Yo UK! Paid Apps Tomorrow!


G1 owners in the UK might be complaining because they don’t have paid apps yet, but they don’t have a reason to complain. Not only because they get their devices for FREE on contract but because Paid Apps will start appearing on the Android Market TOMORROW in the UK!


The news comes from a dedicated Android event in London discussing Android, its implications on the mobile industry and its partnership with T-Mobile. That’s when Richard Warmsley, T-Mobile UK Head of Internet and Entertainment broke the news:

“From tomorrow, UK customers will have paid apps on the phone, and there’ll be a wide selection of paid apps on the market”

Are you excited? I bet many of you will be drinking coffee and refreshing the market until you see the goods!

[AndroidPhone.org.uk via PocketGamer.biz]

Rob Jackson
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  1. Tea, dude. Sipping TEA and refreshing Market…

  2. @ Moscow – hahahhaha awesome correction. Whenever I’m working late at night and chatting with any of my friends from the UK I’ll always be like:

    “I need a coffee, brb” and they say, “Me too, getting some tea”

    I don’t know how I got that detail wrong. I LOLed. Thanks for the correction!

  3. Hrmm. Got my paid apps on this morning, but I need a CREDIT CARD to pay for them (I only have a UK debit card, which I’ve used very successfully many times before on Google Checkout).

    And the prices are in USD!

    Somewhat disappointing in my opinion.

  4. @alex ….I find it odd that google market won’t convert currency either. I guess there’s just too much volatility.

  5. Not true – some prices are in GBP, I guess it depends on the developer. Also, I paid with a Visa Delta card (debit card) so it’s definitely possible.

    Pip pip, tally ho from the UK.

  6. Yes, I was looking in the market today and saw one app for £1 (Tetroid or whatever it’s called) which I was able to buy using the (Mestro) debit card already on my oogle Checkout account.

    But still, the vast majority of apps are in USD (probably just a side-effect of US devs, but as Froogloid said, why not convert?) and I can’t use Maestro to pay in USD for whatever reason.

    SLIGHTLY less disappointed, but still generally so. I can’t buy most of the apps I’d like.

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