Android phone that stayed under the radar like this. But if it doesn’t have a keyboard I wouldn’t care too much.

  6. less than one hour people get ur fingers ready

  7. Did anyone else see this one on Tech Crunch?


    It seems a little odd as it makes it seem as though the event has already happened.

  8. less than 30 minutes and counting

  9. what time is it samsung time
    i hope its biig foot

    what time is it (hsm )(editid 4 uunpack )
    u guys its time

  10. Nope, it’s the jet as freebirds87 feared…

  11. were did the timer go and were is the phone

  12. jet.samsungmobile.com is the new link from the site. But since it’ s not Android, I’m not interested anymore…

  13. it says it’s named the Samsung Jet with a link to a site that won’t open on my end.

  14. ok, it seems to be working now but i still haven’t seen what the phone looks like.

  15. oh nooooooooooooooooooo
    its just the Samsung jet wtf didnt they release this like 3 hours ago

  16. nvm…it’s not working :(

    i’ll try rendering in IE

  17. Yeah we must be late due to the timezone Rob. The phone in that link you posted looks killer! Suddenly my G1 doesnt seem so cool… I’m now tempted to give it to my wife.

  18. honestly i still like my g1 over any of these. pretty dissapointing.

  19. Sorry to spoil the fun…lol

  20. Lol, The Samsung Jet. AWESOME. There’s your WoW factor right there. G1 still wins N. American Android phone.

  21. it was pretty obvious what it was… with the whole cube/box theme.

  22. I am gutted, I had really hope the rumour mongers were wrong. I was the 5th London winner and had secretly hoped for an android OS(the 5K would have been nice too) Should be getting the phone soon but it’s got a lot of hype to live up to. Mybe I’ll sell it fot the i7500!!

  23. well andrew i would envy u so badly now if it was the bigfoot but ur right android is a must since jet doesnt have android
    idont care

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