Steve Albright

Android Developer

I am a technology enthusiast, early adopter and buy way too much tech stuff. Since the beginning of this year I am a proud father of four kids (three which are triplets). This makes my home and work life both challenging and exciting, not to mention exhausting. Every moment I am not working I am spending with my kids and loving wife.

Droidcon NYC 2014 Recap: A developers paradise

Sep 25th - Droidcon is a global developer conference series and a network focusing on the best of Android. Let us show you a recap of Droidcon NYC 2014; which was a developers paradise!

How to root the Nexus 5

Nov 5th - Before you root your device please understand that this can and most likely will void your warranty! Also keep in mind that when this procedure is complete, you will need to go through the phones initial setup process and reinstall your applications.Steps to root your Nexus 5  Download the ZIP click here. Extract the ZIP …

Bugsense: Must Have Tool For Android Developers

Mar 13th - One of the major challenges as a developer on the Android platform is supporting a large variety of devices running different versions of the Android OS.  Add factors into the mix such as app version, network or WiFi connections, screen dimensions, location and so forth, and as you can imagine it quickly becomes a major …


LEC Buspad and Carpad: Hands-On Buspad running Android 2.3 [CES 2012]

Jan 16th - This year at CES 2012 we came across lots of in-dash video displays and a few select companies providing models running on  Android OS.  A company here called LEC International which has partnered up with NUR-EL ELEKTRONIK and VIDEOTURISMO to provide two excellent examples of both commercial and consumer in-dash / headrest units.The more commercial product Buspad designed specifically for …

The Future of Toddler Tablets: VINCI Tab Hands-On [CES 2012]

Jan 12th - Towards the end of 2011 we previewed a few toddler tablets including the VINCI Tab.  Here at CES 2012 VINCI stands out with their latest social learning.  Not only have they added new applications to their learning curriculum but have a new more affordable tablet in the works.Our last review had some great details on …