Nova Launcher adds fancy new app drawer animations in latest beta – grab it here [DOWNLOAD]

Aug 22nd - Nova Launcher's upcoming app drawer animations are looking pretty slick. You can try them out for yourself in the latest beta update available in the post.

Entire library of SNK Playmore games marked down to 99 cents – includes all Metal Slugs, King of Fighters, and more

Aug 22nd - SNK Playmore's entire library of games have been marked down to $1 in celebration of King of Fighters' 20th anniversary. Now would be a good time to pick up your favorites on Google Play!

Brazilian retailer lists leather option for Moto X+1, outs Moto G2 specs too

Aug 22nd - We've heard talk of a leather option coming with the release of the Moto X+1, and sure enough, it's now being listed on a Brazilian retailer's site. There's also a few specs listed for the Moto Titan (Moto G2).

The Bezeled Truth: are edge-to-edge screens practical for real-world use? [POLL]

Aug 22nd - The appeal of a device with no bezels is clear. As displays get bigger and bigger so do devices. If you could eliminate all the area around the display it would be much easier to hold. The Aquos Crystal is one of the closest devices we've seen to the bezel-less dream, despite having a big "chin" bezel. I'm still not sold on the idea.

OnePlus manages to put on a respectable contest: share a photo and win 1 of 10,000 invites

Aug 22nd - OK, so OnePlus's last contest didn't quite work out the way they wanted. Sweep it under the rug, they shall. The broom they'll use to sweep? Another contest -- one with up to 10,000 invites to buy a OnePlus One up for grabs.

Coin delayed until Spring 2015, but a handicapped early access beta version is coming soon

Aug 22nd - Coin has been delayed until Spring 2015. If you'd like to get your hands on it sooner, they're allowing a select number of beta testers for early access -- but there are some pretty big caveats...

Mobile Roar 59: War on Bezels

Aug 22nd - Bezels. They're everywhere. Your TV, computer, tablet, and of course phone. Manufacturers are trying their best to rid the world of bezels. This week Sharp unveiled one of the best attempts yet at a bezel-less phone, the Aquos Crystal for Sprint. We also talk about the HTC One M8 with Windows, crazy Moto 360 pricing rumors, a death in the Framily, and much more!

From the Forums: Swimming with the S5, what’s up with smartwatches, and more

Aug 22nd - Is it ever alright to take your phone in the pool? We answer that question, examine the benefits of owning a smartwatch, and more in our weekly look at what’s trending over at Android Forums. Let’s dive right in.

Samsung preaches the importance of handwriting in latest Galaxy Note 4 teaser [VIDEO]

Aug 22nd - Samsung's been known to make noise about upcoming flagships, and they're starting to let the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 teasers fly. The latest one emphasizes the importance of handwriting in society.

Doomsday arrives early for Swing Copter clones as Google cleans up the Play Store

Aug 22nd - If you search for Swing Copters in the Google Play Store right now, there's nary a clone to be found. Google has scrubbed their apps marketplace clean of anything that could cause trouble in the courtrooms.

Galaxy S5 takes Ice Bucket challenge and boldly nominates other phones to do the same [VIDEO]

Aug 22nd - It seems the Ice Bucket challenge that has been designed to raise ALS / Lou Gherig's disease awareness doesn't only apply to us waterproof humans -- phones are beginning to go sentient and are getting in on the fun themselves. The Samsung Galaxy S5 decided to take the challenge itself.

Rumor: DROID Turbo for Verizon loaded with Snapdragon 805, 3GB of RAM, 2560 x 1440 and more

Aug 22nd - There's no secret that Verizon's DROID line fell by the wayside at one point, but Motorola introduced a stellar lineup last year to help revive it. Rumors say things could get even better.

Deal: has the refurbished 16GB Nexus 7 for $130 [Today Only!]

Aug 22nd - Looks like has a few more Nexus 7 units than they can carry. The company has yet again put the device on sale as their daily deal. You'll get a refurbished version of the 16GB model for just $130.

The ‘world’s most connected man’ is helping us reevaluate our obsession with gadgets [VIDEO]

Aug 21st - With anywhere between 300 - 700 lifelogging devices, Chris Dancy could very well be "the most connected man in the world." But is he better off for it?

Hitman GO is now $2, this weekend only (normally $5)

Aug 21st - This weekend only, you can grab Hitman GO for only $2. Normally priced at $5, that's about 60% off! It's one of the better games for Android and practically an insta-buy for us.