Jun 15th, 2009

Google Maps for Android is pretty awesome – I use it regularly as both a driver and pedestrian – and it just got a bunch better. Announced today on the Google Mobile Blog, a version of Google Maps is now available on the Android Market that includes updates such as Audio Search and Latitude improvements:

The search with voice works exceptionally from what I’ve tried thus far but I still have yet to tinker with the Google Latitude improvements. Also to note – Google Voice search recognizes only English but accounts for American, Australian and British accents which is a pretty slick.

transit-androidBoth transit and walking directions are available and Google now has public transportation routes available in 250+ cities. If you’ve ever been a tourist visiting New York unable to find the closest Subway station (not the type that sells $5 footlongs) this update could be just what you were looking for.

One experimental feature for latitude is called “Updates” and you can basically tag your location with a quick note or message that provides more insight into your current happenings. Unfortunately, to see this “Updates” feature your friends will need to have the new version of Google Maps for Android as well. I guess that is what you get with something experimental.

You HAVE to go to the Android Market to download the Google Maps for Android update so grab your Android Phone and search the market for Google Maps – pronto! You’ll be happy you did – I promise!