Switzerland Getting Samsung i7500 In July


Fresh off the heels of HTC Magic in June news, Switzerland will enjoy quite the 1-2 punch combination as the Samsung i7500 is now rumored to be launching in July. The French website TSR.ch is reporting that it will launch in July for 699 Swiss francs which, for our American readers, is about $615 US Dollars. That price is sans contract and rebate so it should come in with a final price much under that… assuming the Swiss mobile market follows the status quo.


Here is the source article, translated from French to English:

Samsung will launch in July the I7500, ie the first cell operating with the operating system Google Android. It will be equipped with a bright display type AMOLED and should be particularly fast by sheet. Without a subscription, this phone will be offered to 699 francs in Switzerland.

Surfing on all networks, including wi-fi, this cell is able to receive information more than seven Mbits / sec and send more than five in HSPA. Equipped with 8GB of internal memory, a GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, an external card reader (up to 32GB!), A photo sensor five megapixel autofocus with flash and a battery 1500 mAh cell that appears to be well armed.

Complete Players
In addition, the player seems the most versatile. According to the press release from the Korean manufacturer, the third mobile market powered by Android “reads all the formats like MP3, AAC, e-AAC, WMA and RealAudio. The videos are recorded and read formats MPEG4, WMV, H .263 or H.264.

A reading of this data sheet and knowing the quality of Android and the good perspectives in the Korean language, I wonder how well this phone can not replace my current cellular … I particularly appreciate the features networks (provided that the following operators) that can send photos and videos at the speed of light on the canvas!

So the Swiss now have the HTC Magic in June, the Samsung i7500 in July… hopefully someone is working on an August release date to keep things rolling!

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