Asus preparing to deal the Android card in 1H 2009

The Android vision took its next step to success with Asus announcing their intentions of releasing an Android based handset in theĀ first half of twenty-oh-nine. Given the success of the Eee PC, ASUS has a chance to attain a strong grip hold on the mobile and ultraportable markets, and if they play the Android card right, could somehow integrate the Eee PC with it’s forthcoming Android handset to make a beefed-up ultraportable experience.

This is yet another announcement that has shown the potential of the Android platform. While T-Mobile did beat everyone else to the punch on the first handset to use Android, the first half of 2009 is going to determine just how plausible Android really is. Things like a virtual keypad, a Motorola launch, and other announcements have people buzzing over all of the enormous possibilities and scalability of the platform.

[via DigiTimes]

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  • neodorian

    Good news! I’ve been playing with the testing G1 unit here in the IT department and while I love the Android OS so far, I would love to see it on some new hardware. G1 is a great start but it will be great when the OS is a given and you get to pick your device based on features, specs, and appearance.

  • Howard

    Considering Asus’s runnaway success with EeePC – and the lessons they gained – I can guarantee they will do great with Android. It will be quite interesting to see what they come up with. Perhaps an Android netbook? Perhaps this blogger was right: