Feb 19th, 2008 publishUpdated   May 6th, 2008, 2:54 pm

cringelyThe blogs are abuzz with a new piece of gossip stemming from technology insider Robert X. Cringely in a recent article featured on PBS.org. The article is centered around Microsoft’s bid to buy Yahoo, but at the end of the article he spills the beans on an exciting new development in Android News:

Two gPhones are on the way in 2008. That’s right… not Android enabled phones… gPhones. We’re skeptical and it IS only a rumor… but a big one indeed.

The rumor is that Samsung will release 2 phones in the next year that our branded by Google… they are the mythical, first gPhones. The first would be available in September at a premium price to cash in on the holiday shopping frenzy. The second would be made available (and announced) after Christmas and would be a much more affordable gPhone (sub $100).

Up until now, the main rumors circulating about a branded gPhone have been with HTC as the manufacturer. Perhaps Samsung has been doing some wheeling in dealing in the conference room. Meanwhile, T-Mobile and Verizon are the carriers being discussed for these Samsung Android phones and we’re guessing Verizon will do everything they can to not let another iPhone slip through their fingers.

Both phones are rumored to have WiFi and the more expensive of the two will supposedly resemble the Blackberry Pearl.

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