Photos of Samsung’s next Galaxy Alpha leak

Sep 19th - As soon as Samsung answered consumer demand by introducing a metal-clad smartphone, it seems the company is already on a path toward abandoning the build material. That’s what is being suggested by the newly-leaked Samsung SM-A500, anyway.

Now might be a great time to buy an second-hand Android

Sep 18th - Have you been able to avoid the temptation of screaming “TAKE MY MONEY” while throwing your Android phone at the feet of Tim Cook and the Apple horde?  Then now might be a great time to pick up a new, slightly used Android device. Bloomberg reports that phone trade-in site Gazelle has experienced a rash of folks […]

Dear Tim Cook: watch your Google rant get destroyed in 2 paragraphs

Sep 18th - Apple CEO Tim Cook today published an open letter to customers, passive aggressively attacking Google's business model without ever mentioning the company's name. This led some sites to sensationalize Cook's rant as a heroic piece of literature that single handedly "ripped apart Google's business model in 2 paragraphs." That's funny, because it only takes 2 paragraphs to dismantle the whole thing.

Buzz builds for mid-October Nexus 9 launch

Sep 18th - HTC will be the manufacturer responsible for producing what likely will launch as the Nexus 9. Court documents suggest it. A leaked keyboard case confirms it. But when will the slate get its official coming out party?

Sprint will not be getting the new Moto X (2nd Gen)

Sep 18th - The 2nd generation Moto X is finally a true flagship device. Like other flagships, we expected this device to be available on all four major US carriers. According to the official Motorola Mobility Twitter account this is not the case.

Moto G (2nd Gen) Tips & Tricks

Sep 18th - Looking to get the most out of your new Moto G? Here are the tips and tricks all new owners need to know, from transferring contacts and data to snapping photos like a pro.

Amazon announces a kids tablet that doesn’t suck

Sep 18th - Many companies have tried to cash in on childrens love of tablets. Most of these "kid-friendly" devices just plain suck. Amazon is entering the ring and immediately making an impact.

OnePlus asks users to settle for a device without swappable covers

Sep 18th - More people are getting their hands on the OnePlus One, but they won't be able to use one promised feature. After months and months of teasing bamboo, silk white, and sandstone black swappable back covers, OnePlus is pulling the plug. The reason? "Technical difficulties."

Google Play now requires devs to make their home address public

Sep 18th - Communication between developers and users is an important thing these days. The Play Store makes it very easy for these conversations to take place, but it looks like they could get a lot more up close and personal.

Google “active watching” patent aims to track and identify everyone in the room

Sep 18th - Deep inside a September 4th patent - titled "detecting the end of a user question" - we find some hidden gems that show us how Google could soon add "active watching" technology to futurize Google Search and beyond. But at what cost?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders start tomorrow, ships October 17th

Sep 18th - Earlier this month the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was announced at IFA. The Note line has done very well for Samsung, and this latest model is yet another improvement. Today Samsung has announced that pre-orders for the Note 4 will begin tomorrow, September 19th.

Behind the scenes of Motorola’s stunning new commercials

Sep 17th - When Motorola announced their new Moto X and Moto G, they debuted a series of ad spots that really caught our attention. To see exactly what went into the making of the ads, which were filmed concurrently on a single soundstage with the same crew for each, check out this nice behind-the-scenes video Motorola has shared.

AT&T pre-orders begin for LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab S

Sep 17th - If you’ve been holding off on getting the Galaxy Tab S in favor of some LTE-enabled options, AT&T is here to tempt you with a new pre-order for both the 8.4 and 10.5-inch models. The Tab S will go on sale via AT&Ts retail channels beginning September 26th.

Punit Soni steps down as senior product manager at Motorola

Sep 17th - Punit Soni, Motorola senior product manager, has stepped down from his post. The man who had a large role in the launch of the Moto X and Moto G shares his favorite memory of his time with the company.

Hoping new iPhones will lure Android users, Apple posts guide to ease transition

Sep 17th - Apple’s 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones are the company finally admitting that some people like bigger phones. Most of those people currently use Android devices, a demographic Apple hopes to capture a slice of courtesy of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. They have gone ahead and posted a guide that will help Android users during the transition