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Google kicking off $100K Project Ara developer challenge to help fuel development

Apr 16th - Google is hoping to entice potential Project Ara devs with a $100K developer challenge. Full details -- as well as when it will kick off -- can be found in the post.

YouTube update brings live streams to the Chromecast [DOWNLOAD]

Apr 16th - Be on the lookout for an update to the YouTube app -- rolling out starting today in the Google Play Store -- which brings live stream casting to the dongle.

Sorry, Google Fiber wont be coming to New York anytime soon

Apr 16th - Sorry, guys. Doesn't look like Google Fiber is coming to New York anytime soon. Looks like you'll be buffering 4K video content the same as the rest of us.

Google posts Q1 2014 earnings with a $15.4 billion in revenue

Apr 16th - Google has their hands in just about everything these days. Whether it’s robots, flying drones, or 3D mapping smartphones — it’s clear Google isn’t content with being only your default search engine. The internet search giant revealed their Q1 2014 earnings, raking in $15.4 billion in revenue, a 19% increase over the previous year’s $12.95 […]

Google details the crazy 3D mapping tech behind Google Camera’s new Lens Blur effect

Apr 16th - There's a lot of crazy technology involved in Google Camera's new Lens Blur effect. If you were curious to know some of the details, hit up the post for more.

Chrome Remote Desktop exits beta, now available for download

Apr 16th - Hot on the heels of the official Google Camera landing in the Play Store is the Chrome Remote Desktop app! Find out how you can download it right now.

Popular iOS app ‘Frontback’ finally launches for Android [VIDEO]

Apr 16th - Taking photos of yourself has become so popular that even the Oxford dictionary recognizes the word "selfie" as an official word. The selfie craze has helped create hundreds of photo apps, but only a few become popular. One such app is called "Frontback."

Gold LG G3 retail box leaks online, 2K display and more reportedly confirmed as well

Apr 16th - After numerous leaks, we now have a good look at the retail box for the upcoming LG G3. It doesn't reveal much (other than the device will come in a gold color) but that 2K display has been reportedly confirmed.

Official Google Camera app available for download in the Play Store [VIDEO]

Apr 16th - Taking a quick stroll through Google's applications on the Play Store this morning? You may have noticed that a newcomer has entered the fold, with an official Google Camera app being available to download at this very moment.

Samsung Android Wear smart watch still on track for later this year

Apr 16th - Samsung still hasn't shown anything on the Android Wear front, but reports suggest the South Korean company is still full-sail ahead on their plans to get the new smart watch out by the end of this year.

Google Fiber coming to New York? Job listing seems to suggest so

Apr 16th - It looks like Google could be looking to bring Fiber internet service to their biggest market yet. Places like San Antonio and Kansas City are nothing to sneeze about, but New York is a whole different beast.

Is this our first look at the OnePlus One?

Apr 16th - With as much info as OnePlus themselves have dropped about their upcoming smartphone so far, we're amazed it's taken this long to get our first real look at the thing (even if we don't get much other than its backside).

Google Play Mother’s Day promotion has 50% off books and 1-year magazines for $5

Apr 16th - Want to do something nice for your mother this Mother's Day? If flowers, candy and a nice brunch by the lake aren't cutting it, perhaps some deals on Google Play Books and Magazines will. Google is offering 50% off select books and $5 1-year magazine subscriptions.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S5 get shot by a .50 caliber rifle [VIDEO]

Apr 16th - Yay, more consumer electronics carnage! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest device that finds itself in the crosshairs of a madman with a gun. This time, the classic Barrett M107A1 is looking to rip through the plastic exterior and silicon interior of Samsung's 2014 flagship.

Watch Ellen Degeneres ridicule Google Glass in quick comedy skit [VIDEO]

Apr 16th - We imagine resident Ellen Degeneres lover and Google Glass owner Chris Chavez wept when he saw one of his favorite TV personalities ridiculing Google Glass. Catch a whiff of her humorous act in this video.

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