Motorola Android Phone (Calgary) Headed To Verizon


We thought we would have to wait forever for an Android Phone to hit Verizon Wireless. We also thought it would take forever for Motorola to launch their first ever Android Phone and lets face it – they need a hit like the Palm needed Pre. According to a BGR ninja, the Motorola Calgary will be the first Motorola Android Phone and the first Android Phone available on Verizon Wireless… DOUBLE WHAMMY!


In December we first introduced you to the Motorola Calgary and asked you which you would MOST want to see as the first MotoDroid, fully knowing they were all headed to Verizon. Many of you said the Flash… which was cancelled. Others said the Calgary and it looks like you have your wish. Although I suggested Verizon wouldn’t have an Android Phone any time soon, it sounds like the Motorola Calgary will be heading to Verizon Wireless as early as this summer but more likely in time for the holidays.

Delightful news on all accounts, is it not?

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  1. That keyboard is not going to go over well with consumers. I can tell already that by not staggering the buttons people are going to hate it. When you have them right on top of each other like that, in perfect columns and rows, it makes it really hard to type intuitively.

    Another keyboard complaint, looking at those flat keys: they just make it impossible to type fast. The G1 has a similar problem as well. I prefer the old Sidekick3 keyboard, the keys are slightly raised, like a little bubble. I know these phones slide instead of the flip-up action the SK series has, that’s why they’re so flat, but it really doesn’t make for a great user experience. I notice my fingers getting sore very quickly and it’s harder to slide over the keys and know where my thumbs are/what key I’m about to hit.

  2. I would most like to see it have….

    A CANADAN launch date!

    perhaps here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!?

  3. Finally! Been waiting for this since G1 came on the market. Looks like i won’t have to be switching carriers after all.

  4. That thing is SEXY!

  5. Argh. Just when my conviction to switch to T-mobile hit it’s peak, Big Red’s got to come out with this. Screw it, i am still switching.. for good reasons:

    1) I don’t own a Razor, nor have I ever wanted to. For some reason, when you take a Razor, break it in half, pancake it on top of it’s self, add some extra chrome paint and star-treck-esque bevels and curves, name it after a protestant church, and yes, EVEN add android, I still don’t want one.

    2) Did I insinuate clearly that it’s ugly? Because it is.

    3) This is like the dark side of Android. The un-sexy, un-cool, dark side. I can see a lot of people here in Utah going for it, or like, Rush Limbaugh, or anyone who has anything to do with ESPN. Not that Rush would be open minded enough for something as… communal(?)(forward thinking? … Liberal!?!) as open source, but if he had to pick between a HTC Sexy, and a Motorola Brimstone, I think we all know what would happen.

  6. 1) a keyboard with less than 5 rows is less than acceptable :-}

    2) That thing is UGLY

    3) Why are the face buttons at the top of the face?

  7. So old Verizon finally broke down lol. I guess the pressure was getting to great. People were going to start leaving.

  8. This doesn’t have the hardware buttons on the face that all the other android phones have. Is this really going to be an android phone?? Is verizon REALLY going to get it? How reliable is this “ninja”?

  9. I just switched from Verizon for my G1. I really like Verizon’s service, and I have no complaints. I’m just switching because I really want an Android device. If Verizon has a good 4G Android device when my T-Mo contract is up, I’ll most likely switch back.

  10. @micah Keep in mind its probably not going to look exactly like that when it comes out

  11. Customer loyalty is at an all time low when it comes to android matters. Lots of people jumped ship to T-mobile for the G1.

    I left sprint after 11 years of service. It is noteworthy that I did so for the platform, the G1 is built poorly and cheaply, but it’s the smartest device I have ever used and makes me money.

    If Motorola comes out with a device that is better built with the same features I will switch to Verizon. If the the new G1 v2 is the better deal I will stay where I am.

    Must have a keyboard, must have android.

  12. Remember we are talking about Verizon here…they will find a way to lock that sucker down and take the “open” out of open source that makes Android so juicy.

  13. Dying to try Android. Tired of Windows Mobile (oh so tired). Don’t want the iPhone ONLY because it doesn’t have a physical keyboard and I type a LOT from my phone. Our corp policies block installing apps on Blackberry devices. Android is my only hope (cheap Star Wars reference). We’re on Verizon at work so I’m waiting patiently.

    I like the look of the Calgary. I own a Verizon/HTC XV6800 right now that looks in form a lot like the Calgary. The keyboard isn’t a problem. It’s a small ugly crap keyboard and I accept that. Not looking for keyboard nirvana, just something physical with a “click” in it somewhere. In daily use I never lament that the keys aren’t staggered or that it has only 4 rows of keys.

    I want a date that Verizon is going to offer it!

  14. this rockss i will def. get it …guys look at the positive sides of this fone

  15. Like the guy said, Verizon will lock down all the features you wanted an andoid for in the 1st place !

    Where’s my wi-fi enabled phone Verizon ?

  16. You see, the problem with this is that the buttons on the home screen, are exactly the same as the buttons on my Motorola Krave… which is the crappiest phone I have ever bought in my life. Never will I buy a Motorola Phone with that OS again, it doesn’t look like Android to me… just sayin. It looks like, I think they call it the Blaze OS.

  17. Verizon, you just don’t get it. I have been a customer for four years. I want the iPhone. In order for you to get me not to switch to ATT, you are going to have to get me a touch phone like the iPhone with at least 8 gig of internal storage!

    Only two android phones I know of feature this. I hope you get one of them.

    If not, bye bye!

  18. its cool i guess but no iphone. the iphone can have all the little flaws but ultimately its the best phone. nice attempt by verizon like the other ones but im switchin to at&t to get the iphone 3gs regardless

  19. anyways verizon always has the worst phones. they come out with the IPHONE KILLER the lg voyager umm no. lg dare no lg versa. all phones tht do the same thing for different prices. the droid will probably suck jus bcuz its with verizon

  20. Look is gr8 but still we have to wait to see how it hit the market

  21. rotten mobiles with rotten director of company with rotten technologies

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