Rumor: Samsung Gear 3 launches this fall; design patents show it could have circular design

Jul 30th - We'd be fools to think Samsung wasn't working on another iteration of their Gear smartwatch, but it's always nice to get confirmation (even if it is unofficial). A trusted source familiar with the matter revealed to Phandroid that Samsung is currently cooking up the Samsung Gear 3.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Avant brings capable smartphone to your pocket for just over $200

Jul 30th - Not everyone needs a super phone with all the latest high-tech gizmos stuffed inside. T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Avant launches today to serve those who fit into those categories.

Sprint sees best profit in 7 years in Q2 2014

Jul 30th - And when we say modest, boy do we mean it. Sprint's Q2 2014 numbers show that the company was able to rake in $23 million in net profit this quarter.

Verizon LG G Vista and its specs leak ahead of supposed launch tomorrow

Jul 30th - Murmurings of Verizon's LG G Vista have crept back into the rumor mill. This time, the device has gotten leaked in crystal clear detail, and we even get a healthy list of specs to take in while we await its supposed revelation and launch tomorrow.

Google Search knows when and where you’re traveling, can help you find stuff to do around your hotel

Jul 29th - If you have hotel confirmations sent to your Gmail address, you'll find Google Search will know when and where you're traveling to help you find cool stuff to do in your area.

Link Bubble 1.3.0 update brings Android Wear support, Pro version now 50% off

Jul 29th - Android Wear all the things. Link Bubble 1.3.0 has added the ability to display web pages (just the text) on your Android Wear smartwatch.

Instagram launches Snapchat-like Bolt in select countries

Jul 29th - It's finally official: Instagram has launched their Snapchat competitor, Bolt, in select countries around the world. Anyone take it for a spin yet?

5 hilarious Android phone pranks that are completely harmless [VIDEO]

Jul 29th - If you're like me you find great joy in pulling pranks on your friends. When a perfectly planned and executed prank comes together it is a thing of beauty. Nowadays everyone is carrying a device that is chock full of pranking potential.

Android Deals: Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 for $279, super savings on super hero movies, and more

Jul 29th - If you’re in the market for a new tablet, today’s deals might be for you. The savings start with the Galaxy Tab Pro but they don’t end there. Deals abound on plenty of apps and games as well as music and movies to help round out the month of July.

Google issues patch for Android’s Fake ID vulnerability to AOSP and OEMs

Jul 29th - Google has released a patch for that Fake ID vulnerability making headlines today. Should be in AOSP and OEMs hands shortly.

Blackberry no longer wants to force their awful UI down our throats

Jul 29th - Never mind the notion that the Blackberry Messenger ship has failed -- let's talk about the fact that Blackberry tried so hard to force a user interface on us that didn't feel like it belonged in the first place. Thankfully that's about to change.

SwiftKey update fixes bugs, introduces new themes, discount on theme packs, and more

Jul 29th - SwiftKey is getting a pretty sizable update in the Google Play Store. You're definitely going to want to check this one out if you've stopped using the app over performance issues. Lots of new language support too.

Dead Zebra’s Heroes and Villains 2 Android collectibles now available for $40

Jul 29th - For many of the folks unlucky enough to miss the San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend -- where you had a chance to buy figurines from Dead Zebra's Heroes and Villains 2 collection -- not all hope is lost. The company has put the figurines up for sale on their website.

Swappa adds support for buying, selling and trading Google Glass, but will Google allow it?

Jul 29th - Looking to buy Google Glass off a bored developer or sell your unit for some needed cash? Swappa has decided to step in and be a better middle man than other options out there.

NPR One app brings public access radio right to your phone

Jul 29th - Public Access Radio fans have a new app to sink their teeth into: NPR has brought their NPR One app to Android. The app feeds you daily news stories from around the world and within your community.