HTC Magic Pre-Order Starts… NOW!

The HTC Magic is now available for Pre-Order with Vodafone (for FREE)!!! If you’re the type of person who:

  • Doesn’t like to wait in line
  • Likes to get gadgets first
  • Doesn’t want to miss out if they sell out quickly

I would suggest you head on over to our information page where you can pre-order the HTC Magic.


The HTC Magic is only the world’s SECOND Android based phone, so long as you count the T-Mobile G1 and HTC Dream as the same phone although they were launched using both names in various parts of the world. In the follow up to the G1 the Magic ditches the slideout QWERTY keyboard in favor of a sleeker, sexier full touchscreen. The new software keyboard looks plenty effective and we’re estimating this thing is going to sell like hot cakes.

If you insist on playing the waiting game you should know that the device should launch in retail units on May 1st and those who pre-order will likely receive their Magic on that day or before. This thing should sell like hot cakes so get aboard before the ship leaves the harbor!

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  • Dominic Bisset

    Gotta love living in England where phones are litterally given away to get you on contract.

  • Jompa

    Hope the launch of more Android phones will shorten the time before we can get one here in Norway.

  • Andrex

    And now us in the U.S. wait for T-Mobile’s next move. Clock is ticking…

    If they’re smart, they’ll announced and launch it before the next iPhone, probably around the same time as the Pre.

  • Jon

    It may have a 3.2MP still camera, but what’s the spec of its video camera? Anyway, looks like a nice phone…

  • tcb

    So am I correct to assume that Cupcake will be out before May 1? Considering the Magic does not have a keyboard and a soft keyboard is central to cupcake…..

  • Rich

    So there’s hotcakes coming and no cupcake… figures.

  • nobody

    No hardware keyboard, no thanks.

  • Thonolan

    Please, don’t be sillys!!

    Without price and condition, you can only put up the movil.

  • Matt

    I am very confused with the whole cupcake thing.. the cupcake development branch has already been implemented on the Magic’s build.. Which is what the haykuro build is right?? the haykuro build is the OS from the magic which has been adapted to work on the Dream.. Or at least this is how i understand it..

  • vis_vitalis

    Is it possible to order HTC Magic G2, and use that without having a contract with Vodafone? I mean operators, who aren’t that popular in Europe.
    Or there will be same thing that was with first iPhones?

  • Mailman

    Can’t wait for this phone to come out in Belgium. But like usual if it comes out at a price of 250$ in the us for the device without contract we’ll have the pleasure to pay like 499€ :s Belgium sucks regarding Telecom and Internet.

  • Q

    If I order the phone can I have it shipped to the US and use it with my TMo sim card or will it have to be through Vodafone? I love the keyboard on my G1 though! Ugh! Will there be another Android phone with a keyboard? I’m waiting for the G3 and hopefully it has the keyboard, video capture and stereo bluetooth. I couldn’t ask for anything else from my G1!

  • G Disciple

    it sux that it comes out for free with a vodaphone contact and not the same for tmobile. And that’s a good question will we be able to preorder it without a contract and use the US Tmobile network.