Ford, GM Announce “Android Car”


In a move to differentiate the struggling American Auto Industry from superior foreign powers, Ford & GM issued a joint Press Release that both companies would be working closely with another American powerhouse – Google – to create a line of “Android Cars”. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

The Press Release includes no details about exact models or specifications but they did include some juicy tidbits. The first iteration of Android Cars will be “Green” in two ways – they’ll be hybrid cars capable of 200+ MPG and they’ll also launch with the familiar Green from the Android Robot. Hopefully they’ll launch a Phandroid Blue vehicle as well! So what will make the Ford & GM vehicles Android in nature?


The entire car will be integrated with the Android Operating System in every way imaginable. Seats, Air Conditioning, GPS, In-Car Speakerphone, Radio, etc… all seamless between your Android Device and your car. Back seat head rests will be outfitted with Android Netbook screens and separate bluetooth keyboards will be safely tucked away in the seat pocket as an accessory -PURE WIN. And get this – Google will work with Clearwire’s 4G network to provide blazing fast wireless speeds from mostly anywhere in the nation by the time the vehicle’s launch – early 2010!!!

But those are just the basics. According to one anonymous but credible source, Ford & GM are working on a joint proprietary technology that would interface with Android’s GPS technology and Google’s overall mapping knowledge to allow you to put your car on AUTO PILOT! Your car will not automatically change lanes or get off at exits, but it WILL set your cruise control and keep you in your current lane, adjusting the steering wheel with the curve of the road. How awesome is that? Of course you’ll need to remain alert but this is basically just Cruise Control 2.0. If you touch the steering wheel yourself the Auto-Pilot feature will automatically turn off, allowing you to regain complete control of the car instantaneously.

A few other interesting and relevant notes: the car can fly, looks like a pig and this site is now dedicated to Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1. april fooleration, suckah!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. worst.aprils.fools.ever.

  2. I was bying it- until it came to the auto pilot =P

  3. DAMN YOU PEOPLE! I was ohhh sooo looking forward to this but noooo. You had to play your silly games and crush my dreams. BAH.

  4. Holy shit balls! What more can be said.

  5. You know, the more fantastic the premise, the less believable it is, esp. when posted on April 1st.

    I knew it was a fake from the headline alone. Better luck next year :-)

  6. WOW! You had me so excited. It would be awesome though to someday have android in our vehicles.

  7. That was hitting below the belt.

    Well played.

  8. Yeah, not really believable starting at the headline. Can I just say I _hate_ April Fools. It will be nice when there are sites that are above it. I come here for news not comedy (thank God or I would be in trouble).

  9. Oh wow, you got me!

    Not. :)

  10. HAHA, you got me good.

  11. Idea for next year : an Android Space Shuttle !

  12. this, THIS is why i hate April fools. FML

  13. @Tim – above it? I think a far worse fate is people taking themselves too seriously. Geez, relax. Kick your feet up and have a brewsky. Have some fun.

  14. Wow, you really hurt Tim’s feelings. Poor guy…anyway, nice one. You actually got me, I mailed the link to all my friends all stoked.

  15. Oh yeah, and this IS totally believable. Remember: We live in TEH FUTURZ!!

  16. I punched my girl because I was sooooo excited. Now I have to buy her something expensive to make up for the false alarm. Thanks a lot…

  17. Lol my awareness level for today is over 9000. As soon as I heard that a mobile phone OS would completely control a car, I knew.

  18. Dream today, reality tomorrow!

  19. SHIT, I actually bought that.

  20. Literally the worst and most obvious April Fools joke I have ever read.

  21. Thanks Isaac Sloan. You are like a bucket of rainbows on a sunny vacation on a magical island. You must be a unicorn.

  22. It sounded too futuristic that it made me think of its probability

  23. Damn I feel for this all the way until the last paragraph

    Hey its possible. Lol

    Best android geek april fools ever cuz only us phandroids could truly appreciate.


  24. Little do we know… he’s right all along.

    Given an infinite amount of time, monkeys, computers, car factories, and Mountain View, CA…

  25. BAHAHAHA, I so had my wife going with this one… She just kept saying “SCARY, SCARY, SCARY!!!!” Then I read her the last line.

    Thanks Rob!!!

  26. that was cold blooded friend…..cold blooded

  27. You know it’s sad when I’m a writer for Phandroid and I bought it. Rob – We’ll talk later :)

  28. What do you mean april fools this is real I have one in my garage and I pre-ordered the one with TURBO JET and 20+cup holders.

  29. well i didnt fall for it because i had fell for another aprils fool which said the blackberry storm was getting discontinued, but as i was reading along i caugh on the bull#$% with this story

  30. Yeah i was buying it until the cruise control 2.0 shite.. Not a bad idea for the auto industry to get on board with an upgradable operating system for their vehicles.

  31. i totally still want this to happen!

  32. A year later and the joke is on Phandroid… Ford has ACTUALLY announced a car with Android integration. Sure it’s just a few apps to start (Pandora, Stitcher, Twitter, etc) but it will get more robust as time goes on.

  33. Well, at least some of it is true, we saw an ‘auto-pilot’ car from Google recently!

  34. Did anyone notice this car pictured is the Ford GT90? Maybe i play too much Gran Turismo…

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