Motorola sending Soak Test invites to Verizon Moto X 2014 users; Android Lollipop in tow?

Nov 24th - Motorola is sending out notifications about an incoming soak test for the Verizon Moto X to get a forthcoming update ready for the masses. While Motorola obviously didn't give any meaningful details on the upgrade, we're assuming this is the big Android Lollipop rollout

Nexus 6 teardown reveals it’s been bolted down tight

Nov 24th - Teardown time! This morning we get a look at the innards of the Nexus 6, Google and Motorola's flagship developer and enthusiast smartphone for 2014. The teardown reveals a chassis that's been bolted down with an overwhelming amount of screws.

Report: Samsung missed Galaxy S5 sales expectations by 40%, looking to relieve JK Shin of duties

Nov 24th - The news for Samsung just keeps getting worse and worse. The South Korean company found itself on a bit of a skid in 2014, missing revenue and profit estimates left and right, and now word has it their flagship Galaxy S5 hasn't performed nearly as well as they expected.

Luxury watch makers beginning to wage war on “pirated” smartwatch faces

Nov 24th - Luxury watch designers don't like the fact that folks are making digital renditions of their timepieces and they're not hesitant to let anyone know about it. This is how they're waging the war on smart watches early on.

T-Mobile proudly announces their Nexus 6 won’t have logos, bloatware

Nov 24th - T-Mobile's proud of the fact that you won't have to "fix" their variant of the Nexus 6 at all. Product manager Des Smith talks about the lack of bloatware and carrier logos on their variant.

Android Wallpaper: Winter Wonderland

Nov 22nd - The snow has already started piling up in many places. Winter is here, whether we like it or not. A lot of nasty stuff comes with winter: icy roads, delayed flights, cold toes, and sore throats. But winter is not all bad.

Nexus 6 is hiding an RGB LED, can be used for notifications if you’re willing to root

Nov 21st - Seems the more we learn about the Nexus 6, the more it's sounding like it was quickly hurried out the door. Another piece of evidence? The smartphone's dormant (hidden) RGB LED light.

Pushbullet’s Universal Copy & Paste now works on Mac and Linux

Nov 21st - Pushbullet updated their extension so Universal Copy & Paste now finally works on Mac and Linux (Chrome and Firefox). Awesome.

Google offering 1TB of free Drive storage when buying a new Chromebook for a limited time

Nov 21st - You can get $240 worth of free Google Drive storage (1TB) with the purchase of a new Chromebook. Deal is only good until Jan 1st, so act fast(ish).

AT&T’s Nexus 6 stock is being returned to Motorola because of faulty software [UPDATE]

Nov 21st - Earlier we showed you how to remove AT&T's influence from the Nexus 6. Now, a software bug unique to the AT&T model could prevent the phone from booting up properly.

Sprint’s Black Friday 2014: $200 off Samsung Galaxy S5, up to $300 off JBL and Harmon-Kardon audio equipment

Nov 21st - Sprint has announced their Black Friday deals for 2014. The effort by the Now Network this year is quite moderate, though if you're in the market for a Samsung Galaxy S5 or some new audio accessories you'll want to see what they have to offer.

Google shuts the doors on its Glass stores, Basecamps no longer accepting appointments

Nov 21st - Google Glass "Basecamps" (experience stores) are closing their doors. It was a good run, but with Glass and its accessories now available via Google Play, this transition to online-only was inevitable.

Mobile Roar 71: Nexus Player review, Nokia N1, and Chris finds “The One”

Nov 21st - This week the guys are talking about Kevin's Nexus Player review, Apple's war on "freemium" titles, Nokia's weird (but cool?) Android tablet, SnapCash, and Chris may have found "The One."

5 easy ways to make your AT&T Nexus 6 mostly pure again

Nov 21st - So you've gotten your AT&T Nexus 6 and the carrier's extra bit of customization doesn't sit well with you. This handle list should help you do away with any bit of carrier influence.’s Black Friday 2014 event features 5 affordable Android tablets on sale

Nov 21st - Online retailer Newegg has "leaked" their own Black Friday ad, and there are a few Android tablets to be had. Five tablets in all are being discounted, with four of them going for under $100.