Mobile Roar 72: Turkey Tech Thanksgiving

Nov 27th - This week the guys are giving thanks for their favorite technology. What tech are you most thankful for? They also discuss Nexus 6 bloatware and branding, Samsung not matching their own high hopes, Google Glass stores shutting down, Apple ditching Google search, and more!

Google Play’s Cyber Weekend deal puts 85 movies on sale for under $10 each

Nov 27th - Need some to watch as you're pinned to your bed or sofa after all that Turkey and stuffing? Google Play's Cyber Weekend (which goes on now all the way through Cyber Monday) might have something up your alley.

ThanksGiveaway Thursday: Win a new Android phone, Ouya, or Dropbox storage from

Nov 27th - Gobble, gobble: it’s time for a giveaway. Make that four giveaways as part of’s ThanksGiveaway Thursday. While you are busy giving thanks, we’ll be busy giving away new Nexus smartphones, Ouya consoles, and Dropbox Pro storage to several lucky winners.

Happy Thanksgiving from Phandroid!

Nov 27th - Good morning, folks! It’s Thanksgiving, and that means much of the world is celebrating life for a number of different reasons. For most, though, it’s a time to reflect and show thanks and appreciation for everything you have in your life. And, well, it also happens to be the day where you eat a ton […]

Google Play Movies & TV discounts handful of hit movies by as much as 75% for Cyber Weekend

Nov 26th - Fighting back the Black Friday crowds isn't everyone's cup of tea, so why not cash in on some of those deals from the comfort of your couch? Google Play Movies & TV is hosting their own Black Friday deal, with select titles up to 75% off.

You can now buy a brown leather or stainless steel Moto 360 bands from Motorola

Nov 26th - After the Moto 360's official metal and brown leather bands became available from AT&T earlier this month, they are now (finally) available direct from Motorola. Priced at $30 for the leather, or $80 for the metal.

Get an unlocked HTC One M8 for $370 (reburbished) with free shipping [DEALS]

Nov 26th - If you hurry, you can snag yourself an unlocked HTC One M8 on eBay for only $370. It’s a refurbished model and the listing isn’t entirely clear on the exact model meaning this could either be the AT&T model that’s been unlocked for use on any network (comes with AT&T bloatware), or it’s the actual […]

OnePlus shows off first retail store, announces Black Friday deals with deeper discounts for sharing

Nov 26th - While jokes are still being made about the OnePlus One's invite system, it hasn't stopped the startup from opening up their very first retail store in China.

Twitter will soon scan your device to see which apps are installed, here’s how you turn it off

Nov 26th - The Twitter app will soon scan your phone for installed apps but before you freak out too much -- it can be turned off. Here's how.

Leaked Android Lollipop firmware for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives in flashable form

Nov 26th - Folks with Nexus devices aren't the only ones who can begin playing around with Android 5.0 Lollipop. A recognized developer has leaked a test build of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5's Android Lollipop firmware.

Reminder: sign up for Verizon’s Promotion Day today only for free holiday gifts

Nov 26th - Quick reminder, folks: today is connection day! It's Verizon's promotion to help folks stay connected and entertained as they travel throughout the holiday season, and comes with some nice stuff even if you're not a Verizon customer.

The easiest way to sideload apps on the Nexus Player

Nov 26th - The apps and games that have been approved for Android TV work great on the platform, but few too many developers have made the effort to prepare their wares for the living room experience. Open up the possibilities on the Nexus Player with sideloaded apps. Here’s how to do it.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War interactive graphic novel tells great World War 1 stories, and it’s now on Android

Nov 26th - Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a rare game about World War 1 that focuses less on intense action, cool guns and Michael Bay-level explosions and instead keys in on the emotional narrative of some of the many people involved. This refreshing take on one of the world's biggest wars is now on Android.

Rumor: Sony working on innovative e-paper smart watch

Nov 26th - Looks like Sony could be dipping their feet into some uncharted territories of the wearables sea. The company is reportedly working on an e-paper smart watch for 2015.

At $200 unlocked, the Amazon Fire Phone could be one of the greatest holiday bargains

Nov 26th - Amazon seems to have conceded defeat on their first ever smartphone with their latest move: putting the Fire Phone up for $200 unlocked. Bad phone or not, this is not an easy deal to overlook.