Android Market: Now In Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands & Poland

In an Email from Google’s Eric Chu, Developer’s learned that they can now target new countries with their applications in the Android Market:


I’m writing to let you know that Android Market will become available to
users in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Poland in the
coming weeks. You can now target these countries for your application(s)
via the publisher website at As we add support
for additional countries, we will send out subsequent notifications to
you.  Note that your apps will not become available in these new countries
unless you specifically select them in the publisher website.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to continue working with you
on Android Market.

Eric Chu,
Android Market

That’s not to say that people in these areas necessarily have access to Android Phones… just that developers can start targeting these areas immediately. That way when Android Market becomes available to these consumers, they have a nice little catalog market of apps to choose from.

I wonder if they’ll also need to choose other targeting metrics like screen size, hardware specs, etc… once the market has dozens of Android Phones. Time will tell, for now will keep an eye on the geographics.

[Via My Email Inbox]

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  • Sorin

    What does that really mean? If an application is targeted to let’s say germany, would it still be available to usesr in other countries? How does the phone know where you are? Based on GPS or yhe IP? Is this turning to be as evil as iPhones AppStore from the localization point of view?

  • Mik twitter:MikBRY

    More rely to localize
    Build latest cupcake and contain:
    Arabic Czech Danish German English (Australia UK US Sg) Spanish Finnish French Hungarian Italian Hebrew Japanese Korean Dutch Polish Portuguese Russian Thai Turkish Chinese (Ch Tw)
    So we could see next countries ;)


    This is exciting to hear. I wonder what will be the next big Android phone in Europe.

  • Sorin
  • AndroidClub NL

    T-Mobile NL has started contacting customers who ordered the G1 last night to tell them the G1 will be sent today and delivered tomorrow (jan 21).

  • Lukasz

    That’s nice, I’m from Poland… but when do we get Android devices? :)

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  • TimMatrix

    At last! Softwares “home-grown” in Europe. Sooner or later, we’d have non-USA based softwares, such as shopping list, finance softwares, etc, without that blasted “$” or “#” everywhere. Bring back “€” and “£”. Keep things European-orientated. (I’m not a pro-European, but it’s always nice to see a change of scenery from ‘americanised’ Android softwares on our mobiles.)