Alienware Android Phone? Perhaps…


The latest name on the “who is making an android phone” list is Alienware. That’s right… the high end PC manufacturer that many gamers covet as the best-in-class hardware for playing graphic heavy computer games.

The news isn’t a huge surprise because Alienware is owned by Dell (purchased in 2006) and the parent company has been rumored to be creating an Android based phone, or even a Google branded gPhone, some time in 2008.

Dell has been itching to get into the mobile market but their first attempt, a line of PDAs, was a complete flop and has been all but discontinued. Launching their mobile attempts under the Alienware umbrella will give the company the cool, trendy angle that perhaps the Dell branded devices were lacking. Afterall, who wants a Dell phone?

Alienware, meanwhile, is not only well known for being a high performance hardware manufacturer but their designs are innovative and cutting edge. With mobile phone consumers latching on to “what’s cool”, it seems that an Alienware Android phone would be an incredibly smart strategic tactic for Dell marketers.

So what would an Alienware phone look like? Here is a mock design by Jas Seehra from Dial-A-Phone:

alienware phone

Alright… we’ll admit that it DOES look pretty cool! Whether it will actually happen? Who knows.

What is becoming increasingly obvious is the rush for computer manufacturers to step into the mobile arena. Apple did so with a huge splash and others are trying to emulate their success. Many of them are viewing Android as their ticket into the game. Using Google’s Android as a competitive advantage, they could easily get their hardware into the hands of eager phone enthusiasts who will have a limited selection of Android enabled phones. And… as Android grows… so can they.

Unfortunately, the challenges of developing a mobile phone aren’t as easy as Apple made it look with their iPhone launch. Alienware will face an entirely different set of obstacles, but hopefully they can learn from the fatal flaws Dell has made in years past.

What is really enticing about this announcement are the implications in the mobile gaming world. Cell phone games are just starting to become a more popular, affordable past time for on-the-go thumb twiddlers but the Open Source Android platform could blow the hinges off the cell phone gaming industry.

Revolutionizing phone to phone communication and vastly expanding informational boundaries for mobile platforms, Alienware could be the coolest (and only) gaming phone on the market just as the Cell Phone Renaissance hits a Golden Age.

With the power of Dell’s marketing and branding budget behind what some would say is the coolest computer maker around, an Alienware Android phone couldn’t be a better idea. Just don’t mess it up this time…

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. I think they look cool, but a bit tacky and overloaded. but still cool.

  2. Gime gime gime gime just have it less then 200 and no contract and im in!

  3. there’s no doubt about it!!!! absolutely fantastic.. can’t wait to hold it in my hand!!

  4. This thing is so freakin’ sweet!!!!

  5. omg dude that is freaking awesome me and all my friends said they’d buy one!

  6. im gona buy one i dont care how much it is its amazing ppls say they look tacky but u know everyone will want one

  7. Its the coolest cellphone i have ever seen! it looks so futuristic and shjiit! damn I want ONE!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!

  8. Shaver? deodorant? sex toy? Sorry to the industrial designer, but how come there aren’t more devices with clean, simplistic designs out there? I don’t want a phone with a ‘grill’. No thanks.

    P.S. Go Android!

  9. It’s a phone. Cool is what it does not how it looks. Doesn’t impress the babes either.

  10. how much????(money)

  11. OMG!!!!!!
    this phone is freakin awsome, if it is a reasonable price i’m gonna get it an all my mates who hav the iphone will be well pissed that it is a better gamin phone, also wat is the estimated price???

  12. WTF alien phone ill bye one but their is one thing i don’t like the joystick. when its broke u cant use the entire phone anymore well short cut will do. am i right?

  13. i seen a pic of one…then went lookin to buy one….and now it seems like they have not even started to make them yet :( very cool phone….hope they start makin them up soon. cant wait to get one……Zachnohio

  14. sickest phone ever i dont care the price GIMME GIMME GIMME they need more phones like this one

  15. I’ll buy it, and i don’t care how much it’ll cost. i would sell my grandmother to get money for this… :)

  16. its looks pretty cool, but what the hell is up with the “Grill” on a ****** phone!!!!!!!!!!

  17. this is the most sick phone i have seen in a while though it iz a bit to flashy…and the grill iz a waste of space (although it is pretty d.amn kewl) its a must hsve for game freaks like me!!!!! i want one any price

  18. you guyz r all VIRGINS, LOL!!!

  19. Well if everyone reads and owns a alien, there are no dell parts in them, there still made with and by alien, and there for now sense dell took over this phone came up in idea and now that it will happen in the future it will change the way we look at phones and even tho iphone and g is the new in, this phone will change what phones will become in the future, and as people no dell parts are used im almost all computers these days, and unlike the iphones for being shitty in use but the most bought phone, this new alien phone will be a great use and a great buy, and you all no the most sought after phone to come and to be in the future, and considering i no this b/c this is my job and i personally can not wait for this phone to come out and will pay any thing for it, o ya before i forget the phone isnt just and idea it is being made as we speak, so keep checking the web for more info b/c there will be some more on this phone in a couple months.

  20. that thing looks so sweeeeeeeettttttt mez wantz i!!!lol

  21. you guys are all fags and will never get any but you waill always have your right hand!!!!!

  22. This is not real. Did anyone get that? Not real. Thoroughly debunked. Dell is still rumored to be working on an Android handset but this design has nothing to do with that, with Alienware, or with reality.

    Thank you.

  23. if it dose comes out.
    what corp ink would sell it?
    would you buy one or two of them. me ill just buy two of them ,cause if one gets lost or damaged .but the second ill just save it for when the stop making it.

  24. What part of CONCEPT do you people not understand?

    This is just some alienware-fanatic hard at work. Only when dell or alienware announce anything will we know what the real deal is! They could be working on nothing or maybe something but even if they are, we dont know for sure that its THIS they are working on!

    No need to get all hyped up over just a COOL looking image.

  25. I am planning on buying one but how much does the fucking price cost for the phone?

  26. It’s a called a “PHONE”. The phone which are found only in the dreams not in the real world. The design is so awesome (It is taken from the design of the CPU). It is very much different from other phones. It has got touch sensesative pad, the side glows when the phone rings. No other phone has got such things. It looks so futuristic. The phone is designed for gaming, not ordinary 2D games but 3D games with high graphics, like Assassin’s Creed 3D, Call of Duty 3D and many other games. Whatever it takes I want to buy it. I will sell my bike for that. These types of phone will not always come. I call it sexy and intelligent.

  27. this is the coolest phone ever you people have a very created mind i would’ve never thought of that if i were You really THIS PHONE IS THE COOLEST ONE I’VE EVER SEEN

  28. it is really cool i want it

  29. hey,wat te hell dis site gives,when i am searching for price……

  30. this phone cost $645 in all dell brazil sites, i am not sure what it costs in US……..still trying to find

  31. crystal valencia…..you need to check the sony erricson’s concept phones launched in California Future electonics fair in dec 29th……

  32. This is not real. It is a computer generated concept by a fan. The phone does not exist.


  34. It look’s awesome, im so much gonna have one. me and my friend love it and just the idea of alienware making a phone is cool

  35. OMG! i cant wait i am a huge alienware fanatic and i will be running out to the store to buy one as soon as they come out and if anyone has a say about the phone than they have no idea what they are missing. HaHaHa.


  36. hi there wow a1.3 ghz cpu just been anounced for alien ware soo that means halo on bthe go finaly

  37. hey guys can someone tell me the config. for this phone… and the price too… ty

  38. coolest phone!!! 007 James Bond is bak wd a bang. Price plzzzz……..

  39. I want one
    I need one
    I must have one
    I cant live any longer without one

    WHERE IS IT… cant find it anywhere.. GRRRR

  40. How much mony?I want to buy it

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