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As with all tech/mobile related rumors, remind yourself that it is just a rumor. That being said, this isn’t a far fetched claim. According to NewsOXY.com (who?) Samsung officials have confirmed they are working on an Android Phone that will be featured on both Sprint and T-Mobile and will be a touchscreen.

Other, unconfirmed reports have speculated that the Samsung Android Phone would be cut from the same mold as the Omnia and Instinct and that it should be ready within the first half of 2009. NONE of this information is surprising and it sounds like the type of guesses that tech bloggers have been making for months… the only question is will that “1st Half of 2009” hold up. Remember – that was never confirmed by Samsung.

While this supposed “confirmation” doesn’t really fuel any new discussion/debate, it is interesting to note that if the phone DOES hit Sprint/T-Mobile that Sprint will have 2 of the most exclusive devices on the planet… the 2nd Android Device and the Palm Pre.

Even with the negative stigma associated with Sprint, it might be enough to help turn the company around. And if it is, when will VZW/ATT respond with Android offerings of their own?

[Via MobileRoar, Brighthand]

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  1. Ugh. More keyboard-less phones. At this rate, there will never be a decent Android phone. The Palm Pre is starting to look better and better.

  2. no physical qwerty == not interested

  3. Thank goodness a keyboardless Android phone, A phone with a keyboard makes the phone very thick NO thanks, bring on a Omnia Android Phone. Hopefully the release date For Wales/Britain will be the same time or earlier than America??

  4. LAME… I would shove a broom stick up my ass before buying this………… T-Mobile Rules!!!!

  5. I needz my keys!

  6. The g1 still rules.

    not interested in any phone without a qwerty anyway….

  7. Not interested in any phone with a physical phone I want a slim phone & one with a physical keypoard it just to thick, come on Samung “omnia” android.

  8. You think they’de just get off their asses, put android on the friggin touch pro, and get it over with. The only thing keeping me from buying a new phone right now is that winmo7 isn’t here yet, and android (even in beta form!) is still better than winmo6.1

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